Celebration Orlando Exclusive Koto “000” and BT-1 Set and More Revealed

On today’s episode of The Star Wars Show, the hosts revealed that Kotobukiya will be offering an exclusive Triple Zero (000) and BT-1 set of ARTFX+ statues at this year’s Star Wars Celebration. Like previous exclusives, this set includes a commemorative coin. You can preorder the set as well as R5-D4, R4-M9 and R2-X2 now at Kotous.com.

  • Joe G

    This is an opportunity for Hasbro to bring back the comic two-packs in 3.75in format…one with Triple Zero and BT-1 and one with Dr. Aphra and Darth Vader.

    I don’t understand how they can do it for the Marvel line and keep Star Wars out in the cold…

  • Paul

    I really hope to see these characters, along with Dr. Aphra, from Hasbro in the black series in the next couple of years.

    • Brian Beck

      I’m into this comic also, would LOVE a Dr. Aphra figure.

      • Paul

        Same. My hope is that with Jyn made she has pieces that could be used to make Aphra, therefore making her a more cost effective proposition than if they had to tool a completely new buck.

        • Brian Beck

          Well there you go thinking Hasbro will do something smart 😉

    • CT-7567

      Agreed. These droids, Aphra and Sgt. Kreel woukd be most welcome as action figures.

  • bigpiffle

    it’s good to see the new comics getting some attention – it would be so great if hasbro made a few of the characters for the black series! i’m firmly on #teamaphra for this year’s fan’s choice!

  • This is the best “evil twin” type characters ever created! If anyone is familiar with “Creepio” from the Auralnauts SW parody, you cant help but read read Triple-zero in his voice.

    • caav56

      “Fun’s over, Far2, let’s vanish!”

  • RumSleg

    Confusing statement on the pre-order website:

    “Starwars Celebration 2017 exclusive.

    This pre-order is intended for individuals not attending the event so the following guideline will be in place: no pickups at the show, any orders received will be shipped out after the event.”

    So… it’s not an exclusive at all? Is it “exclusive” because, even though it will be sold online, the only place you can physically buy it is at Celebration?

    • Yep

    • CT-7567

      You’re going to Celebration?

      • RumSleg

        YES. :). Christmas gift from my wife.

  • Shabby Blue

    Remember when we saw these droids in the movie? Yeah, me neither…

  • RumSleg

    OOOH. NICE!! Definitely going to grab one of these!