Gentle Giant Convention Exclusive Dianoga Error

Last night I decided to open up the vintage box for Gentle Giant’s Convention Exclusive Jumbo Kenner Dianoga Trash Monster to check out the carded creature inside. Unfortunately, Gentle Giant misspelled the Dianoga’s name on the cardback as “Dianogo”. Bummer.

  • Jeff Wickson

    males are dianogos and females are dianogas. ez fix.

  • Dylan Hay-Chapman


  • Brian Beck

    yeah, but is it un-punched ? 😉

  • bmales01

    Go to Ebay and sell it as a one-of-a-kind error for $6 billion !

  • RumSleg

    Ha! A very apt typo. 🙂 Some of those Gentle Giant jumbo figures are tempting, but I didn’t really understand why the Dianoga was picked for up-sizing in the first place. And it was a hassle to get and a HUGE box to be carrying around at Celebration. In other words, it was a jumbo Dia-“No-Go” for me. 😉

    • CT-7567

      Do you remember how much it cost? GG Jumbos are awesome but overpriced. I only have one Chewbacca. It’s a beautiful collectible, but it shouldn’t cost more than $40. I got Chewie on sale for that price. If they had cost that much to begin with I probably would have tried to collect the entire line. The newer ROTJ Jumbos are really tempting because that was the only OT film I was told enough to see in theaters and I have a lot of affection for the figures from that film. Especially Jedi Luke since he’s my favorite character and the Jedi outfit is my favorite Luke costume. Seeing the jumbos of figures like Logray, Wicket, Leia(Boussh) and Biker Scout is really kind of painful because there’s just no way I can afford them, but I really want them. They were supposed to release a giant Jabba set but I don’t recall ever seeing it up for order. I wish they’d do these in 6″. I’m not sure why I want reproductions of the Kenner figures so badly since I have them all. I guess nostalgia is really powerful. 🙂

    • Indiana Skywalker

      As seen in the photo below, this is unfortunately not the first occurrence of an error with the Jumbo Kenner line cardbacks. Initially the “I” in Empire Strikes Back was left out on IG-88 and a new corrected cardback had to be issued to collectors at a later date.

      • RumSleg

        What a weird typo! I wonder how that even happens. I don’t think I would have noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out.

        • Indiana Skywalker

          It appears to be a possible printing defect as the space for the missing letter is present, however, the letter itself is not. I was one of the unfortunate recipients of this item at the time.

  • Ben Bonstein

    I like it. Even more vintage-y.

  • HanSoloMio