• General Hux

    Looks awesome for sure, just needs a quick sand feature. 🙂

  • Brian Beck

    I saw on sat, when youtube picks vids for you to watch.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    That’s great. Similar to how I’ve been making landscapes lately for photonovels and a crashed TIE fighter. His looks better than mine though.

    Of note, I actually have 5 or 6 of that First Order TIE Fighter… several I got very cheap and the wings are so warped that I plan on making some sort of “TIE Graveyard” with them at some point…

    Also the First Order TIE Fighter’s wings are so flimsy, you can cut then with scissors… yes, scissors!

    • Paul B

      I have no problems with my FO special forces Tie fighter TRU exclusive.