Several NEW Droid Factory Products Coming to Disney Parks

The insanely collectible Droid Factory program is about to expand in a huge way as several new products were revealed today by the Disney Parks team at Star Wars Celebration.  Click on through for images of tomorrow’s launch of the Protocol Droids, several carded releases for the holidays and D23 PLUS the tease of a Sandcrawler with Power Droid Playset!

Thanks to @vinylmationworl on Twitter and @JediNewsUK for the reporting.



  • jessica Cook

    Anyone with any “ins” to get my hands on just the Micky Ear hats that come with the build a droids?

  • Bombadgungan

    Wow! A Sandcrawler? That would be amazing! I just hope they do it justice – good scale, good features, good deco. I’d be willing to pay for a good one.

    The Protocol B.A.D.s are really cool too! My only reservation is how extremely difficult they’re going to be to get ahold of.

  • Doog

    Does anyone know what the signature alphanumeric designation is for the flat-top protocol droids? As in, the standard protocol droids are 3PO’s, the Death Star Droids are RA’s, etc.

    • Bombadgungan

      I looked, but couldn’t find it. Hopefully someone will come through.

    • Tom P.

      Just found this on Wookieepedia.

      Apparently they’re named after what they sell.

  • Doog

    So it looks like there can be up to 30 protocol droid heads – five styles, each in six colors – and there are up to 24 different torsos. Hmm. That’s a lot of new pieces to track down.

    The holiday exclusives look nice though. And maybe the sandcrawler will be cool.

    • Bombadgungan

      Right you are! I couldn’t see all the differences at first, but now that I’ve found the right page to get an enlarged picture, I’m seeing;

      3PO series
      RA-7 series
      CZ series
      LOM series
      “Rebels” series protocol which I don’t know the name of

      I believe these all have their own unique torsos with the exception of the Rebels droid which looks to share the 3PO torso.

      I love how they’ve given K-3PO his red dot and blast mark and CZ-3 his grimy Tatooine dirt.

  • Richard Grissom Jr.

    OMG! This is Craziness! Lol.

  • Brian Beck

    Ok but, how are you guys gonna feel if that crawler come’s with…….The dreaded NERF launcher !!!!!! 🙂

    p.s.-I’ll still get it, if I could ever find it.

    • Zarco Rey

      Mickey doesn’t Nerf! Or this is a Disney product, not a Hasbro one.

  • 80sRobot

    This makes me wonder what agreement Disney may have with Hasbro. Perhaps Hasbro feel they’re not making much from droid figures, especially from the classic movies and Prequels. So Disney takes this over, and sells them as a “build a droid” attraction when you visit their parks. The Sandcrawler fits with this niche.

    On a related note, I’ve also wondered if figures of non-human characters sell well. It looks like it’s the main heroes and villains, and soldiers (especially Imperials) that sell the best. Which would explain the Rogue One single-card line-up.

    • I have a feeling that this stems all the way back to Celebration VI in 2012. We saw what was supposed to be the return of the Build A Droid part in the Hasbro 3.75 line. Then, Disney buys Star Wars, and the line is scrapped. I think it was part of the deal. Disney wants to keep “Droid Factory” as a park exclusive, tells Hasbro they can’t release the line.

  • Nearsighted Scrappile

    I would really like to know how us poor folks that cannot afford a long trip to the parks are going to be able to buy these. Toll-free? App? Website? Disney Store? PLEASE don’t leave us out.

    • 80sRobot

      Should be able to buy them from their online store, but you know good luck

      • Bombadgungan

        I just ordered the Rogue One Astromech 4-pack off the Shop Disney Parks app and it should be arriving tomorrow. I kept checking the Disney Store website and Disney Store in the mall, but no luck at all finding these items there. Looks like the Parks app or eBay are our only options other than trades with a friend who makes trips to the park.

        Sadly, none of the Celebration items (figures) are currently available on the app.

        As far as the Protocol Build-A-Droids go, I very strongly doubt those will be available outside of the park. To my knowledge, none of the astromech parts were sold online (other than a few specific pre-built releases such as the holiday droids), but not any of the “parts bin” droids.

  • 80sRobot

    Based on that silhouette of the power droid (is it the power droid?), this looks like it will be much larger than the Kenner toy. I wonder if it will fold open to reveal a spread-out playset.

    • Sandcrawler….. Not Power Droid.

      • Rob Redahl

        There is a power droid next to the Sandcrawler. Take another look.

        • Yes, I see it now. Sorry about that. For some reason, I was thinking it was one of those droid caller things.

  • Indysolo007

    I hope these are somewhat easy to get our hands on outside of Disney either via the app, the site or dreaded eBay. I’ve been lucky so far to have all the exclusives. R4-d23 was the hardest to get

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Hasbro: “We want your money. Thanks.”

    Disney: “We want your money and for you to be happy! We are so excited to have the Star Wars brand under our banner. Thank you, because without you the fans, none of this would be possible!”

    • 80sRobot

      Other than for the 6″ and 3.75″ lines, it seems to me as if most of the other SW toys are actually produced by other companies and marketed under the Hasbro brand.

      • No, Hasbro just has their hands in too many non essential Star Wars lines. Never mind all the CRAP. Focus on what has been the heart and soul of the brand for almost 40 years. 3.75″ ACTION FIGURES!

    • Doog

      Uh, dude, part of the above is roughly 30 protocol droids of minimal differences, most of them non-canon, and only available at two spots in the US. That seems like a pretty good definition of wanting my money and not caring about my happiness. Or at least irritation level in tracking them down.

      The other stuff, sure it looks good, but it isn’t like they are making any new molds for new characters.

      The Clone Wars 4-pack is still the thing I’m most looking forward to, although the sandcrawler has piqued my interest.