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Comic and Magazines 
Star Wars Insider Comic Cover Edition #171
Star Wars Insider Newsstand Edition #171

Resistance Troop Transporter (75140)
Poe’s X-Wing Fighter (75102)
Resistance Trooper Battle Pack (75131)
First Order Battle Pack (75132)
Darth Vader (75111)
Kylo Ren (75117)
Carbon-Freezing Chamber (75137)
Battle on Takodana (75139)
AT-ST Walker (75153)
Vader’s TIE advanced vs A-Wing

Rogue One and Rebels 3.75″ Action Figures
Grand Admiral Thrawn  – Rebels
Shoretrooper – Rogue One
Imperial Death Trooper – Rogue One
Sergeant Jyn Erso – Rogue One
Bodhi Rook – Rogue One