• Like A Bossk

    Picked up today for $7.99 at a target that had them in a end cap with the price tag of $7.99. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b0781c8ed656a05951a1598acac3786dd1bd903f8a3026fa9c0576fb115a38ae.jpg

    • Brian Beck

      Just where are all these ‘magical’ discounts targets at ??? Do they have unicorns for you to ride as you shop ? 🙂

  • Brian Beck

    This is on sale this week a Meijers for $18.75 (25%off)

  • Got this from Walmart online. Picked it up last week. Paint apps are better than expected on my set. Very pleased.

    • coachvader

      Have not seen it on Wally’s website, u got a link for it that you can share?

      • It’s out of stock, but you can get an alert when it returns. http://bit.ly/2niAERt

        • coachvader

          Thank you for the link!!! I appreciate it

        • coachvader

          Is there a way to get signed up for the alert? When I pull the link, it shows it available third party so it doesn’t give the option to sign up for email alert when it comes in stock. Thanks for all your help Martin

  • eicarr

    Not only was it not there I was saddened to see Star Wars had just shrunk from 1.5 aisles to .3 at my Target store(16 miles south of Lucasfilm).

    • Dan-O Florez

      it should hopefully be there by the end of the week when Rogue One is released on DVD. It’s in a prepacked shipper and the items don’t have an official spot on the actual shelves yet. I’ve seen some in the electronics dept. at some stores here in Las Vegas and in a few stores, the little black display was just in the main aisle in front of the other toy aisles but still near the other Star Wars merch. Good luck and happy hunting, this set has 2 of the best figures in the 3.75 line soo far!

  • Starwars Steve

    Bought mine a week ago at Meijer . This pack is one of the best ones they came out with.

  • Brian Beck

    So what does DPCI stand for ? and why is target the only one using it ?

    • Department, Class, Item – it is Target’s proprietary inventory control system

  • coachvader

    What’s the dcpi number for these ?

    • Chuck McMenamin

      DPCI 087-06-7987

      • coachvader

        Thank you

      • coachvader

        I looked it up. My local targets have them in stock but price is listed as N.A. I called and they ran dcpi number at one of them and said they didn’t have any in stock. What gives ?

        • Dan-O Florez

          Weird, I scanned the ones at my local store and they rang up at $24.99

  • Littlegreenwiseguy

    It would be nice to see new figures before Easter this year, unlike last year when nothing appeared until mid June.

  • SID

    Will be interesting to see how/if these sit around like the last 4 pack… Which was blown to $9 and BOGO at Gamestop. Soo many to be had at that price I had to stop buying them at about 12 sets (for customs/trades etc)

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      This set is way better, will sell better…

  • General Hux

    Already found at Meijer 2 weeks ago. 🙂

  • nutzaboutpoker

    Are these shippers for the release of Rogue One on home video?

  • Brian Beck

    well that’s a good sign, still not much at my targets though.