Black Series Overstock

As many collectors feared, the experiment with having TBS 3.75″ as an exclusive line to Walmart has turned out to be a mess.

In fact, the 6″ line has also become quite a nightmare across many retailers considering the mountains of Jyn and Cassian figures that are bottlenecking later assortments from reaching big box retailers.

Even with deep discounts, Walmart can’t seem to move much of this stuff  (Hey, Hasbro… the trend here is you massively overproduced hero characters  – and some in obscure outfits, – please don’t do this again).

How about you?  What’s the trend at your current Walmart / Target / Toys”R”us / etc?   Share your thoughts here or in our forums after the jump!

UPDATE – Just after posting this, forum moderator Jodo sent me this pic as his local Walmart (Edwardsville, IL) just received two more cases of this same wave that was released a year ago… how can they get in more of these when the same figures are falling off the pegs??

If this is the scene at your local Walmart, well…  No Scarif Troopers for you!

  • ObiWanKenobiJibberish

    I wonder how much of the problem is that Hasbro keeps having day and date release for a half dozen or so figures. Then every single store loads up on these half dozen figures and nothing moves.

    What difference would it make if Hasbro released 18-24 different figures at once on a Force Friday? Would that improve things?

  • 80sRobot

    Hasbro, please release a Rogue One 3.75″ Imperial Troopers army builder pack. It could be an exclusive for TRU or Amazon, for example. It should have 6 figures of the following: two Deathtroopers (the one from the two-pack and the single-card), two Scarif troopers (ditto), Tank driver (same as from the Jedha 4-pack), and AT-ACT pilot.

    • Steve Suchomski


  • Jordan Keckler

    My local targets have nothing but Jyn and Cassian. With the exception of the AT-ACT driver. And Walmart is the same around me

  • Ebair plays

    Yeah, my local Walmart has hundreds of Finn and Han but all I’m looking for is Cassian and Shoretrooper. Guess I’m not getting either of those. Also Comment below your dream line up for a 3.75″ wave.

  • Landan

    My Walmarts only have one or two cases worth of 6″ rogue one wave 1 still and a few randoms from last year that no one wants. Just now seeing a krennic or two and a red armed 3po. Any wave after that has NVR got to my Walmart yet. No revan wave or baze & chirrut wave and probably will never give us bc I just got 40th Vader, Han and R2D2. One Walmart put out an ahsoka wave and the other has only 2 6″ Rey’s. Wal

    Walgreens still has the first wave of Rogue One and the one toys r us has tank pilots, zuvios, flame troopers and Rogue One wave one’s.

    Walmart has ever 3.75 tbs in the ahsoka wave but emperor guards and a few jyns, Cassian and Death troopers. Then 5poa is still full from September and one death & scarif trooper 5poa.

    We generally get two cases of the next waves. Depending on Wich Walmart I choose to go to there are 5-6 collectors around and only enough for 2.

  • John Morin

    Why doesn’t Walmart take back all the 3.75 Finns that seem to be long time peg warmers, send them back to Hasbro, and they easily put a different version of Finn inside the same box. Turn him into a Storm Trooper with a helmet with blood painted on it. It would be a better seller. I for one would definitely buy them. They could do this with other figures as well. So glad to know the Vintage Collection is coming back and won’t have to worry about suffering through exclusives anymore.

    • don

      Hasbro use to have Reps do that it was better then.

      • John Morin

        Yeah, I guess Reps don’t fit in the budget anymore, shame I wish they still had them to keep things in order. Why don’t we sponsor our own rep like someone who’s semi-retired or other, everybody chip in for his salary and he can report to us collectors Lol.

    • 80sRobot

      But then what would Hasbro do with all those Finn bodies?? 🙂

      • John Morin

        Give Finn his lightsaber (he should have had one all along) and the old head and your good to go, I’d buy that

  • Seamus Gameus

    6″ is still $30 CDN here and most of the 3.75″ BS are $18 or if your luck $13 on sale. Walmart Canada hates to put these on clearance here

  • 80sRobot

    Black Series: I see lots of TFA Han, Leia, Phasma and some Rey, Finn, Jyn and Ahsoka. I really like the Jyn — the BS version has the best face paint details, best depiction of Felicity Jones at this scale. So I picked up a second one, popped its head off (it easily comes off), and swapped out the head of the Imperial Ground Crew figure with it. Because I haven’t been able to find this version of Jyn in my area! lol

    • 80sRobot

      This post motivated me this afternoon to check one of my major Walmarts for an update on the peg-warmers. Now it’s lots of TFA Han, Leia, and just a few Finn and Rey.

  • Steve

    The Walmarts in south Florida ironically have lots of Cassians in his snow parka. They are dicounted to under $10. If they go down any further I might just pick one up just for the goggles so that i can put them on Hoth Luke.

  • Boba Fettuccini

    A manager at a local Walmart came up as a relief checker when I was buying some Black Series 3.75″ stuff. He told me that every time they ordered the 5POA stuff trying to get new waves, the cases were being subbed with black series.

  • LaurenceQuint

    I can’t really comment with any insight into the Black Series situation, as I have no local walmarts and have always had to resort to buying them for inflated prices on ebay, which is annoying. But at least it saves me endless “hunting” expeditions.

    I do know this – there is Force Awakens product on the shelves that hasn’t moved in close to two years.

    But there are some 5POA Force Awakens figures I never once saw on the pegs. like Ackbar, Nien Nub, even Han Solo, Rey and Finn. (Although the new, “rogue one wave” Rey is sitting around pretty comfortably.)

    I know it’s impossible for Hasbro to accurately predict exactly which characters will really “pop” and they are sometimes left holding the bag when they plan for characters who are left out of the movie entirely. And I certainly wouldn’t suggest limiting the line only to major characters so there aren’t unwanted figures just lying around.

    But part of me thinks they really need to rethink their overall strategy. Larger numbers of core characters and army-builders, better outfit choices, better construction (as an only once-in-a-blue-moon customizer of limited skills, I can’t do ANYTHING with spilt torso figures. Bring back waist articulation!!!). And maybe limit the weird aliens and minor characters to the collector-focused lines.

    And less gimmicks. Ditch useless crap like armor-up, which is just a regular figure with a lame accessory for twice the price. And, seriously, has any child EVER actually used any of the “zipline” accessories that have become basically standard for the past two years. I’m guessing no.

    And, for the love of god, STOP giving us 10 different scales! It’s absolutely absurd. Maybe 3 scales, tops! 3.75, 6″ (even though those seem to be pegwarming on my stores in massive numbers) and a 12″ option. It seems like they’re desperately throwing everything at the wall, hoping something sticks. But when I see Jyn and Rey in 5 different sizes, it’s just baffling. What market(s) do they think they’re serving?

    • Boba Fettuccini

      I bought my girlfriend’s nephew all the rogue one 5poa figures for Christmas, and he spent about 3 hours using the Ziplines and missile launchers after opening them. He’s 8.

      • 80sRobot

        I put all those accessories aside in a container and one day bored at the office I started playing around with some of them. They’re actually pretty nifty!

        • Boba Fettuccini

          I have a huge bucket of them from multiple lines. The best ones are the ones that look like they belong in world. The missile launchers from the deluxe Hydra soldiers in the Capt America line, or Morrof’s weapons pack, Jango Fett’s missile.launching jetpack, or a huge missed opportunity like giving Baze an RPG launcher like in the movie.

      • LaurenceQuint

        The plural of anecdote is not data.

        (Just kidding, I think that’s great.)

        • Boba Fettuccini

          I like that the rogue one accessories were actually kinda fun and functional, and looked like real star wars stuff (Moroff’s rocket pack for instance). The TFA pack-in and armor up ones were mindbogglingly not star warsy, and I will not argue that they were good at all. There needs to be more balance between making something that adds play value and aesthetic value at the same time.

    • 80sRobot

      I get this impression that Hasbro have determined that the non-human/alien characters don’t sell well with children. What sells best are soldiers (Stormtroopers, Imperial troops), droids, and some of the main lead human characters. Look at the first two waves of single-carded Rogue One figures. Notice also that the two-packs have an Imperial solider paired with a non-human/alien. (The exception is Baze.) So Hasbro may have been using the Scarif Trooper and Death Trooper to help move non-human/alien characters that they believed would have been peggers had they been sold single-carded.

      Rogue One only had one starring droid. Lately I cannot find single-carded K2, but Walmart has plenty of the three-pack with K2.

      • LaurenceQuint

        K2 is one of those figures that I’ve only ever seen a couple of times in stores. He seems to get snapped up pretty quickly, even now, as one of my stores clearly got in a few cases with him a little while ago, only to have them fly off the shelves again.

        That said, I also hardly ever saw Hask Thug and Unkar Plutt. Not never (like, say, Ackbar), but enough times to notice that he was showing up, but was getting bought at a pretty brisk rate.

        Then you have dead-in-the-water duds like Constable What’s-His-Name (arguably due to the fact that he’s NOT IN THE MOVIE) and that weird Goss Towers guy, who just looks boring as heck.

        I think it’s hard to make those kinds of generalizations. True, troopers do tend to move pretty quickly, too. But what’s true for one movie may not be true for the next.

  • Ben Drake

    Darthvader ??

  • Caleb Wise Gray

    My Wal-Marts in the Carthage/Joplin area are clogged with yellow-jacket Finns still. He is heavily supplimented by Cassians.

    • oduum

      I see much has changed since I moved from the area. New product was almost always plentiful and hardly ever peg-warmed.

  • baghutch

    My Walmart got those same 2 cases about a month ago.

    Then I picked up 3 Scarif Troopers there last week. They’re there. They exist.

  • Mr J

    They could ship them to europe were we are happy to take them of your hands lol :p

  • Frederick Foster

    Same here alway same ugly figure .

  • Andy Mihail

    Hey, that “update photo” has figures I never saw in my Walmart! I wouldn’t mind a Han for my collection.

  • RumSleg

    Does anybody else remember the episode of Star Wars Action News from last year when, during the podcast, Arnie bought the Phasma/Han/Leia figures off eBay for around double the price? And when I heard him do it, I couldn’t blame him, because who knew when/if Phasma was ever going to make it to stores? Well, now we know. Phasma is making it to stores. 🙂 And now it’s time to go out and overpay on eBay for Scarif Troopers and Ponda/ProtoFett/Tusken/Sandtrooper, because who knows when/if they’ll ever make it to stores with all these Phasmas, Hans and Leias clogging the pegs? Good times. Round and round we go. 😉

    • Mike

      Yea because I think I did the same thing, and now they are falling off the pegs for $5 a piece!

  • Robb

    Walmart is horrendous. The stores here in California that I go to had no 3.75 TBS figures when they came out. It took at least six months or more before they were on the pegs and it was the oldest wave. Months after that they finally got TFA Han and Leia. Currently it’s still Han and Leia with lots of Jyn and Cassian and Finn clogging up the pegs and they finally put up the $5.97 price. There are zero 6 inch figures from any wave and no sign that they will carry the 40th line. Target is mostly the exclusive 6 inch AT-ACT pilot and the three packs. Toys R Us has tons of 6 inch mostly Finn, Jyn, and Zuvio.

  • CT-7567

    Same in my area. One Walmart actually got multiple cases of RO wave three. I guess I’m lucky to have gotten them. It’s literally the only store I’ve ever seen them in. Aside from the first wave of 40th figures, 6″ is a lost cause at retail here. Not on figure beyond the Krennic wave except at GameStop. Even the die-cast statues that everyone hates aren’t showing up except, again, one Luke at GameStop. It’s bad enough we’ve been getting sub-par, overpriced product but to not even be able to find the stuff is just ridiculous. I did finally get the RO vehicles on clearance at Walmart and I have to say to anyone not getting these because of quality, they’re actually not bad at all for $20. The TIE Striker and U-wing are actually a good deal at $20. The nerf guns suck, but I’m surprised how much I’ve come to enjoy these ships. Even Hera’s A-wing wouldn’t be that bad if the nerf gun didn’t look so terrible. It’s small, but so are the other Rebels vehicles so it actually fits in. I got one for $7 and it was definitely worth it.

  • Mike

    Walmart’s here in Louisville KY look exactly the same as above. In fact, I noticed just this weekend that at least two Walmarts RESTOCKED the Phasma Wave again, after it set around for 1-2months, half of that time at the deep discount price. We had multiple cases of the Jyn/Death Trooper Wave hit, but those have been long gone, and we have yet to see the Scarif Trooper wave.

    • Joe Eversole

      Similar situation down I-64 in Lexington! TRU has an absurd amount of Jyn and Cassian 6″ figures as well. I still check the aisles and sometimes the stores in the outlying rural areas can surprise you: I found the black series AT-ST at a Paris Walmart.

      • Mike

        I wish I could tell you to make the drive to Louisville, but it would be a waste! Seeing lots of the 40th anniversary figures in our Walgreens’ though!

  • Jaken Wraith

    The latter 3.75 BS Wave’s made it thru central NJ ONE time. Grabbed the Scariff and Deathtrooper local from Walmart, Cassian i actually had to order Online to get. And that is something i don’t like to do, would rather “hunt” everything down. But i still NEVER saw the 5POA Thrawn Wave hit around here.

  • Biffard P. Misqueegan

    BS 3.75 is backed up with dozens of TFA Hans and Leias (and nothing else) at my local Walmarts. It’s way worse than anything that happened during the TPM 3d glut.

  • Littlegreenwiseguy

    Now at my local walmart, and after over FOUR months of absolutely no restock, there are 4 TBS 3.75″ figures spread across three pegs. One FINN, one LANDO (GENERAL), one HAN SOLO (TFA), and one HAN SOLO (ENDOR). Eastern Wisconsin is a lost cause as far as Wal-Marts go.

  • Brian B.

    Every single Walmart I’ve been to lately is exactly the same. It’s a very unfortunate issue to have. I’ve never seen the Rogue One BS 3.75″ figures more than once (and that one time I did see any I passed on two Death Troopers for two ERGs and a Jyn) and it’s the frustration of not finding any new 3.75 figures anywhere that ultimately drove me to prioritize the 1:12 scale figure offerings from Hasbro and Japanese companies as opposed to balancing the two as time went on. But even with now, with how hard it is to find SW40 figures anywhere besides GameStop, I’m finding it more fun to get into just buying the figures from just the Japanese companies altogether. Despite some figures being delayed here and there, (looking at you, MAFEX) it’s a lot easier to secure those figures and way less stressful since it’s all online.

    • ObiWanKenobiJibberish

      It’s insane that here in the States imported Japanese figures are more easily available and sometimes cheaper than mass-produced American stuff.

  • SID

    mine had one case of exclusive Jyn that I saw that was it. They have gotten cases in and have left overs of the phasma wave which sits all my stores in a 40 mile radius. Some only have Finn, Han and Leia.
    6″ is the same R1 wave one everywhere. Jyn was soo over produced that Gamestop has her under $5 (yup look it up).
    randomly I’ve seen a case of obvious “over stock” distribution repacks. Like the fame trooper and résistance. Trooper with $9 stickered barcodes.
    much more to report but its just the same stuff mostly people see.

  • Faust

    I found the Cassian/Scarif wave ONE time and I now consider myself extremely lucky that I found them at all. I don’t really understand Walmart’s logic for stocking even more figures that are clearly not moving…a few months ago they stocked more Finn and Poe figures that were already on clearance. Is there really no way for Walmart to realize that these figures are NOT going to be sold? Isn’t there someone who is in charge of the toy section who can see which figures are clogging the pegs and which ones are gone? Does Hasbro just randomly ship older assortments or does someone in the individual stores place orders? I just don’t get how this works. If I ran a store that had particular figures gathering dust despite a deep discount, there is no way I would ever think about ordering more of them.

    • CT-7567

      I had a similar experience with the Jyn Deathtrooper wave. Saw them once by luck. Only ever found one Cassian and still no Scarif Trooper. Hopefully it’ll be re-released in TVC. I expect all the TFA and RO(as well as Ceremony Leia) figures to be released again in TVC2. I just hope they spread them out. If the first wave of the new TVC is all repacks from the Walmart line that would be very disappointing.

    • ObiWanKenobiJibberish

      They have absolutely no idea. Unlike automotive or electronics, the people in toys have no clue. A couple of months ago I stopped by a Walmart and a grandma was asking the clerk if they had any Star Wars battle droid figures. They clerk had absolutely no idea what she was talking about. I stepped in and told her BD’s aren’t in current release and she’d need to check on eBay. She looked dismayed, so I handed her a K-2SO and told her it’s the closet thing available. The clerk still had no idea what was going on.

  • Mark

    A few weeks ago my Walmart got like 7 fat stacks of new 6″ that they loaded the top shelf with. Nothing really exciting but there were 4 exclusive Scarif Troopers which was an easy choice at $9.84. They’ve been sprinkling in 3.75 SA Ahsokas and First Order Troopers which were easy choices at $5.84. 5poa though hasn’t been restocked in some time.

  • Firdaus Yahaya

    Mass produced army builders like ERG, troopers, DT, scariffs, not hero/single characters. get it hasbro?

    • what if the unthinkable happens and they pegwarm?

  • Danny

    Overstock is so bad at walmarts that even dorkside has started to sell them!

  • Matthew

    I’ve noticed in that 3.75 case that the Leia and stormtrooper paint apps on face and helmet are a lot better. I pick up the stormtrooper for $5.84 every time I see it with good paint apps, it’s a good figure.

    • CT-7567

      The FO Stormtroopers I have are terrible. Loose torso-joint and horrible paint apps. I actually prefer the 5poa one. Hopefully Hasbro will fix the figure for it’s inevitable re-release in TVC. I actually did see a TFA Leia with what seemed to be an improved face. I kind of wish I got her. These will all be in TVC but I really hope Hasbro fixes the issues some figures have. Starkiller Base Han would be a pretty good figure if his hair was gray.

      • Matthew

        Try to pick up a stormtrooper now if you can find one, I think they improved it.

  • PeakOB1

    I’m still waiting for my Walmart to take them down to $5.84 !!!
    They are still trying to sell them in “these amounts” at every single Walmart in my city for $8.84
    Southern, WI

  • I bought out as much stock on clearance as I could. I’m always in need of super-articulated frames to customize with. I have to agree on the obscure outfit choices like on the Han and the Leia.

  • The good walmart near me got an insane amount of Jyn, ahsoka, akbar, lando, starkiller han and TFA Leia and even a handful of rey. I got quite a bit when they went on clearance, but not enough to make a dent. Surprisingly no finn or poe. I went the other day and it was pretty much the same except there were 5 scarif troops! still on clearance. As for the 5 poa, there are still only pegwarmers of wave 2.

    My crappy walmart has just the finn and poe going on, but there is not a whole lot of them left. to my great surprise, there were 2 scarif troops on my last trip there, so I picked up one more.

  • Jay Radd

    Mine looks just like this. What kind of action figures don’t sell? Old ladies in dresses and boring men in snow suits. Big friggin’ surprise.

  • JasonH

    Far west Chicago suburb Wal-Mart’s are full of TBS 3.75″ Finn, Poe, Endor Han, and Luke. No Force Awakens Han, Leia, Phasma in site and never even saw Jyn, Cassian or any of that wave either. It’s awful.

    • Doog

      The Wal-Mart on Tuohy, just west of the Edens has had Han, Leia, and Phasma (as of Sunday 4/30) if you’re looking for them and able to get to the north side of the city.

  • Fiery Little One

    That does look like the Walmarts and TRUs I’ve been to lately. The only new stuff seems to be the 40th stuff. Mismanagement of when those figures were supposed to be released aside.

    (Side Note: I was only expecting to see that Vader at TRU. Canadian Walmarts aren’t as willing to devote the shelf real estate that our TRUs are to something in a big box, so if you were here and looking to pick up the 6″ TIE fighter in person, for example, TRU is the only place to go.)

  • tyehyll

    Hopefully Hasbro understands why stores are over stocked and don’t blame buyers.

    Jyn was apparently massively over produced, Cassian not in his main outfit(only available in a target exclusive 3 pack, really?) Han and Leia obscure outfits and bad face sculpted. Finn….well, he is just boring looking. FN 2187 would sell much much more.

    Plus Wal-Mart just kept getting more and more of that wave in instead of the desired waves with ERG, Death Troopers and Scarif troopers. People only need one kylo ren, people need multiple troopers

  • Here’s an idea for next time… get all of the army builders from the film into wave 1. They’ll sell right away and people will order cases of them beforehand. And if any do end up on clearance, they’ll still be army builders and people will pick them off rapidly.

    • darthtrajk 666

      Don’t know if Walmart is even in the business of good ideas anymore.

  • darthtrajk 666

    That same picture stares back at me at all my local Walmart’s and is almost as sad looking as some of the shoppers!

  • BK

    Yep, it’s the same at both of my Walmarts. Terrible choices, bad paint apps, etc. Hasbro truely hated this line. Heres to hoping tvc2018 fixes some of these issues.

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      It seems to take effort to have done such a bad job (and I’m not trying to be a jerk – quality, outfit selection and and carry forwards were just really poor – starting with the terribe Vader in Wave 1 that only sold because it’s Vader).

      • El_tito

        you talking about the 40th anniversary one? I actually like that one.

        • Rykrof_Enloe

          no… the Wave 1 Vader from TBS that has been repacked over and over and is a sculpt well over a decade old… this one…

          • Mark

            I was stupid enough to buy this one. I opened it up and was like, nope, back in the box you’re a display piece.

          • Rykrof_Enloe


          • Faust

            I always wonder why this particular Vader keeps seeing release? There are more recent ones that are light years ahead of this one that has outdated swivel elbows.

          • Rykrof_Enloe

            I guess because “they can” – it’s cheaper for them to make this one… And the worst part is they have warped helmets in this packaging…

          • CT-7567

            I actually really liked this Vader ten years ago.

          • CT-7567

            I used to buy repacks to have a complete set, but with this line at $13 there was no way I was re-buying figures like this Vader. The saber construction Luke is a great figure but I skipped him as well because I have multiples from TVC. I actually did get Chewie because the paint apps are great on him and his bowcaster was finally black. IMO, its the definitive ROTJ Chewie. I skipped Endor Han and General Lando as well. Ackbar and ERG I needed openers of so I (due to luck) got them. I actually would get one of each of the ones I skipped for the clearance price, but all my stores have are the Phasma wave and many Finns.

      • CT-7567

        That Vader was ridiculous. It should have been the VC93 ANH Vader or the TBS ROTS one. I remember reading somewhere that Hasbro wanted the repacks to be sourced from from ROTJ because TFA was coming out and it’s the direct sequel to ROTJ. If that’s the case they could have used the Emperor’s Wrath Vader or even the one from the first TVC wave with the removable helmet. All the other repacks up until now, except for Ahsoka, have been from ROTJ.

      • BK

        You mean the terrible Vader that couldn’t even hold a lightsaber because they gave him two open hands? Man they really tried to deep six the line didn’t they?