Hasbro Fans’ Choice Poll MIA?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions via email and social media regarding the status of the official Hasbro’s Fans’ Choice poll for the 3.75″ Vintage Collection. Per Hasbro press release and StarWars.com’s post, the poll was to have started yesterday (April 26) and run until April 30. As of this post, the poll has yet to go live but we’ll announce it as soon as it does.

  • Mike Short

    Is the problem having a EU character picked for a second year being considered a slap in the face for Disney or that Hasbro feels it’s going to lose money producing this figure? While I wouldn’t have picked Ben Skywalker myself I don’t think anyone has broken the rules here, it’s just well organised tactical voting by dedicated fans

  • Boba Fettuccini

    “Surprise! First wave will have *all* of them!”

    *Knock on wood

  • Jaken Wraith

    Seem’s like all the complaint’s about people pushing “Ben Skywalker”, and getting “non” Fans to Vote for him made Hasbro re-think the entire process. Either it’s done for good, or they will come up with a new format.

  • Paul B

    Maybe Hasbro didn’t like our choices

  • Chris Lastovich

    Anyone else think they will time it now to end on May the 4th? Just thought about that maybe…

    • Jebediaah

      That should have been the plan.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    I really feel like people are getting too worked up over the whole Ben Skywalker thing, on both sides… if he wins, people are going to be very mad. Same as if he loses. They should make the Top 5 from this list regardless.

    • Jebediaah

      They usually do cover the top 5 as time goes by.

  • tyehyll

    I don’t see why the just don’t say “only canon characters” if they are bothered by old EU. I do think it’s be in their best interests to make a limited series of figures based on old canon. Make it a small wave that comes out once a year and is online exclusive? That way people that truly want Old canon characters can get them and not take spits from new characters?

  • It’s probably a big mess for them trying to sort this all out. Wouldn’t it be easier if they asked each site to produce just one top nominee, AND to say the resulting figure must be canon?

    • It’s relatively easy actually, when there are sites like JediDefender that posted nearly all of the results from the posted* participating sites.

      I’m not sure why this isn’t as organized (on their end) as in the past. It’s not like they didn’t know it was coming. I expect they’ll push the deadline out equal to the number of days that it’s late.

      *if there are others involved in the nomination process that we may not be publicly privy to (a theory to which I subscribe), that in and of itself, may shift the results vs. what’s expected.

      • I dont know how people become infuriated upon seeing Ben Skywalker up on all those lists when I keep running into TFA Luke Skywalker. Talk about a waste of a nomination. Hasbro has already guaranteed that figure is coming in both scales.

        • Paul B

          Fear. Fear attracts the fearful.
          Fear of not getting one.

        • Rob Redahl

          I don’t get how people become infuriated at ANY character on these lists. It’s a toy figure slated to fill one measly slot in a future wave. We’ve been inundated with toy figures for decades and will continue to receive wave after wave in perpetuity. Is one choice of character really worth getting angry over?

  • John Titus

    Maybe Hasbro is addressing the cheating and trying to sort legit votes? Im sure Hasbro wants it to be fair to all the voters.

  • Paulskywalker

    All the bloody cheaters have upset Hasbro and they’ve decided not to do it now!

  • Jawa scavenger

    This is really getting better and better…

  • Jebediaah

    I thought it was due yesterday but when scrolling back through some of JTA’s coverage posts I couldn’t find the “26th” date written anywhere. I’m betting the Lucasfilm heavy-hitters are mired in discussion over whether to include Ben Skywalker since Ben Solo is a thing. I hope they relegate him to a “coming in the future” and not a contender for Fans’ Choice winner.

    • from the SW post “after voting closes, the top picks from each site will be entrants in a final poll at StarWars com, which will run from April 26-30.”

      • Jebediaah

        Yes, I forgot sw.com is where I originally saw the 26th date.

    • Yes, and THEY SHOULD bring back the EU. But this poll just shouldn’t be hijacked/taken hostage.

  • Chris Lastovich

    I just did somw reading, why on earth would anyone want such a boring non-canon human figure produced? I get EU and non-canon, still very neat characters and history cant just be erased… but what is such a big deal? I just don’t understand. Maybe someone who is on that boat can explain? There are literally 1,000’s of unique characters from across the galaxy, why such a mundaine human character!?

    • TrueTanker

      A couple of EU groups held a very narrow poll, mainly because we were taking the rules as written EXTREMELY conservatively so as to avoid being auto-DQed (You all want a Jedi Leia? Well, since Dark Empire Leia and ESB Infinities Leia exists, they’d probably DQ that suggestion). Ben Skywalker won in an over 100 vote landslide.

      • austinlaw

        With copious amounts of ballot-stuffing, landslides are hardly surprising in the prelims. Just wait for the finals… #GameOn

        • skywalkerskater11

          The 100 vote landslide mentioned took place in a private group, not in one of the preliminaries. And how exactly can there be ballot stuffing in the preliminaries when each person is only allowed one vote? It’s not that hard to see if someone voted more than once and disqualify that person’s votes only.

          • Each person was allowed one vote PER email address. It’s not too hard to abuse that rule by submitting votes via personal email, work email and setting up a few throwaway Gmail addresses to “stuff” the ballots.

          • skywalkerskater11

            But why would anyone waste time doing that when there were over 100 people just from one small group willing to vote for Ben? And I saw plenty of people saying they voted for Ben without even knowing that there was a campaign for him.

          • Paul B

            OR Lucasfilm caught wind of it, and said NO Ben Skywalker cause it will cause confusion with Ben Solo

          • Being willing to do something and actually doing it are two separate things. From the 100s of submissions we received for our portion of the poll, we didn’t even get 25 votes (valid and/or rejected) for Ben so either the dozens of people in that group didn’t bother to vote here or they weren’t really as committed to “the cause” as they claimed.

          • austinlaw

            Me thinks thou doth protest too much – it happened, and you EU zealots helped it happen – fact.

    • TrueTanker

      And, for the record, even though I personally supported Satele Shan, I still very much want a Ben Skywalker figure on my shelf.

    • skywalkerskater11

      How is he boring and who cares of he’s canon? He’s Luke and Mara’s son and he has a great storyline and personality. Why wouldn’t I want one of my favorite characters as an action figure? If you’re talking about appearance only, I still don’t see how a guy with red hair and a lightsaber is boring, any more than all the Luke and Anakin figures are boring.

      • Chris Lastovich

        It’s all personnel preference, and I see your side, I just can’t imagine that many people being behind him over such neat creatures and diverse alien species. To each their own, that’s why its a fun hobby.

      • Isn’t the answer in the question? “A guy with red hair and a lightsaber.”

      • Boba Fettuccini

        As much as I love old canon… Luke and Anakin figures *are* boring, so

    • Littlegreenwiseguy

      Because he is the father of CADE SKYWALKER and the missing link in that bloodline’s story connecting STAR WARS: LEGACY.

      • skywalkerskater11

        Actually, Kol Skywalker is Cade’s father, making Ben Kol’s father or grandfather. Unless the Legends timeline gets continued, we’ll never know for sure which one.

  • DarthMac

    Non-Ben Skywalker fans: if Lucasfilm allows the Tonnika Sisters on the fans choice poll, we need to unite on them. They are the most prominent characters in the cantina that have not been made to date, and up to this point have been categorically denied to us. Let’s take this opportunity to get these long over due figures made!

    • Rivesjunctionite


    • oolax

      So agree with you ! I collect hasbro’s figure since 1995. Personally i wait for these characters since nearly 20 years ago since we had : Muftak, Dr Evazan, Wuher, Figrind’An… all the cantina became a reality in plastic . It would be a heartache if Hasbro doesn’t authorize it or if a non-canonic character wins the poll. There ‘s so many characters from the films never made before. Pleeeease don’t waste it !!!!!

    • John Titus

      My many VPN’s stand at the ready. Not a fan of cheating but after Revan and then Biggs Darklighter for Hot Wheels, I’m tired of the EU stacking these polls.

  • ronstoneygold

    Listen to me, I am so forgiving now. Now that I know SA Vintage Collection figures are coming.

  • ronstoneygold

    There are probably issues. It will be up eventually.

  • RumSleg

    The Ben Skywalker fanatics must have taken the poll hostage and won’t let it go live unless Ben is included! 🙂

    • TrueTanker

      No, we’re just as confused as you all are. 😛

      • Paul

        As evidenced by you wanting a Ben Skywalker figure. LOL

        • #NeverVoteBen

          • #NotMyFansChoiceWinner – this is the hashtag you should probably start using.

          • Matthew Ruch

            Know we’ve had our differences, but that comment is too good to ignore. Well played, Paul!

          • Too wordy ;p

    • Let’s hope Hasbro is saving us from the madness.