2017 Fans’ Choice Results Are In

The votes have been tabulated and we now have your top 6 characters to submit to Hasbro for the 2017 Vintage Fans’ Choice poll! Click on through to check out the list.

Thank you to all whoย participated (and followed the rules)!

1. Yak Face
2. Sim Aloo
3. Pong Krell
4. Tonnika Sister
5. Dr. Aphra
6. Satele Shan

Note: Legends character Ben Skywalker didn’t crack our top 6ย list* of submissions due to a twoย factors; multiple votes from the same email address and incorrect submission format were discarded.

*The rankings and character selection for the 6 figures above would have been substantially different if the rules were followed exactly. Yak Face still would have won handily though.

  • Sean Golden

    Wanna see them al get made for a 3.75 figure love this but Lets get Hasbro on the ball make more from The Force Awakens(Maz’s Castle Patrons) and Rogue One(Saw’s Extreme Rebels ) plus , Rebel’s has been neglected a lot,too and my personal wants Bobbajo,JJ Adams introduced him first and Grummgar & Bazine Netal..Why those who get to make the decisions on what is I don’t think they are paying any attention to fans or just to be blunt ,how much money they could be making if they would just get a clue.

  • Joseph Polselli

    With the force that surrounds all of us I vote for Sim Aloo to be come back to the store shelves…

  • SBP1000

    I really don’t see why you threw out every vote for Ben Skywalker and not the ones who voted more than once if they did at all. Please note that Jedi Business another place to vote for figures in this poll condemned Jedi Temple Archives for their unethical behavior on their personal social media accounts See this video for proof that what Jedi Temple Archives and Paul in particular are doing is unethical and clearly censorship of people who wanted Ben to win. #WhoReallyCheated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_EB6JrH8YE


      Theres some Everquest girl on this list WTF?

    • Lobot

      It’s pretty appearant by looking through the comments on collector websites that a lot of people (including me) don’t even know who Ben Skywalker is so it’s hard to believe he would win in a landslide with a true vote.

    • Who says I threw out every vote for Ben Skywalker? That is exactly the opposite. I counted every VALID Ben Skywalker vote and he didn’t make the top six list. As for what other sites did to tabulate their votes, that’s on them and I don’t care. We had our rules as we applied them to everyone that was submitted. End of issue.

      • SBP1000

        No offense but your Note in your post above says otherwise.

        • No, there were Ben Skywalker votes counted. Someone that submitted a vote and followed the submission rules had their vote counted. Not “every vote” for Ben S. was thrown out as you insinuated.

  • Sy Burr

    I’m starting a movement for 2-1B. It’s got to happen at some point in some series!

    • Matthew Leuck

      I figure it’s only a matter of time for him- awesome-looking Droid, prominently featured in ESB, and could re-use a lot of parts from the Episode 3 2-1B.

  • GIBBS v2


  • CaptainWagner

    Really great to see Pong Krell make the final list here. I’m really pulling for him, as he’d make an INCREDIBLE figure and this is probably the only way we’d ever get him, do the the complexity of his design. My second choice would be Yakface, but I think he has good chances of getting made without the poll, which is important to take into account with this sort of thing.

  • JasonH

    These are weak. Yakface? An imperial dignitary?

    • I know, right?

    • JediJones

      What are you talking about? Filling out unmade OT background characters is the most important thing for the Star Wars toy line to do. The Dignitary was a Kenner figure not yet made by Hasbro, so is one of the most needed figures of them all. One OT background character is worth more than any 10 EU characters. Because the EU is pretty much boring, irrelevant and useless.

      • BlackBeltJohnson .

        Well, that’s your opinion friend. While I agree that filling out all the remaining OTbslots is essential for the Vintage line, as stand alone figures these top two are pretty dull. Satele and General Krell, whatever one feels about Clone Wars or Video games, you have to admit that they would make really exciting figures in the Super-Articulated style.

      • Mother_Talzin

        Yeah, Sim Aloo is the last Kenner movie figure to remake, not counting variations on existing figures. Yakface is a great alien and the mascot for this site – both are pretty essential when it comes to longtime collectors.

        • JasonH

          They aren’t “essential” to anything. People drool over Yakface because he was THE hard to get figure in the vintage line. He’s been made, now he’s just a boring character like the dignitary.
          They should focus on distribution because there have been a ton of recent figures that never saw the light of day in many areas. That ticks more people off vs. “oh, they didn’t make the characters I wanted”.

    • Joseph Polselli

      Please Yak Face and the Imperial Dignitary are the best characters by far…!

  • LaurenceQuint

    Well, at least YF didn’t let me down by voting for a lame EU character like Ben Skywalker. Whew.

    Yakface, Sim Aloo and Tonnika Sisters seem to be popular choices and any of them would make good figures. I’d even like to see Doctor Aphra, but it’d be even better if they brought back comic packs, as she and her droids would be a no brainer.

  • Derian Stockburn

    Pong Krell should be a lock in my opinion. The other characters are great, but a couple have previously released versions (yes a bit outdated) and the others aren’t anything crazy to make sculpt wise, making them easier to customize. To see an actual toy company as big as Hasbro make a four armed jedi with two doubled bladed lightsabers, released at retail price on a vintage cardback, would be an absolute dream

    • JediJones

      No it wouldn’t, because he’s a stupid EU character most people have never heard of.

      • BlackBeltJohnson .

        Clone Wars isn’t EU

    • BlackBeltJohnson .

      Couldn’t agree more!! General Krell would be a BEAST of a figure! It would look absolutely insane done ‘realistically,’ and a total dream come true!!

    • Mother_Talzin

      Pong Krell is a great choice, it wouldn’t surprise me if a bunch of people that grew up loving CW voted for him. He is certainly on my list for most wanted CW characters.

  • Lance

    I’m all for Yak face!

  • ethan kahn


  • Mother_Talzin

    Yakface winning here makes sense, Sim Aloo is still my top choice, since two 3.75 Yakface figures exist already. Hopefully they both get released, because Sim needs a modern figure!

  • jedipatrick


    Who the Hell is Ben Skywalker? He’s #NotCanon and certainly not part of #TheRealStarWars

    But Yak Face is. He may be ugly as a Yak, but his screen time is a thousand times more than that of Ben Skywalker. Because he at least is for real.

    Collectors unite! Starting April 26, block that Ben and choose your fate! #VoteYakFace

    Follow me on Instagram: JediPatrick

  • Linuspumpkin

    Was this poll for 3.75 or 6″ inch figures??

    • Matthew Ruch


  • Rivesjunctionite

    Now these are some candidates I can get behind. Pong Krell and Satele Shan are great choices. I hope they make it to the final ballot.

  • evilivo

    Great list, every last figure from it must be made ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Barney Dunn

    Lor San Tekka hopefully will show up in the Vintage Collection.

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      That’s the figure my son wants Hasbro to make the most! Cool to see a 9 year old recognize his importance. I hope they make him too.

      • Matthew Ruch

        You got a good kid, Justin!

      • Matthew Leuck

        My guess is he’ll pop up in flashbacks in Episode 8 and/or Episode 9, so hopefully that will move him forward in Hasbro’s “parking lot,” or whatever. A great character, played by a great actor, with an extremely important role in TFA- a real head-scratcher that he hasn’t been made yet.

  • Jaken Wraith

    someday i will have a Beezus.

  • Zachary Hering

    I really want Pong Krell in six inch. I hope winner still gets made in that scale. It’s a money maker Hasbro do it. I will buy a small pong krell just because of the fact that I love him, but I really want a six inch figure.

  • All in for Aphra. lol

    Aren’t they are bringing back the comic packs? (wasnt there an audio interview last year where Steve Evans said they were coming back?) Anywho, Her and Triple Zero and then a Vader and BeeTee… would make for awesome comic packs. While I’d love the Tonnika sisters, the legal stuff may be a hang up.

  • Raymond van Putten

    Awww no Tarkin. I really want a 3.75″ SA figure of him that can actually sit down.

  • Vas’rod Brakkash

    Five of this six might get to the final list, good luck to you all!!

  • Fiery Little One

    It’s interesting that there’s a mild overlap with JTA’s results. (I’m not complaining, I just find it interesting.)

  • PeakOB1

    Just like I said over at JTA really nice selection of characters, I would buy most of them for sure!
    Thanks for sharing !

  • I thought hasbro said no Tonnika sisters ever, due to Lucasfilm forgetting to get the actresses to sign the likeness rights over to them.

    Has that changed?

    • bmales01

      One died so it has changed

      • JediJones

        I think they’d still have to get whoever inherited her estate to sign the likeness rights over. Did these ladies not want any money or is Lucasfilm just unwilling to pay anything for them?

        • bmales01

          I honestly dont know the details, but I assume Yazflow would eliminate them as a choice if they were a no go
          But Paul and crew says one is available so I trust thats the truth

    • Mother_Talzin

      My understanding is that the sister that died signed the likeness rights over, the one that’s alive did not. Unless they both do, they wont produce a figure of either. Its best to remove them from the final vote, if Hasbro refuses to produce them, otherwise they’re wasted votes.

  • Boba Fettuccini


    • Will we be getting comic packs?
      Will they pull the same poodoo where every other comic pack has to have a kit bashed Vader, Luke, Anakin, or Obi-Wan?

      • Boba Fettuccini

        Honestly, I wouldn’t mind comic packs having characters I already have if that’s what it’s going to take to get my favorite non movie characters. If Dr Aphra came packed with a Darth Vader, I’d buy it even if the Vader was the rogue one 5 POA. But I find it more likely we’ll just one or two characters in vintage series packages occasionally to throw the comic fans a bone.

        • CT-7567

          Aphra, BT, 000, and Kreel(in armor) would be awesome. Maybe we’ll get comic packs again with the return of TVC. Marvel does them for $20. Clever handle, btw. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • LaurenceQuint

          They could give us Aphra and 000, who would be a straight repaint. So, easy and cheap. Come on, Hasbro! Make it happen!

    • Of all these she would get my vote for sure!

      • Boba Fettuccini

        I’d be fine with any of them, but I’d buy a few of her

  • Jeff Schwarting

    I love Satele and will be putting my vote to her…

  • bobcat

    this whole ben kenobi thing shouldnt be allowed on any lists anyway cause its well known people are cheating for it. spread the word and take him off your lists… they already got their way with cheating before…screw em!

  • Jeremy Munnerlyn

    Yes , Pong Krell !!!!!

  • Brian Beck

    Can’t they just make all of them ?

  • Brian

    Still no love for Commander Willard, the only named character in ANH’s end credits who hasn’t had a figure yet.

    • JediJones

      I care. ๐Ÿ™

  • Shadow Imperium

    Great finalists, all instant buys. Glad to see Dr. Aphra get some love.

  • mic windu

    Good list, like to see 1,2,4,5 preferably

  • Jay Radd


  • JediRebel71

    Excellent list. Well done people:)

  • AllThePowa

    I would love a pong krell..

  • TM Garrington

    Thank you so very much for your honest and very creative list!

  • bmales01

    nicely done

  • Jawa scavenger

    Great list, 4 of 6 would be instant buy for me. Thanks!!!

  • General Hux

    Jayson is showing favoritism!! Think it’s a coincidence that Yak Face is number 1? I think not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Nearly a 3:1 favorite

      • General Hux

        If Yakety Yak Don’t Talk Back Face wins…How many are you going to buy? Lol ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Eric Sartin

          None, he is part of an agenda just like they accused Ben Skywalker of being. The success of the line depends on the appeal to the casual collector, not just diehards, and they won’t be impressed with or give a second glance at Yakface. But they can go ahead and kill the line and whine about it later.

          • bmales01

            Remind all the good folks here the great efforts you went to lobby to bring back TVC. Oh right, you did nothing [while SW sites worked tirelessly] and now you want special privileges. Go create a new disqus account and troll somewhere else

          • General Hux

            Remember our talk on Logical fallacies? Watch it. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • bmales01

            No can do. If any of my children are in threatened, biological or online, I swoop in a like a hawk to defend ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Eric Sartin

            I want special privileges? What special privileges are you speaking of? Yeah, you lobbied so hard to bring back the line, and now you make suggestions to have them release pegwarmers that won’t sell and will force them to discontinue the line? I’ve been collecting my entire life, I still have my original vintage figures from when I was a kid, and none of the circles I hang around in would even give a second glance to a Yakface figure. Especially the casual collectors who will be key to the success of this line. His original figure is worth a lot because of the rarity, his POTF figure can be had for $3 on eBay. If you like him then more power to you but you’ll be the same ones whining on these forums when they cancel the line again due to poor sales. Tell me honestly, do you think Hasbro really cares about catering to a few die hard fans with Yakface or making money with something like the Jedi Temple Guard? I guess one positive is that you won’t have to pay full price for Yakface, he should be available at Ross for $3 a few months after his release…

          • General Hux

            And this, is the reason why we can’t have nice things.

          • Eric Sartin

            I’m all for the fans getting the figures they want but lets not set it up for failure from the beginning. I just don’t think the die hards can buy enough Yakface for Hasbro to think the fan poll was a good business decision this time around. TVC is a great line, I don’t want to see it go away again…Sorry for the rant, I wasn’t trying to troll. I run with a huge group of collectors here in Los Angeles and we are all dumbfounded with the Yakface thing.

          • bmales01

            1. This is for the Fan’s Choice. The emphasis on Fan. Not the casual collector. That’s why the choice should be special as chosen by fans.
            2. TVC is going to be for collectors. There is little to escape that. When they appear along aside the cheaper 5POA, the casual collector will be collecting the cheaper product. Very few casual persons are going to spend around $15 for a SA 3.75 figure.
            3. Despite #2, dont think for a second that Yazflow wont be including the usual core characters in TVC in an attempt to appeal to the casual collector and general masses.

            One obscure character isnt going to sink the line.

            The Jedi Temple Guard is just as obscure, albeit quite cool, and it is a character targeted towards a kids cartoon, not collectors. It only appeared to sell through because so few of the Rebels figs are produced and past wave 1, even fewer get out to floors. There are tons sitting in a warehouse somewhere, probably with the Arc of the Covenant

          • Eric Sartin

            The casual collectors I know are really just more picky than collectors like me. I tend to want at least one of everything, even if I hate it, but my wallet is usually my limiting factor. My buddy casually collects and doesn’t mind cost as long as it is a good figure and character that he really likes.

          • bmales01

            That to me isnt a casual collector. Its only casual relative to you and I ๐Ÿ™‚
            I think we got our terms crossed. The collector, whether die-hard like you or me, or the casual collector, still is a tiny proportion when you include the casual consumer (eg, the parent, relative who buys a kid a gift, the random kid who see the movie and wants a few toys)

            all of the characters on the Fan’s Choice are niche and not what the casual consumer will be looking for

          • Do you remember wave 16 of TVC? It was ALL obscure background characters from ROTJ mostly – less popular than Yak Face. Go see what they’re going for on eBay now.

          • Eric Sartin

            You’re right, It had nothing to do with the limited availability of that wave and the resulting rarity of some of the figures. Plus I would hardly call ERG, Aurra Sing, Ahsoka, Obi Wan, Republic Trooper, or Nien Nunb background characters. Some of the others in the wave, yes, but again the limited availability is what drives those up.

          • Vas’rod Brakkash

            my 0.02 …it’s all about lowering costs!!!… repacks and design/scan reuse across all the lines (20 different scales of Reys )

          • General Hux

            Yawwwn, Do you not know the significance of Yak Face? He’s a legend in the collecting community, he’s way more significant than Ben Skywalker and Yakety Yak isn’t a apart of an agenda…Collectors actually want him.

            Saelt Marae FTW!!!

          • Why aren’t you saying instead “JTA didn’t push any character on anyone?” We didn’t.

          • General Hux

            The order of comments got flipped around, I replied to his comment where he never even mentions you guys over at JTA all. So I didn’t feel the need at the time to bring you guys into it. I see now that his reply to bmales01 he mentions JTA. I replied to his comment that was in reply to me.

            I obviously know you guys didn’t push any character on anyone. I was just voicing my own personal preference for Yak Face. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Steve Stuber

            And the casual collector would know who Ben Skywalker is?

          • Eric Sartin

            I doubt they would know who he is and I’m not campaigning for Ben Skywalker, that is your assumption from my post. But Yakface is not any better of a choice. JTA and others were all pushing him from the beginning, no better than those that were “cheating” and pushing Ben Skywalker.

          • Steve Stuber

            Is there anywhere in my post that said you were campaigning for Ben Skywalker? Nope. That’s assumption on your end. I would buy most of those figures that have won on most sites. I don’t read EU and stuff (just not a lot of time in life), but if people want them, great! I visit a couple sites and I didn’t see anyone pushing an agenda. I did see sites that said they saw cheating going on by ballot stuffing though.

          • Eric Sartin

            Yeah, your comment assumes that I am saying people would know who Ben Skywalker is and I made no such assumption or support of him in any way, merely a comparison of the two campaigns going on for the two characters. Anyways, the same sites who saw “ballot stuffing” for Ben all push for Yakface. Wow, what a coincidence! From day one of these polls, JTA pushed Yakface on everyone.

          • How many times are you going to spout this untruth? That’s a complete falsity.

          • Steve Stuber

            Still not seeing where I said Eric Sartin is pushing Ben Skywalker. I just posted out that the casual wouldn’t know Ben Skywalker after you said the same about another.

            I would say that I’m a casual collector. I know of Ben Skywalker, but know nothing about him (or Darth Revan, Nihlis, etc.) I’m not interested in EU figures… figures in the movies or cartoons, yes. But I’m cool if they make the figures. I just pass on them.

          • Again, not true. You’re falsely accusing us of a complete lie.

          • Vas’rod Brakkash

            male white dude with a lightsaber, it sells…

          • Matthew Ruch

            I think you brought up a good point. While I would buy Yakface, I agree he lacks appeal to casual collectors. I think you see that reflected in the Instagram polls…

          • bmales01

            and the Jedi Temple Guard is less obscure? Its from a kids cartoon. The casual collector knows Vader, Luke, Han, Yoda, not a voiceless character from a cartoon.

            and the Fan’s Choice shouldnt be used to pick yet another Vader. It should be used for something obscure, that has little chance of being made otherwise

          • Vas’rod Brakkash

            have a lightsaber and you army build it… it sells ๐Ÿ˜€

          • bmales01

            that is typically good logic, however, the casual fan doesnt army build anything. but the first part I agree with ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Vas’rod Brakkash

            … yes they do, kids love soldiers ( and their parents want to eat in peace ๐Ÿ™‚ )

          • Matthew Ruch

            That’s why I brought up the Instagram polls where the Guardian and Pong Krell did so well. TBH I’ll buy whoever is made and I actually agree the poll should be for a character who won’t otherwise be made. Ben Skywalker, Yakface, and Pong Krell all fit that description.

          • Eric Sartin

            One question I have would be to what degree is this truly a “fan” poll? Are we talking all Star Wars fans? Just toy collector Star Wars fans? What percentage of either of those do you think is really represented in these polls? I don’t mean that in a sarcastic way, I wonder if we really know or if this is just a small part of the larger group. Hopefully Hasbro will put up some good choices once the final poll goes live.
            I was just talking to a fellow collector who generally only collects the 6″ line but will buy 3.75″ if it is a good enough figure. He said he would probably buy multiples of someone like a Jedi Temple Guard but couldn’t believe Yakface actually led some of the polls.

          • bmales01

            First off, we are not trying to rank fanhood here. There’s no nerd pissing contest going on. But in the last Fan Choice poll, there were more votes than actual consumers, meaning people were cheating, and it was done in a very short period towards the end of the poll. It also went on on individual site nominations.

            All we ask is that if you vote, you plan on buying who you vote for. And you vote once. There should be no getting all my friends and family to vote, who have no interest in SW toys.

          • Eric Sartin

            I think we all agree that the Ben Skywalker situation is shady. I think the Yakface situation is the same, maybe not to the same extent, but since polling began, all I saw from JTA was Yakface this and Yakface that. The site holding the poll should not mention or show any preference otherwise you are changing the outcome. The day I voted on the JTA poll, the Jedi Temple Guard was neck in neck with Yakface and yet had no additional promotion from JTA that I could see. Several of the other sites running polls didn’t have Yakface in the top 6 at all (or the JT Guard). Eh, sorry to keep rambling, I’ll shut up now. I just don’t see ANY of the support for Yakface here locally so it’s all baffling to me.

          • bmales01

            Well, JTA showing bias is not subtle nor is it meant to be. But its a fan site, not a news source. It has no obligation nor any illusion to be impartial.

            Lobbying for a character or coordinating a singular choice is fair game within a democratic vote. But voting multiple times or recruiting people who have no interest nor any business voting in something is deceitful and ethically wrong (similar to voting when you are not a citizen of a country)

            And quite frankly, we wouldnt coordinate anything if we didnt think people were scamming/botting the final poll

          • Eric Sartin

            I agree completely but when that site is the first to point the finger at others (and let’s be honest, I still haven’t seen proof but I take you at your word), they shouldn’t be pushing an agenda either. It’s like a cyclist doping but trying to justify it by saying Lance Armstrong cheated more so what I am doing should be okay. Just own it, JTA!

          • You’ll see that there is no shadiness with Yakface when the organized groupthink movement all votes for Ben Skywalker leaving all other candidates in the dust. Ben Skywalker is already the winner… GUARANTEED. (Unless Hasbro intervenes for us.) It’s a no-brainer no-contest situation.

          • This isn’t true. We encouraged everyone to vote for he or she wanted. We influenced no one or any character selection.

          • General Hux

            JTA did NOT push any character on anyone or show bias towards Yak Face or try and cheat in ANY way, @Paul_Harrison:disqus would never do that.

          • Eric Sartin

            Hahahaha! Oh well that clears that up then…what was I thinking!!

          • You didn’t see any support for Yak Face on the poll here (from us specifically) because we didn’t what to effect the natural process of the poll. There was little we had to do in that regard as Yak Face has finished high on polls for years and as those years go by without a new version, the desire from him goes up. I personally didn’t vote in any of the polls, anywhere, not even here. (No, really) because I am perfectly content with the figures we’ve received over the years, in all their various scales and all their various iterations (super articulated or not).

            As far as to what degree is this a “fan” poll? Since this is something that was initiated by a toy manufacturer I’d say it pretty evident or it can be reasonably inferred that this aimed at toy collectors, espically those with an affinity for the Vintage Collection.

            If LEGO was having a fans’ choice Poll on what UCS Star Wars set they should release next, I personally being a Star Wars “fan” would not vote because I don’t Collection UCS sets.

            I know this is “the Internet” and all but some people need to let go of their entitlements and stop chasing the instant self-gratification and selfishness it tends to draw out from them.


          • General Hux
          • Eric Sartin

            Ah yes, the “lets try to dismiss this guy as an entitled millennial” approach. Sorry, not a millennial and you don’t get off that easy. I was with you there until you tried to take a stab at me in the last paragraph. But this is the Internet and that’s what people do.
            Quit trying to dismiss an opinion that is contrary to your own as chasing instant self gratification. I’m not on here for the simple fact of arguing. I am trying to understand where this Yakface obsession comes from when it is completely absent from the circles I hang out in. I am concerned that we are finally getting TVC line back and we’re gonna screw it up by asking for a figure that is really only wanted by a small group of people who have organized well. One figure shouldn’t kill the line if it fails but this is Hasbro we are talking about. Selfish? This entire exercise is selfish, everyone wants their choice of figure to be made.
            Judging from my experience here today, your site appears to be a well established group of like minded people who have probably chased away most with contrary opinions. So as a collective, it’s probably no surprise to you what ended up in your final 6. You may be right about your Yakfaceforums poll, I didn’t vote in your poll, I chose the JTA poll to vote. I didn’t think it would be fair to vote in 10 different polls to try and advance my selection. Doesn’t surprise me though that Yakfaceforums would choose Yakface ultimately. Not saying that you cheated but since it’s in the name after all…
            I only landed here after JTA praising your poll on their FB page so I haven’t had the pleasure of browsing any of your other previous forums on the subject. Hence why my beef is with JTA, not your site.
            For all our sakes, let’s hope that whichever figures get made they will sell enough to keep things going.

          • Rykrof_Enloe

            Well said, the only difference for me is I’m not satisfied with the figures made. I want more and more 3.75 well articulated goodness and cool playsets. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Rykrof_Enloe

            Yakface has had a cult following for decades. He’s one of the rarest figures from the childhood of of those that grew up in the 70s/80s. Hence the name of this site and huge fan support.

            That being said, I voted for Raddus because I think Yakface is a no-brainer at this point for Hasbro while Raddus might not be. Plus, I love Mon Calamari.

          • bmales01

            I think the Jedi Guard is cool, but IMO, I cant see how a minor/background cartoon character is better than a minor/background character from the OT (or any movie)

            Its all opinion, which is why we’re not fighting over character selection, but to the dishonest (even if not technically cheating) voters rallying to skew results

          • Mother_Talzin

            That’s a valid question which is difficult if not impossible to get an answer to. Frankly, the collectors should be voting alone – if you’re just a fan that has no intention of buying the figure – why even vote? Likewise, why should Hasbro care what general fans are interested in if they aren’t also customers…

          • Eric Sartin

            Well that’s true if Hasbro is just interested in selling to existing customers (or serious collectors) but maybe they are trying to reel in new customers who might not have been interested in the past but might now that they can potentially choose a character either they don’t know was already made or is just to expensive on the secondary market. From a business standpoint I am sure their intent is to sell as many figures as possible and broaden their customer base if they can.
            I’d like to think they are truly doing this for the collectors and don’t care if this particular figure is a hit with the masses but it’s hard to see past that corporate greed.

          • CT-7567

            JTG was originally in Force Unleashed. Video game characters have a large following and the TCW appearance just adds to that. Not disagreeing with you, just pointing out that some people might consider JTG a video game character. I actually had Starkiller fighting a JTG on my desk a while ago.

          • Vas’rod Brakkash

            … the line wont end if you get Yak face or Ben Syswalker made, or whoever wins the fan poll, even if it don’t sell, the success of these line will rest on the ability to sell Finns and Reys,that already exists in all the other scales and formats, and how many Lukes and Leias they can repack without getting the hard core collectors getting mad on the internet!!!

          • safari4ad

            If you go back and look at fan forums from the past several years, a new Yak Face resculpt (along with a few others such as Sim Aloo and a grey Death Star Commander) have been pretty high up on collectors’ wishlists. Ben Skywalker, on the other hand, was rarely if ever mentioned. I think the point for a lot of people/collectors is to get a modern update on a vintage card back, so figures like Yak Face, etc. have a following already, as opposed to a Legends character who wasn’t even in existence until about 10 years ago. I personally would rather see any movie character, especially OT, on these cardbacks, if only because of that factor. Save the EU for comic packs or whatever packaging comes after TVC. And IMO, skip the Legends figures altogether; they aren’t even part of the canon anymore.

        • Every one I see.

          • CT-7567

            Do you have the vintage Yakface? You must, right? Or the GG Jumbo? I never got the vintage Yakface or blue snaggletooth. Otherwise I have them all. I don’t count Vlix and technically I don’t have the Artoo from the Droid Factory set.

          • Rykrof_Enloe

            Send a couple my way…

        • CT-7567

          On a vintage cardback? Three.

      • It’s the most overdue TVC figure possible.

        • Eric Sartin

          In your opinion, exactly the way you pushed it all over during polling. Before I even voted a couple days ago, I knew Yakface would be leading just from reading around your FB and other posts. Your Jedi mind tricks just don’t work on me! Who cares about overdue? I’d rather have cool figures.

          • Matthew Ruch

            Calm down! It’s a fan figure vote for an action figure, not determining the leader of the free world. If people want a certain figure and can get other collectors behind that choice; good for them! The bottom line is TVC is back and we are lucky enough to disagree about who the best 3.75 fans choice figure would be!

        • CT-7567

          It shouldn’t take a poll to get a definitive, modern Yakface figure. I can’t believe we didn’t get him in TLC. That red phase ROTJ wave was incredible. ROTJ always seems to have the best waves. I think TVC wave three is my favorite wave ever. Wicket, Gammie and Ackbar are very dear to me from childhood and TVC figures of them are just unbelievable. Endor Capture Luke is, IMO, the best Luke ever made. TVC Bespin being second.

  • Great options! Thanks you leading the charge! #NeverVoteBen

  • rnaylor85

    They should just make all 6 and make a whole wave of fans choice winners. They def would sell

  • Yakface and Aphra would be awesome, back in the day I would say there should be two comic packs put out, one of Vader and Aphra and one with the evil droids, but Yakface deserves SA justice.

    • tyehyll

      They really need comic packs back now that they have a pretty big collection of stories. Plus, thanks to Poe Dameron, we could get some background force awakens characters in comic packs

  • Thank you!

  • LuckDragon

    Yes. Aphra!

  • Matthew Ruch

    Really hoping for Pong Krell or Satele Shan, as I think it’s the only way they’ll ever be made!

  • tyehyll

    Come on, Aphra!