POP! Chases to Launch with Episode VIII?

Rumors are swirling in POP! collector circles that Funko will be introducing limited edition “chase” figures into their retail line of┬áStar Wars POP! figures. It sounds like it will be packed in a 1:6 case ratio starting on Sept. 1 (Force Friday II: Electric Boogaloo) and will be a character from The Last Jedi.

  • RumSleg

    Is this going to make collecting Pops more fun, or piss off a bunch of collectors? Both.

    • Rivesjunctionite

      I’m guessing mostly pissing off collectors. Glad I’m not into vinyl.

      • Chases used to be 1:36. The current Chase ratio is similar to how they pack one character in a 6 inch black series case. The only problem now is you’ll have more people looking for chases inherently making them harder to find

  • Adam Holt

    Great, thanks a lot Funko. I’m going to want to hunt Pops again! Darn you!

    • SID

      They put soo many out its never ending. Recently got x2 each of new WalMart 3-packs, the chrome death trooper, target Anakin, and the Walgreens Grievous and Sabine. It’s at a point when I see an exclusive pop I 98% of the time just buy it cuz its crazy what people pay later (perfect example randomly saw a Power Rangers Alpha 5 WalMart exclusive, checked resale on eBay was WAY higher) … Since you often never see any of the exclusives. So this “galactic hunt” type tactic will be crazy $$$ I’m sure.