• Brian Hart

    Does anyone know if they still put their price stickers on the boxes or not?

    They have R2 available for pre order!

  • Greg Sanders

    You can pre-order in store without shipping charge. Did mine today.

  • Brian Beck

    Pro-something new to buy, as I’m frustrated at not finding the RO stuff I still want.
    Con-not really a ‘droid guy’.

    Pro-exclusive make’s it kinda neat to have.
    Con-exclusive make’s it a pita to find.

    I don’t honestly know what to do fellas.

  • SID

    Be interesting to see if this sits around like all other products exclusive or not. I don’t like the scale of these droids to the other figures (feel too small to me). But this one will be hopefully one of only a few of the 40th figures I’ll buy.

  • Starwars Steve

    Just ordered mine. Cant wait.

  • El_tito

    Just got mine. Hopefully it comes in good shape.

  • Broken Zamboni

    I ordered mine. I never see any new black series in stores anymore. Better to pre-order than to waste time and gas trying to find one in stores.

  • Richard Grissom Jr.

    I keep trying to order and the site crashes.

  • Jeff Schwarting

    Same I ordered 2 of them. I just hope that they don’t put their god awful price stickers on these

  • Chris Henry

    With shipping its nearly 30 bucks. No thank you.

    • My time is worth not having to drive around looking for this and still paying close to $25 with tax. Ordered without a second thought.

      • Jon Morgan