• Fiery Little One

    Huh, I stopped going when I found out most of my local ones got rid of their video section. I *might* see if any I’m near might have some. (I’m still blown away by the fact that Chapters/Indigo carries them.)

  • Rod

    Thanks a bunch Jacob B for the heads up. I found one Revan at my local Best Buy. That was the only figure they had along with some POPS and Helmets

  • Brian Beck

    Well guys and gals, I just came back from mine, and what the guy told me was its a new program that they are now getting into rolling out in somewhat more detail, so hay, I’ll take another location to find stuff.

  • Broken Zamboni

    I don’t expect to see them at Best Buy but I’m not surprised by this. The Best Buy closest to me has been getting a toy and collectible section with Marvel and Star Wars. Plus, they had the Black Series Death Trooper available online along with some Jakks figures and other vehicles and have had Funko in the past as well. And I actually bought my Muppet Diamond Select figures from them last month.

    • jedialex17

      I just found Leia at mine. And strangely, it’s the 40th anniversary one in the red/black box!

  • chad

    Yeah, I am not holding out any hope of finding these at the Best Buy in my area.

  • SID

    This is too random. Best buy hardly has DVD (or cds) anymore and NEVER carried action figures… I used to look all the time. I doubt this. “if” it was purchased im sure it would have to be… one of the random item customer returns and an employee just doesn’t care about what it is. This happens lots of chains.

      • SID


        Was not saying anything from a toy site is “valuable enough information” to clarify as fake news.

        I know the capacity and credibility of this site… That I’ve have been visiting since the 1990’s. So When a lot of these sites show one off reports of figure swaps, deals people find, or out of place items… I know that any story is up to the individual telling… And people say a lot of things.

        So I don’t appreciate an attempt at slamming me when all I did was state the obvious… Based upon 20+ years of buying items In stores.

        • The “fakenews” wasn’t slam, it was simply a contemporary way to address that you doubted the person’s report. We are careful not to report anything based on conjecture. That’s being said, thanks for your continued patronage of our site. Readers like yourself are why we continue doing what we do. 🙂

  • 80’s will always rule

    Ya right and just yesterday I saw The Beatles

  • Zachary Hering

    never seen a figure there in my life other than dvd exclusives.