Rogue One #VuduViewingParty and Digital Copy Giveaway

Vudu is preparing to once again go back to a long time ago and visit a galaxy far, far away with the digital release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! Part of this preparation is seeking out the most Rebellious fans the World Wide Web has to offer. We’re reaching out in hopes that you, the fans, can help us blow out the digital release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! The newest entry in the Star Wars saga invades Vudu on Friday 3/24. Click on through for the full details and learn how to get one of 10 free digital download codes courtesy of Vudu and!

During this event, VUDU fans, rebels and imperial sympathizers alike will be syncing their screenings of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and engaging in online banter, reactions and trivia contests for the duration of the movie. It’s fun, it’s fast, and it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. We’ve intercepted coded transmissions and curated a selection of prizes that are absolutely out of this world! During the course of the event we will be giving away several Star Wars collectibles, a RCA tablet, a PS4 bundle (including Star Wars Battlefront), and a 32” TCL LED TV!

Another great prize opportunity comes in the form of the Rogue One trivia contest! Fans who answer at least six questions correctly will be entered into a random drawing. One grand prize winner will receive a precision cast Darth Vader helmet replica and a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story prize pack! One first place winner will receive a limited edition Jyn Erso statue (only 500 made!), and a Rogue One: A Star Wars Story prize pack. Five second place winners will receive Rogue One: A Star Wars Story prize packs! (Prize packs include drawstring backpacks, messenger bags, keychains, hoodies, t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs and notebooks.

In order to further promote this event, we at Yakface are giving away ten (10) digital download codes* for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story!

For your chance at a FREE code, simply comment on this post (below), on our Facebook page, or our Instagram post with your favorite scene from the film. That’s it!

We will choose and contact all 10 code recipients on Thursday, March 23.

*These codes can be redeemed at at any time. A credit card may be required to complete account setup but users will only be charged for additional content they rent or purchase. There will be no charge associated with redemption of their free copy of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This contest is open to US residents only.


  • Luis Ortiz

    Baze Malbus vs. Death Troopers. Best scene!

  • Who wants a code?

  • john black


  • Bryant

    Final scene with Leia

  • Jackson

    definitely the scene with Jyn and Cassian on the beach. so full of raw emotions, and so so good.

  • Derek Johns

    Darth Vader’s fight scene at the end.

  • Sandra Ortiz

    Would love a copy!! Fave scene is Jyn giving the hope speech

    • You won! Check your Facebook messages

      • Sandra Ortiz

        Hi Jayson!! Awesome!!!! I dont see ur msg at facebook. Can u email me ortizsg@gmail

  • Yangster

    The scene in which Chirrut Imwe says, “All is as the force wills it.”

  • Paul

    The VERY FINAL scene when we get to see Leia getting the plans

  • hugh ja
  • Joe Cool

    Probably the interrogation scene with saw gerrera

  • Chase223344

    The last scene with Jyn Urso……… sad.

  • green bird

    Literally every scene with Vader in it

  • Damon Lester

    Choking on aspirations scene was classic!!!

  • jack robinson

    The final scene when the rebels get the plans

  • finn

    When Director Krennic visits Vader

  • Brian Mack

    Obviously the Darth Vader Scene…

  • Danny

    My fav. scene has to be Darth Vader’s going after the plans and slashing all those rebels out of the way! 😀

  • Surge Opress

    Darth Vader lightsaber battle.

  • Eyositer

    The scene where Chirrut tells the stormtroopers to let Jyn and Cassian pass in peace and when he and Baze take out the whole squad.

  • David Keel

    The scenes with Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus. Of all the characters in the movie, I felt their scenes demonstrated the strongest friendship and sacrifice.

  • arapp

    Vader doing what Vader does best!

  • Troy Duncan


  • Jackson Tinch

    Vader. You know the one!

  • Jon Rohlf

    The moment where Saw opens the port hole to find young Jynn is so Awesome! It is my Favorite!

  • Geraldine


  • Dathing

    Vader throwing rebel troopers!

  • Sithlord86

    Can’t wait for the viewing party.

  • Dan Robinson

    Cassian shooting the informant in the back on the Ring of Kafrene.

  • CoolNerd AndBlackfate

    I will literally sit and watch the Chirrut scen
    e over and over until I have noticed every nuance in his martial style. Also…VADER!!!

  • Nick Vargas

    My favorite scene from Rogue One has to be Darth Vader slaughtering rebels. This is the Vader I’ve always wanted to see, we’ve seen it in comics, novels even Star Wars Rebels but never in live action until now & it was absolutely incredible! That scene was pure horror as it should have been.

  • Bill Greenan

    Vadar’s scene at the end….wow…

  • Isaac Escamilla

    The space battle above Scarif was one of the best scenes ever!

  • James Hartmann

    Seeing Red Leader back!

  • Andrew K

    Kaytoo finally getting his gun and holding off the stormtroopers was the best.

  • EmpireSB

    Many memorable scenes, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say the final Darth Vader scene was my favorite.

  • DarthMac

    Anytime kaytoo is speaking.

  • Delta_Sev

    I have not seen the movie yet unfortunately, but the trailers looked fantastic. Especially the K2-SO scenes.

  • Lando Plenty

    Favorite scene would have to be the space battle over Scarif. Best since Return of the Jedi!

  • Todd Kieswetter

    Vader’s scene at the end. Hands down.

  • Jonny Hanukkah Zylberberg

    My favorite scene was the final scene with Darth Vader.

  • Joe Barrett

    Seeing the original x-wing pilots was great.

  • Seeing Chirrut Ímwe take out Stormtroopers on Jedha. Vader’s castle is a close 2nd.

  • Mike Snyder

    Favorite scene is Vader coming out of the Batcta Tank.

  • Branflakes

    The Vader scene at the end is great

  • Hammerhead Corvette ramming the Star Destroyer.

  • jedicrippler

    Chirrut taking out the Stormtroopers on Jedha.

  • Jason Higbee

    Best scene is the rebel blockade runner blasting away! Right into Ep IV!!!

  • David

    The day Carrie Fisher pasted away I went to my third viewing of Rogue One. The moment she appears at the end was a powerful moment that day.

  • danielhubby

    My favorite scene is the Tarkin reveal. I practically cried seeing him on screen again after all of these years. It was breathtaking!

  • General Hux

    My favorite would be Chirrut kicking Stormtrooper butt on Jedha, so amazing. I had many favorite scenes though, so hard to narrow it down to just one.

  • Craig Holladay

    My fav scene was Vader chopping rebels, incredible.

  • Daniel Brace

    When Chirrut flicks that switch, now one of the most memorable quotes from the saga “I’m one with the force, the force is with me” #goosebumps

  • Dan Kmett

    When K2-SO bonks the Imperial on the head.

  • Steven Fidler IV

    Vader force choking that rebel soldier against the ceiling!

  • heybert17

    K-2SO death scene, one of the saddest deaths in the movie, and the most human.

  • RogueLeader

    I’ll go against the grain a bit here.

    Chirrut: “Are you kidding me? I’m blind!”

  • darthmadonna

    Cassian and Jyn on the beach as the Death Star kills them all.

  • Luis Ortiz

    Baze Malbus taking down the Death troopers was awesome because he realized he wasn’t going to leave the planet after the get away ship was blown to pieces and he basically thought to himself, “If I’m going down, they’re going down with me.”

  • darthvaderdisco

    The entire Scarif sequence from when the rebels arrive until “Hope”.

  • Tony

    Vader scene is great but the scene with K-2SO gets killed tugs at my heart strings!!

  • Emperor was a jerk

    Hate to be so obvious but I gotta go with the Vader lightsaber scene!

  • Taylor Morland

    Vader scene of course

  • Dan-O Florez

    Baze and Chirrut’s 1st fight on Jedha

  • Benji Stein

    Any scene with Baze and Chirrut!

  • dc32

    So many to choose from, of course Vader steals the scenes he’s in, but Ponda Baba and Dr. Evazan showing up was a surprise!