Target Exclusive POP! Holographic Qui-Gon Jinn

A  discovered DPCI (087-06-2181) has confirmed that the Star Wars Celebration Exclusive POP! Holographic Qui-Gon Jinn will be a shared exclusive with Target. It will of course not have the “Star Wars Celebration” sticker. Look for it on shelves April 16.

Thanks to @MaytheFunkoBWY and @cerbes_child for the double confirmation.

  • Dustin Lee Cleveland

    Its BS… I went to 2 different stores and they both said they never even received them… fucking bull. They need to stop making Target exclusives… they arent even available to people…

  • Jay Rivera

    It releases April 16th, which is Easter, and all Target’s are closed on Easter.. lmfao

  • Brian Beck

    Anyone else think it looks like a white walker ?

  • General Hux

    So after nixing the release of the normal version at Gamestop they tantalize us with a holographic Qui-Gon? Low blow Funko! 😉

  • Zachary Hering

    cool. Would love in six inch. Could just be a repaint really. Maul, obi wan, cody, vader could all be done as holograms. Hasbro is waisting a valuable opportunity.