• Jason David

    I was able to purchase one this morning before noon eastern time. they were gone shortly after as i checked to see if they were still there.

  • Andrew R

    They are in stock now!

    • Jon Bruce

      Are they really? I add it to my cart and it still says in-store purchase only.

      • Andrew R

        I bought two of the R2/3PO set with the app this morning. R-3DO and Chopper are still in-store only unfortunately.

        Edit: I did just check again and now it does say in-store only. Guessing traffic generated by the JTA post earlier must of caused them to sell out of online stock.

        • Jon Bruce

          Could it be region specific? I’ve been reading these are available in Florida only, not California?

  • Nearsighted Scrappile

    What the hell is the point in trying to enjoy a hobby where nothing is available? Effing ridiculous.

  • Littlegreenwiseguy

    Ah! Now if only the app would work…

  • Dr. John Smith

    Are these compatible with the old Build-a-Droid parts from the Hasbro line?

  • They should sell these at all the Disney stores. Is it possible to investigate?

  • Please, can you tell us what the SKU is? Thanks! 🙂