• chad

    Well I got Chopper the hard way. I was at C8 and past the Disney Booth, Though I forgot to get the 3DO figure. I wish they would put the Droid Factory figures on the site. So I have to get a crappy app to order these.

  • don

    Chopper there buy says out of stock???

    • don

      IT’S UP NOW…

  • David James Downey

    Is there any sense that the other build a droids will be available on line.? Or should we expect to buy through someone via eBay?

  • Zachary Hering

    Not sure who R3-DO is, sounds like R-3PO to me

    • CT-7567

      From a brief scene at the end of TFA. A Resistance spy droid. I want that awesome Chopper.

  • Littlegreenwiseguy

    Great. Now waiting for C1-10P Chopper and the R2-D2 & C-3PO 2-pack!