• Barney Dunn

    would have been a good opportunity for Hasbro to release a new improved R2-D2 with corrected proportions and Darth Vader with more accurate helmet. But alas, these look exactly the same as their first releases.


    The global packaging ruins the presentation, too many languages on the box.

    Is this the R1 Vader sculpt?

  • Super Amigo

    You may like the line in general or not. But these figures certainly have a beautiful presentation.

    The “in hand” photos make this timeless design even more impressive, can’t imagine seeing them in person, which I haven’t yet.

    Not buying these will truly be an exercise in will power.

  • Jawa_Fetish

    That price stinks just as much as Vader when he takes off his armor after a hot day on Mustafar!

    • SID

      Yeah. Should have had the 2 items separately. $40 feels like a slap in the face.

  • Zachary Hering

    internet stock at my target was inaccuurate. FTW

  • Mike

    Found in Louisville KY Target today!

  • Chezwa

    It has his Target as well. Picked one up this morning in Boston.

  • Adam Holt
    • General Hux

      Nice find, Adam!

  • John Titus

    It says pre-order not In Stock. Did they have some on hand that sold out?

    • It had limited in stock availability

      • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

        Limited to 1 piece?

  • SID

    is this the new Vader sculpt showcased at last years toy fair? I need more of a justification then an “up scaled mail away display”.

    • John Titus

      I believe this is the new sculpt.

    • Yes, new Vader

      • SID

        Thanks guys. I assumed as much but with the games Hasbro plays sometimes you “never know”.

  • El_tito

    If you’re military the Exchange will have them in store and online tomorrow.

    • John C Hill

      For which BX? Travis? Miramar? Ft Hood?

      • El_tito

        They were supposed to get them on the first. Ive been talking to the exchange representatives through Facebook. They said they are getting them, not sure when or who will get them.

      • El_tito

        Just ordered mine from the exchange online website in stock and ready to ship as if now.