• grugz

    hoping I can find one in the wilds of the t’internet without paying scalper prices as I am in the uk…..well…k….. I also love the red detailing and the red eye lenses black figures don’t get much light in my house.

    • Brian Beck

      I have the same problem with light. I try to ( well have to ) ‘stage’ my dark/black figures to the front, and white stormtroopers to the back. One thing I really like is that it ‘canonizes’ a display I have, I got a couple of those entertainment earth 4pack exclusives, and I have the Tie pilots in the fight, so seeing them in a ground fighting mode is cool πŸ˜‰

  • I feel sorry for the guy who got his hopes up before we knew anything about the exclusive. He was excited thinking that hasbro would produce new tooling to give us the female pilot that seems to be the main character in the new game.

  • pb180

    Went into a store and preordered with minimal effort. Was going to order online but why pay the extra for shipping. Don’t even at video games but she looks cool and now I won’t have to hunt for her, which is a nice change.

  • Jaken Wraith

    Did one “In-Store” today. On G.Stop’s internal system they have no pic or release date up. I had to tell the guy to check the Site and he did to confirm the 11-17 relase date.

    • El_tito

      I tried the GS only for the employee to tell me, “try Amazon” I said for a GS exclusive that comes out in November? Lol no help at all. I tried showing him the link but he said he couldn’t order it.

        • Brian Beck

          You are in Sterling Heights ? ( I used to live in Troy ) I’m now in Farmington Hills. The main location for my Modern Arnis school is 19 and mound.

          • grugz

            shouldn’t that be “stalker”? stoker sounds even more ominous being liked with prodding (a fire)

          • Brian Beck

            lol, yeah spelling is not my thing, and auto correct didn’t catch it πŸ™‚

        • Xo Tica

          Is this exclusive only to North America ? Because I live in the UK , and had a look on Game Stop Ireland , and couldn’t find it.

      • Jaken Wraith

        Me, the way i am. I would of already been on the Phone with Corporate. Prob even would of added made up stuff to get that Employee GONE lol. I don’t tolerate crap like that anymore. It seem’s like quite a few G.Stop guy’s have some sort of “attitude”, have come across it a few times. But in-Store can put whatever down just to reserve one, pay the difference when it comes in. Online pre-order’s have pay full price, but they don’t charge the card till they get them in stock before they ship. HIt my Card about a Week ago for R5 and it comes tomorrow by UPS.

        And keep your Reciepts in good spot, Ink will fade by the time Nov gets here. If your in the system though the pre-order is linked to your account so have a backup just in case.

  • William George

    Didn’t miss it the second time around. Got me 2. πŸ™‚

  • Joe Eversole

    I’m not familiar with the game; what is different about this figure compared to the standard TIE pilot? Looks like a thin red stripe on the leg. Are there any other differences? I got a pre-order in; I like Imperial personnel so why not!

    • Obviously, the red deco and symbols on the helmet set it apart from the standard TIE. Sculpt is the same as the first black/blue packaged pilot

      • Sean Cavanah

        It has a black stormtrooper belt also.

    • Brian Beck

      watch the new trailer (its cool anyway, and cannon) Think of these as Navy seals that fly Tie’s.

  • xdeathmedicx

    I preordered mine and of course the it was an act if congress to do that.

  • Matthew Ruch

    Got mine this time, thanks!

  • El_tito

    Missed out the 1st time got it this time, thanks.

  • Roq


  • Zachary Hering

    Wonder if helmet is removable for female head under?