• Super Amigo

    I think the OT was a perfect storm design wise.

    I don’t think all factors, people, working methods and design mentality, will combine again in the same way to create some of the most memorable vehicles and outfits/armors ever, as it was the case during the OT era.

    Just take a look at cars, for example, during the 70’s and now. While the current design tendencies are more organic and sleek, don’t count on current designers to come up with something groundbreaking. Most current, everyday objects are rather generic and dull. In some cases that tendency is positive (electronics) and in others it’s not (cars).

    Since Star Wars “things” are more similar to cars, it’s difficult to come up with an interesting design, thus resorting to copy the classics. It all comes down to “don’t fix what’s not broken” – especially if the “fix” will turn something cool into something dull.

  • Bombadgungan

    Hmm… not noticing the difference between this and the classic A-Wing. I’ll have to take a look on a larger screen (not my phone) and do a split screen with the two.

  • LaurenceQuint

    Dear Star Wars,


    • Brian Beck

      To be fair, rogue One did give us 6

      • LaurenceQuint

        Yeah, I’m not complaining about Rogue One. The movie set in the time frame of the other films ironically gives us more “new” things to look at than the tediously uninspired sequel trilogy.

        What did we get that was new in TFA? A slightly different Star Destroyer? A couple of shuttles, briefly glimpsed. Yawn.

        The fun of the OT was seeing new stuff each time out of the gate. Even the prequel trilogy (once they, thankfully, moved away from Doug Chiang’s crapshow from Phantom Menace.) But TFA was the least impressive film in the franchise.

        • Brian Beck

          One of the hurdles TFA had to over come was just getting people back on board the star wars train, so they did have to rely on the ‘nostalgia’ factor (some say they did it too much, but I digress) so giving us ‘newer x-wing’s and tie’s’ was safer, then say giving us the tie defender. as much as a “Tie fighter fan boy” as I am, I look at that thing and go ‘WTF’. remember everyone-this was just a teaser trailer, I’m sure there’s more ships in there….I hope also 😉

        • Littlegreenwiseguy

          Doug Chiang is an executive creator on ROGUE ONE, by the way.

          • LaurenceQuint

            Chiang’s work on the Phantom Menace was hot garbage. On Rogue One, he was at least tasked with matching the design of the OT. But when given free reign, as he was on Episode 1, the results were awful.

          • Littlegreenwiseguy

            Well you’re entitled to your opinion. But you may want to consider that the designs were to show a different era in the history of the STAR WARS universe; like the difference between planes designed in World War I and World War II for example.

          • LaurenceQuint

            Yeah, no kidding. But so what? I’m not saying they should have been identical to the OT. I’m just saying they shouldn’t have been crap.

          • Littlegreenwiseguy

            Crap is exactly what we got in TFA. NO originality there.

      • grugz

        are those b-wing type ships hovering in a blockade type formation the new frigates? or are they a new b-wing?

        • Brian Beck

          The Mark one star hop frigates form the aftermath books.

    • nate e.

      One person wants all new stuff!
      The next person says new stuff is ‘not star wars…stick to what we know’!!

      Can’t please everybody…or something like that…

      • LaurenceQuint

        In your scenario, “the next person” is a moron. Everything was new at some point. The original films went to great effort to always show us new places, new creatures and new hardware.

        Sure, having SOME familiar elements is fine. And keeping consistency where it belongs makes sense.

        But the fact that the sequel trilogy is 30 years later and the fact that almost all of the ships so far are identical or nearly identical is terribly lame.

        • Firestick User

          The worst thing about “Rebels” was using discarded sketches of vehicles and costumes and using them for cannon.

          • LaurenceQuint

            Well, I can’t get behind that sentiment. Some of those old designs were terrific.

  • Indysolo007

    I wonder where the nerf missile will go? Too soon?

    • Rivesjunctionite

      I was wondering the same thing. I figure they’ll just repaint Hera’s A-wing.

  • Paulskywalker

    I thought they looked a lil longer and sleeker in the teaser. I thought maybe it was just me.

  • FireFox91

    It’s kind of strange how in the 30 years between TPM and ANH the fighters all radically changed in design. But in the 30 years since ROTJ, they appear to just be updated versions from 30 years prior. I’m not complaining, it’s just strange. I love all of the OT fighters so much, updates are fine with me.

    • Brian Beck

      I could give you a rather nerd/Pablo Hidalgo answer of during the first time frame there was industry and infrastructure to be able to do that, afterward, not so much. I’m sure there is an actual cannon answer out there. 🙂

  • Zachary Hering

    A wing pilot figure?

  • Brian Beck

    do want !

  • Paul

    Excited for the Bandai model of this ship.

    • Bombadgungan

      Do you own some of the Bandai models already Paul? I saw some at Toys R Us Hong Kong and they looked most impressive. I’m curious if these particular (Bandai) models come pre-painted or not.

      • Paul

        I own a few of the 1/72 models. They don’t come prepainted but the X-wings, Y-wing, and A-wing come with colored pieces for the fuselage area, but everything else is that gray/white plastic. The decals are the water slide variety which is pretty standard for models. I thought I heard that the 1/144 models decals are just stickers but i may be wrong