Star Wars Day Giveaway – Celebration Exclusive Luke Skywalker (X-wing Pilot)

We managed to secure an extra Celebration Exclusive Luke Skywalker X-wing Pilot and in honor of #StarWarsDay we’re giving one away!* Simply leave a comment here on this article (not our social media postings) stating what is your favorite Luke Skywalker collectible and why. We’ll pick and announce the winner tomorrow. Good luck, and May the Fourth Be With You!

*Giveaway is open to US residents only.

Update: a winner has been selected. Details in the comment section.

  • Nearsighted Scrappile

    My favorite Luke item was probably considered silly to most. It’s the Luke that came in the 2005 Early Bird set. The telescoping lightsaber I thought was the best homage to the vintage line. He sat nicely in the Landspeeder, although the right arm had to hang out a bit, lol. Both have been lost to theft, but I hope to replace him and the Landspeeder sometime this year. It was such a simple thing, but it took me back while being new at the same time.

  • Santos Lozano

    Hope i’m not to late to enter, but totally OK if I am too late. My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is the black series x wing Luke Skywalker pilot black series (this one) , because unlike most black series it features very closely the likeness to Mark Hamil’s face. I also love the cool accessories including the very cool detailed helmet. The paint is very on touch as well.

  • Derek

    I think my favorite is the Hot toys Luke. The uncanny likeness of Mark Hamill was top notch. The paint apps and sculpt work were also superior with great levels of articulation. They accesories were also nicely sculpted and painted. Great Figure

  • Phil Crain

    I’m a huge fan of the Hot Toys Bespin Luke. It’s my favorite outfit.

  • Tim May

    The best Luke Skywalker collectable is Sideshow’s Master Luke Skywalker Premium figure from Episode 6. The outfit has extreme attention to detail and the lightsaber works. Here is the picture.

  • Darth_Raww

    My favorite Luke collectible is the costume my mom made me for Halloween back when I was little; she sewed me his Tatooine farm shirt and I rocked it! (My second favorite would be the “Luke Skywalker’s X-wing with Dagobah Luke figure and dragonsnake” from the Saga Collection — such an awesome display box!)

  • dread’i

    My favorite Luke collectible is the s.h. figuarts farmboy Luke. So classic and the articulation and way they set up the blast from the training droid makes such a good display. I love tatooine and the simple outfits a lot of its residents had, space peasants!

  • ian

    Apologies for being super un-original but i LOVE this figure here! I mean come on its luke in a x wing fighter suit! Plus the card art is amazing, If not this then lukes X-wing model (dagobah version). Simplicity

  • Darkon633

    Shame how this was handled without any clear indication of when it was going up on HTS before it happened. Either way kind of sucks I missed out this figure originally, but at least I have the VOTC version of the figure that goes with my X-Wing.

  • dmauck

    My Favorite Luke collectible is my POTF Luke and Wampa figure set. I found it in an antique store a couple years ago and it restarted my spark for collecting. I remembered having those figures as a kid and it was all the feels

  • Jonathan Steinbiser

    My favorite Luke collectible is the replica lightsaber I handbuilt, because of the time and love that was put into it. It was my first venture into cosplay, and the addiction has only escalated from there!

  • Justin Wells

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is the TFA Luke Funko POP! because he looks so cool and is one of the only pieces of merch of him from that movie so far.

  • Tom Moore

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is my Sideshow Hoth Luke that is mounted on his TaunTaun. Amazing likeness and Empire has always been my favorite Star Wars movie.

  • Tony Collett

    The Luke Jedi given away at theatres with the Return Of The Jedi Special Edition re-release in 1997.

  • Salsis77

    My favorite is the original ROTJ Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker. I was 6 at the time and ROTJ was the first movie I went to see at the theaters. When I saw that figure at the store I begged my Mom for it. The brown cloak, black outfit with black glove on the right hand and the green lightsaber. I had to have it! It was an elegant toy figure for a more civilized age of playing and collecting star was toys.

  • Jville808

    My fav is this one…for real lol. I still haven’t been fortunate enough to land the first run (late starter to the 6″ BS), which plays a big part of it, but to have this one on the Kenner back is reminiscent of my very first Star Wars figure as a child…the original Kenner X-Wing Pilot Luke. I still have that figure somewhere all marked up because I used to take him everywhere.

  • Darth Skitzo

    Original Luke 12 back. Was my first. You never forget your first SW figure and the smell out of the box.

  • Jean-Luc Rodriguez

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is probably his Black Series Green FX Lightsaber. It’s crafted beautifully. It’s almost like a real prop from the films. Black Series truly went all out for the fans in many ways; and the price isn’t bad especially since some independent manufacturers would charge an arm and a leg for a replica of his lightsaber. A absolute must for any Luke Skywalker fans. – Jean-Luc Rodriguez

  • Thomas Brongiel

    Though it may not be directly Luke related, i would have to say the original lightsaber. The flashlight with the yellow inflatable blade,I finally had my own and was excited.

  • SWDave

    My favorite Luke figure has to be my original Tatooine Luke from 78. The paint is a little thin in some spots, his head is super glued (thanks Dad!) on from too much play, and his light saber still has my teeth marks on it from chewing on it when I was 6. I remember my dad finding this figure for me and how excited I was to get him. My father is gone now but I still have my memories and my original Luke to remember better days.

  • This is by far the best Black Series figure Hasbro has to offer next to their new 40th anniversary Vader. The sculpt and paintwork have been above board on this release, and now we have this foil-accented packaging to compliment it. THIS FIGURE is my favorite collectible, by far; exclusivity, packaging design, and killer action figure artistry of Luke fresh on the path of the hero? It’s perfect.

  • Andrew Weddle

    Would have to be my Return of the Jedi Luke green fx light saber. Green light sabers are only for the best! (Yoda and Qui-gon)

  • Jr Altamira

    My favorite Luke figure is actually this one. The black series x-wing luke. It was the very first black series figure I ever bought. I remember finding it at Target and I was so ecstatic to get it. I got hooked into the Black series line to this day. I never kept the box and always wanted another in mint condition. Now this came out as an exclusive and is very difficult to come by and some prices are crazy! Needless to say, I would LOVE to add it to my collection. It’s such a beauty with the vintage card.

  • baghutch

    My favorite is the 10th Anniversary poster for Star Wars (that’s what we had back before there was any ‘New Hope’ you kids have enjoyed- sincerely, Old Man Grumbles). It’s the 3rd Drew Struzan SW poster, but the first where he’d been planned to be the primary or was able to use his signature style. Luke is front and center in Tatooine gear, but clearly has taken his first steps into a larger world. It really shows that despite the strong cast (well represented on the poster) Star Wars IS Luke’s movie.

  • Benny Blast

    My favourite Luke is the Rebels 3 3/4″ X-Wing Luke with removable helmet I got for my 3 year old son who was/is obsessed with helmets and Luke. That release was perfect timing.

    Benny Blast

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  • Alejo Bravo

    My favorite luke is the hot toys bespin outfit , i work so hard To get it , that figures means a lot for me , my crown jewels , but i always wanted a pilot luke

  • Calbyn Sevilla

    My favorite is the Luke Skywalker 3 3/4 figure from the Episode IV Blu-Ray Commemorative set. The best representation of farmboy Luke in my opinion. Also looks great riding in the Landspeeder.

  • Bob Johnson

    My 3 3/4 vintage return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker figure that I have had since I was 5 him and the other figures I have kept always take me back to where my fandom started

  • Ginsu117

    I have the mcquarrie luke vs vader kotobukiya. Honestly all of luke’s outfits are amazing. The concept, bespin fatiques, and to th. But there is something about him being a Jedi and training fighting with a lightsaber on both and being a pilot for the alliance as well that just makes it the best.

  • Dave skywalker

    My favorite luke figure is the bespin 6 inch black series simply because it comes with the dl 44 anf his lightsaber and its my favorite outfit that luke wore in empire strikes back

  • Marc Jouin

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is the original Luke with telescoping lightsaber. My brother and I played so much with our Star Wars toys that they suffered some damage. Luke’s lightsaber never got broken but his head came off at some point so we used a grey putty to stick his head back on and kept playing with him. Since we were kids, this figure was a toy and not a collectible. I have fond memories of this figure and wish I still had him. I’ve acquired many figures once I started collecting as an adult but my vintage figures, including Luke are my all time favorites.


    My favorite is the Luke Early Bird figure I received in 1978. Still have him!

  • Chris Lastovich

    Luke Bespin Encounter POP! … only because I think its one of the only figures made to look cute, with a missing limb. Awesome.

  • Verny Grom

    My favorite is Hasbro’s 2002 3.75″ Bespin Luke Skywalker complete with weathervane and futuristic hand tourniquet because…Naaaaooooooooooo!!!

  • Noel Henneman

    My favorite Luke toy is unquestionably the ROTJ lightsaber. It took me back to childood the moment I picked it up, and that joy has since been eclipsed by seeing my son run around fighting bad guys with it (now that he has commandeered it 🙂

  • Paul Hilburn

    Original 12 back luke. One the first figures my grandmother bought me and started my collecting obsession

  • Big Bad Binks

    Vintage Luke with the yellow light saber since it was my first lube figure in 1978.

  • James Panighetti

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is the Master Replicas Episode V Lightsaber, hands down (pun intended)! I’m a detail guy, and that lightsaber really delivers. Plus it’s just too much fun to swing around when the wife is away!

  • Nexus✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Celebration Luke with metal from POTF

  • Pote

    On the original Kenner Luke Skywalker pilot I always wondered why his hair was black and then I realized that was supposed to be the visor!

  • Michael Ramaglia

    #starwarsday my favorite Luke figure is him in Jedi outfit. I actually just found his blaster in a shoebox of baseball cards .He is now complete lol

  • Doug

    The original Kenner DT Double Telescoping Luke Skywalker figure. The official OG.

  • Jango Fettuccine

    Currently, my favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is my S.H. Figuarts ROTJ Luke Skywalker figure because I love photographing him in various iconic poses thanks to its amazing articulation. Someday, when I get my hands on this exclusive X-Wing Luke, I have a feeling it might “strike down” all of my Star Wars collectibles and “take its rightful place at my side.”

  • Reynard

    My favorite Luke item was Kenner ROTJ Luke figure. He was my go-to Luke figure for battles. I thought he looked the coolest in all black with a cloak and I thought the saber was better, too.

  • Star Wars FFL

    My favorite Luke is the original X-Wing pilot (like this one
    is made after). It reminds me of seeing the SW movies. My father took me to the
    store, after working and saving my money, to buy the action figure. He passed
    away shortly after that. So, that Luke reminds me of a lot of great memories
    with my Dad.

  • Zachary Hering

    I love my six inch Jedi Luke. It was my first black series and has survived hours upon hours of play and still looks brand new. This x wing pilot Luke would be a great addition to my collection, but Jedi Luke will always be my favorite as he was my first.

  • doytch

    My TVC Bespin Fatigue Luke with foil card is probably my favorite Luke that I own. It is very distinct and my favorite outfit from my favorite movie. I also like all my various Luke funko pops. So much variety and so cute.

  • Norm Wallace

    Lol, seeing as Luke is my favorite character….all of mine are favorites! I Like all my Black Series Luke’s (especially my Jedi and custom TFA Luke), and my Kotobukiya Bespin Luke!

  • Jeff

    My favorite Luke collectible is my Hamilton collector plate signed by Mark Hamill, the cockpit crew; also signed by Peter Mayhew and Anthony Daniels; just need Harrison Ford to complete it, because unfortunately Alec Guinness is deceased. But it is still my favorite and an unique collectible.

  • Timothy Lindstrom

    As a kid, mine was the vintage lightsaber that had holes in the top of the blade and when you swung it, it made lightsaber sounds while moving through the air. I used to pretend i was Luke everyday after school.

  • Jeff Bell

    I like my power of the force Luke Skywalker return of the Jedi black outfit with black cloak but this one is miss-painted with a brown vest instead of the black one. I got it when I was 10 and I still have it. I would really like the 40th anniversary 6″ pilot like figure. It would be great to add to my collection. Don’t forget to order a woo Peer woo perr from burger King he he. May the 4th be with you.

  • Michael Ireland

    The one thing I really wanted from the original Kenner line was the Luke Skywalker lightsaber. The simple plastic tube with the split tip that whistled when you swung it. For whatever reason, my mom always had a rough time finding one. But she finally did acquire one, and it is a cherished item I still have today. It has seen many battles with the dings and dents to prove it, but it is still a central piece in my display.

  • heybert17

    That original Kenner Luke, I was in awe of all the figures. I was 10, I hadn’t seen much in the way of action figures before that. I had trains and cars and the like. But I remember seeing a magazine of the shelf in the store one day. It was the Famous Monsters Star Wars Spectacular, I had to have it. I still have it but I wore it out and the cover is missing and it is held together with tape. I bought a decent copy a few years ago on eBay and keep it sealed. Those original figures were the greatest things I had ever seen, I got Luke R2 and 3PO first. I wore them out too, not much ink left on poor R2. I still have all but a couple of the original accessories and after Empire most of the cardbacks and every box a toys came in, but too many moves have had their way with the condition of them. I have been collecting almost from day 1 and I wish I could afford to buy more than I do now but it is not to be. Star Wars was the one thing that was always able to get me through any hard times in life and I still get a thrill every time I watch an episode. The new movies have really breathed a lot of new life into the series and I am thrilled that a new generation enjoys it just as much as we did back then.

  • franksolo77

    My favorite Luke from childhood is Vintage Kenner Jedi Luke and my favorite Luke from manhood is TVC Jedi Luke.

  • Chris Weiss

    The original 1983 Return of the Jedi Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight…I was 10 years old when it came out and at first was very hard to find…I will never forget being out one night with my parents and finally finding him…I never ran as fast as I did across the middle of Van Luenens department store…my parents knew how bad I had wanted him and had no hesitation in telling me I could have him….to this day after all these years that is still my greatest find in the wild. To me that figure was as cool as cool could be…the black outfit and he was now a Jedi!!

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    SH Figurarts Jedi Luke

  • Joseph Gwinn

    Luke in swamp fatigues from the 3 3/4 inch black series. I really liked that he came with the backpack for Yoda to sit in. The Star Wars toys from my youth were great, but the articulation of the newer toys is amazing. I wish they would make the same 3 3/4 inch figure in the 6 inch series.

  • Jeremy Bell

    Kenner 12 inch Luke Skywalker from my childhood.

  • Anoblivion25

    Bandai’s return of the jedi luke is my favorite at the moment.

  • Tim

    Mine would be the original luke figure from kenner. i remember snapping
    the head off him one day in a fierce battle with vader then having my
    father super gluing the head back on. it bothered me that i couldnt turn
    his head anymore and after much whining i was able to get another. i
    still have the decapitated luke too

  • Carlos Martinez

    Mine is SH Figurarts a new hope Luke, the sculpt and accessories are out of control good

  • darthtrajk 666

    Original 1977 Luke all the way, played with until there was no more paint left on the figure.

  • Charles

    Mine is Return of the Jedi Luke. The figures starting coming out before the movie and there was such great excitement with me and my friends!

  • Shane Krohn

    Mine would be the Luke Jedi Theatre Edition. Stood in line for eleven hours to insure I would get one. I was the second one into the special edition movie. I collect them all and sell nothing!

  • Patrick McLean

    My favorite Luke is the power of the force Luke from 1995, because he finally got the pecks, abs and legs he always wanted. Tashi station wasn’t a shop for speeder parts, it was a supplement shop. Mainly though, it was the first time in my young life that I got to experience the joy of new Star Wars toys like my older brothers felt when they were kids during the good figure times. A new generation of Luke’s was coming and it was magic.


    Would have to be the SS 12″ Bespin Luke

  • Redmond Wood

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible has to be the ANH FX lightsaber… it just looks so good and it’s almost impossible to display poorly

  • Christopher White

    I’ve always loved the xwing Luke…. But luke in the black cloak is pretty sick too.

  • Nicole Knerr

    Original Kenner 12 inch Luke. Perfect to go with my Leia for the Chasm Swing. Played with these forever. Received as a present for my Ninth birthday.

  • Darth Maleval

    My favorite would have to be the original 1978 Luke Skywalker figure. It was one of the first figures that I got when I was a kid and started me off on a 40 year adventure of collecting all things Star Wars!!

  • Will

    . My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is honestly the 6″ 40th anniversary reissue on the vintage card. To me, my collecting force “reawakened” with TFA so being able to get him on that card is so satisfying. Having both him and the X Wing Luke carded would be a grail to me. Sometimes I have to refrain myself from getting all the Luke 40th figures I see, lol

  • Shannon Vokes

    My favorite Luke collectible was the original Kenner Bespin Luke. I loved that it was the first Kenner figure that had a separate light saber that the figure could hold. Even thought the hilt looked like a regular sword hilt, it was really cool. He also came with a blaster and was on his way to becoming a Jedi knight.

  • michael

    My gentle giant jumbo Kenner figure signed by Mark Hamill, to my wife and I at Celebration Anaheim. When we met him my wife says “hey puddin'” and Mark gets the biggest smile on his face and says in his joker voice, “well if it isn’t my Harley!”

  • kenmercadante

    I would have to say the original Kenner Luke Skywalker 3.75″ figure from 1977. Luke was was the only lead character I could get my hands on. Aside from him the only others available were the various aliens and 3-rd tier characters. Kind of the same situation we have now. I missed getting the Black Series X-Wing Pilot figure when it came out, and was greatly disappointed when Hasbro announced the 40th Anniversary edition was going to be exclusive to the Star Wars Celebration. And based on the rate they sold out on Hasbro’s Web site I would guess a lot of other collectors are in the same boat. (fingers crossed.)

  • Emperor was a jerk

    The original Kenner farmboy Luke is my favorite. I remember putting him in my X-Wing and taking him on edventures! For me that figure symbolizes all of Star Wars collecting.

  • Nesto One

    My favorite Luke collectible has to be the recently released Hooded Luke Funko Pop GS exclusive.

    I convinced my wife that we were having a date night out of town as an
    excuse to drive 100 miles (from Sacramento to Santa Rosa) to pick up the
    last one in Northern California.

  • greeneyesinpa

    I would say my favorite (and first) is the Luke in his Bespin wear from the mid-90s. I was obsessed as a young girl with Barbie’s (obvs) and action figures (Star Wars obvs too) and this Luke toy was pretty much the best of both worlds ha! I played with it so much the light saber became bent. I wish I still had it, sadly got lost along the way… cheers! 🙂

  • Jarrett Sykes

    Probably my Jedi Knight Luke on the orange card with the brown vest variant

  • Chuck McMenamin

    My favorite Luke collectible would have to be my vintage farmboy Luke Skywalker with the telescoping yellow lightsaber. He’s the one that started it all for me

  • Colin Johnson

    The black series 3 inch/vintage collection Luke from return of the Jedi gotta be my favorite such a great design

  • CT-7567

    Vintage Kenner Jedi Luke. ROTJ was the first SW film I was old enough to see and Luke had such a huge impact on me in that awesome outfit with the incredible green lightsaber. I wanted on so bad after leaving the movie, but he was pretty HTF. About a week later my auntie found one hidden in a garden hose in a department store. She passed away five years ago, so that figure will always have a very special place in my heart, this beating out TVC Endor Capture Luke.

  • Damian Ashley

    My favorite Luke is the Trilogy Edition Luke Skywalker from ROTJ. I was 3rd in line for the released versions and was able to score this figure. To this day, still remains in its packaging.

  • I would have to say this .

    It’s the first time I hAve ever had any sort of artwork commissioned. When I was a kid, this was the only Luke I had until the Jedi figure came out. And he was also every pilot for every ship I owned. I have always enjoyed the card back as well.

  • invar

    My favorite Luke is the 1997 Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Theater Edition – simply because we had stood in line all night long in costume to see (all of the Special Editions actually) ROTJ and in hopes of scoring one of these, in which the first 50 of us in line received one.

  • Cody Brown

    My favorite is the POTJ pilot Luke, I got him, Elors Madak and the Han Solo with Stormtrooper belt as my first 3 Star Wars figures as a Christmas gift, since then I still have the Han and Luke and they are some of my favorite figures

  • Jason Neal

    My favorite Luke would have to be the 40th anniversary farm boy Luke. I really like the vintage card look of this line and hope to collect them all with my sons.

  • cpiddy

    Black Series 6″ A New Hope for sure!

  • Broken Zamboni

    So many to choose from but if I had to pick one I’d say the 12 inch Jedi Luke Skywalker in the 2 pack with Bib Fortuna. It’s the figure that brought me into collecting the 12 inch line back in the 90’s.

  • Todd Turner

    My favorite item I have is my Kenner Luke Skywalker on an ROTJ card. Kenner sent it to me back in 1983. I already had a figure to play with so I kept it sealed.

  • Jimmy in GA

    My favorite is the probably the Black Series Luke in Hoth gear. I’ve always been a big fan of the cold weather Star Wars figures and beasts.

  • John

    My favorite collectible has to be the Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Luke Skywalker and Yoda. It’s amazingly detailed and definitely the best.


    The Luke Skywalker Return of the Jedi Unleashed figure with the swiping green light saber blade circling him. The best!

  • Mark T

    Luke Skywalker in Echo Base Bacta Tank from Power of the Jedi (2001). A fav because it came with a spot for FX-7 and it finally gave him and 2-1B something to do!

  • Andrew Krinke

    I’d have to pick the 30th Anniversary McQuarrie Concept Luke Skywalker figure. It’s the most original, and shows the early vision of Luke.

  • chad

    I always like the vintage Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight figure from ROTJ. Never had him back then but I picked one up carded in the early 2000’s.

  • Tony Farley

    My favorite Luke Skywalker is the Vintage Collection Luke in Bespin fatigues. Blaster and Lightsaber. What’s not to love!

  • Michael Piro

    My favorite Luke Skywalker action figure is the Vintage Collection #39 (Death Star Escape) Luke Skywalker. The reason why I like it so much is because it is rare, has a cool picture of Luke on the front shooting up at Stormtroopers, and the figure itself is very detailed with a few different accessories included with it. It is a great collectible that in many ways is an updated version of the original vintage Luke Skywalker action figure number one arguably with a better card to it.

  • Alvin Liao

    Baby Luke from revenge of the sith. Because it’s one of a kind.

  • Dan Patrick

    My favorite was always the bespin/dagohbh potf (with yoda in the backpack of course)… but now I think it’s the 6″ bespin Luke black series!

  • eggfooyoung

    My favorite was the hooded luke pop funko figure. it reminded me about the kenner action figure I had as a kid and all the great times I had playing with it and watching the movies.


    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is the black series ROTJ 6inch Luke skywalker because I always loved his ROTJ outfit, when I was young and thought about star wars was Luke in that outfit with his green lightsaber.

  • Paul Jackson

    My favorite was the POTF Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Special Edition Theater version. I used to play with it so much and the lightsaber kept snapping. My mom would superglue it but I wouldn’t wait long enough and end up breaking it again

  • Kozin

    Favorite collectible is still the original Luke I got as a kid in 1977. Wish I still had the telescoping lightsaber for him tho.

  • Shawn Ross

    The flight suit looks great on this figure! Good luck everyone!

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    my favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is a tie. my original Lego Luke from the very first tatooine landspeeder kit when the licensed mini-figures were still yellow. i still have it, it was the first lego kit i put together with my lil brother, he was 8. its tied with my ROTJ Jedi Luke underoos ahahahah/ are clothes collectibles? hahaha it was some Luke underwear with a matching Luke ringer t-shirt.

  • RollTideNTexas

    My favorite Luke is my vintage ESB in Bespin fatigues. He is from my childhood and is in amazing condition, plus I still have the gun and yellow lightsaber. He is my favorite because his duel with Vader in that movie is still my favorite and a foundation moment of my childhood.

  • Roman Almaguer

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is actually the regular 40th Anniversary Black Series Luke because of the Kenner card back, the detail, and it’s my first Luke Skywalker figure.

  • StephenVincent

    My replica Luke ROTJ lightsaber hilt. It was my holy grail item for so long and I finally got one

  • Ham Salad

    The first POTF2 release. It came out at a time when I was finally able to buy things for myself (and not rely on my parents), and it rekindled my love of Star Wars.

  • Larry Duane

    My favorite Luke Skywalker is the Saga Collection Bespin bloody stump variant because it has a bloody stump.

  • Lee Benedetti

    My favorite Luke collectible is my Black series Force FX lightsaber!

  • My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible would be my original loose Kenner ANH Luke – simply because it was the first Luke l ever got and took him on many adventures with me.

  • Sam

    I love myx vintage XWing fighter and Bespin Luke!!

  • Dylan DeFriese

    Mine would have to be the first Black Series run on X-Wing Pilot Luke from the orange wave! This was the figure that got me hooked on collecting Black Series! Not to mention it is one of the best Black Series figures made!

  • Kamran Downing

    You know I have to say this is my favorite X-wing luke sky walker, I tried to grab one of these for my new born son, however, it didn’t work out well due to a lot of people grabbing multiples to sell online. I won’t give up, I’ll keep trying to get one ordered and it’s a GOAL to get this for my boy as his first Star Wars collectible. Why this is my favorite is because it has been well packaged, the card is INSANELY COOL, and not to mention I love the colors they used to make him POP in his jumpsuit.

  • Marvin

    It would have to be the black series luke.

  • Chris Maycumber

    This was one of the first figures I bought from Children’s Palace with my own money. Insaved these for my boys to enjoy. Sadly, luke in xwing was lost along with bobba fett.

  • Nick

    My favorite was the Hong Kong exclusive 12″ Luke, Vader and Ben set released in 1997. This was the dawn of the era of eBay and collecting sites. I remember trading a bunch of stuff from the US to someone I met on a forum who sent me this set along with the other 3.75″ exclusives. Repacks maybe, but it just reminded me of a time before the scalper-mentality ruined the hobby for many. I look at this set with pride when I tour my ‘toy room’.

  • Ghislain Cloquet

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is the original Kenner three-inch figure I got as a birthday gift when I was two years old, back in 1977. That Luke in 2017 now has chewed arms, almost no original paintwork, he limps pretty badly, and his lightsaber has long since been lost to the dark side. But nothing says Star Wars to me like that old Luke! Maybe one day I’ll even let my son inherit him! Happy May Fourth everyone…

  • Eric K

    My favorite Luke collectible is the 1990s 12″ Jedi Luke that came with a speeder bike. Excellent figure with awesome posability!

  • Amanda R

    Hot Toy’s Luke Skywalker sixth-scale figure. The face is extremely accurate and the whole figure is just really well done.

  • Oscar V

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible would have to be my vintage ANH 12″ figure. Sadly he came saber-less when I found him but hope to compete it one day!

  • El_tito

    My first and only Luke is the 6in Black Series (ANH). Just recently picked him up at an exchange (military store) store.

  • David kena

    Luke SkyWalker Jedi Knight from Return of the Jedi. I loved luke when he is fighting Jabba’s henchmen on the skiff and on the barge. To have an action figure of Luke in costume just like the movie makes for scene re-enactments and diorama scenes.

  • Jay Cambare

    My favorite Luke collectible is the vintage Kenner Hoth Luke. It was the first Star Wars figure I got as a gift back in 1984, and it wasn’t until several years later that I found out it was supposed to be a depiction of Luke Skywalker. But every time I see an image of that figure, it brings back images of happy, innocent times.

  • Brad

    I had on from a set when I was younger that I took
    everywhere. It could’ve been a very collectible piece but there’s no telling where he’s at now. Maybe still buried in tatooine. Aka my sand box.

  • HanSoloMio

    This one is my favorite, because I got mine signed by the man himself at Celebration!

  • aidan williams

    My favorite is the black series bespin Luke, it was my first black series figure which jump started my obsession with the line

  • wes

    The Luke Skywalker ANH Hot Toys is my favorite.

  • Steve Jones

    My favorite Luke is the 3.75′ Cloud City Luke with the cut off hand cover, he is laying in the bed inside my Falcon with the Leia by his side.

  • Imperial Moonwalker

    1983 Kenner ROTJ, Jedi Outfit Luke. Nostalgia wins this decision.

  • John Girgus

    This will be my favorite Skywalker collectible. Looks sharp!

  • DutchVander

    My vintage Luke X-wing pilot because that’s where it all started.

  • Real_Slim_T

    It would have to be the Luke from the Black Series with the Wampa!

  • Will van westbroek

    The pilot Luke, as a kid I spent countless hours with my toy x-wing recreating the Death Star battles

  • Eyositer

    TVC Dagobah Landing Luke. Great likeness. Awqesome figure.

  • Obi Won Bonde

    My Favorite is the one you are giving away. The pilot Luke from The Celebration is a must need for my collection. I would be most graceful if chosen for this awesome figure.

  • Antonio Jimenez

    My favorite is the hoth rebel pilot Luke, looks really badass

  • Joseph Portelli

    My favorite Luke is the black series Jedi Luke. I always loved that outfit, all it needs is a cloak!

  • MellowVelo27

    I think my favorite would be Dagobah test, since you get the Vader fig with Luke face.
    Thanks YakFace!

  • Lizzy Repp

    I love the TFA Luke Skywalker Funko Pop!! His cloak is amazing and I love the mechanical hand. Plus it looks sooo good next to the Resistance Rey Pop!

  • nihilus911000

    My favorite luke skywalker is the sh figuarts jedi luke because it’s so well detailed and articulates so much and is what got me into collecting 6 inch star wars figures.

  • oscar llenas

    I really like my Luke S.H. Figuarts, I just started collecting and hopefully get a lot more.

  • Ashley Martinez

    Black series Luke and the Tauntaun! Takes me back to Hoth and how he overcomes the Wampa!

  • Ryan Spencer

    Favourite Luke is still for me the Vintage Kenner Jedi Luke… Just loved the soft Cloak and black Jedi outfit and the Card image in Jabba Palace. Was when Luke finally became a real Hero of the Trilogy.

  • Jared Sloan

    Mine is definitely the 30th Anniversay 3.75″ Farm Boy Luke. Great articulation. Great packaging. Great accessories. You can’t beat that giant moisture vaporator!

  • Jason Boyd

    The black series Yavin Ceremony Luke. It was a much needed upgrade over the potf2 version with the soft goods, and they fixed some little gripes from the TAC version.

  • Nelson A. Ithier

    It’s a bit high-end but It’s definitely the Luke Skywalker in Bespin Fatigues DX sixth-scale figure from Hot Toys. The sculpt, the outfit and the accessories are amazing!!

  • Kraig Mclaughlin

    Power of the Force Special Edition Theater Jedi Luke give away figure. Not the best Luke figure ever, but was an amazing time to collect, see Star Wars on the big screen again finally, and I got it at the Sherman Oaks Galleria, the now gone mall that was the original “Valley Girl” birthplace.

  • Rafael Pineda

    Luke Jedi Night Black outfit. It really looks like a Jedi for the first time!

  • Doog

    Vintage Jedi Luke – my cousin got him before me, and I thought the snap on his cloak was so cool. Then when I got him, my version was snapless. Which really didn’t matter because he came with both a gun and a lightsaber. But the difference really mystified me.

  • Davey Proko

    Mine is the Black Series ROTJ Luke! Its a dream come true to have a figure that detailed and with that many accessories (grey shirt, belt and hook, saber with removable blade) for only $20. It just brings me back to 1997. If I had a time machine I wouldnt stop some giant tragedy I’d go back in time and give my 9 year old self Blk series jedi Luke. :p

  • David Au

    I’m partial to the Animated Gentle Giant X-wing Luke.

  • John Oglesby

    My favorite Luke is my Legacy Collection Snowspeeder Pilot Luke. Fantastic sculpt, good paint, and he has the harpoon/grapple gun accessory that he uses when throwing the bomb into the AT-AT. Mine is currently piloting my TVC Snowspeeder, the one that was a Target exclusive a few years back. Thanks for the chance to win this Luke!

  • Liam Higgins

    The original luke jedi knight figure from return of the Jedi. The figure was always my favorite because luke was so badass the way he strolled into jabbas palace all Zen like, with the jedi hood and cape. The one black glove, an iconic symbol of the eighties. Love it!

  • Kaden

    1978 Luke in X-Wing gear…An outstanding vintage figure with the superb cardback art, one of those in the package is pinnacle IMO.

  • Rod

    Hi Yakface, Thanks for the opportunity to get this exclusive. Might be the only chance for some of us. Good luck to everyone

  • Jeff Schwarting

    please add me to the list of wanting one of these.

  • Todd

    My favorite Luke item is my original Kenner Luke (which I amazingly still have). A but rough from when I was a kid, but I remember when my parents got me him and I was just in awe. One of the best toys ever from my childhood.

  • Mike P

    Vintage Luke in Hoth. It’s the 1st Star Wars figure I’ve ever owned since a kid and my absolute favorite out of the 70+ I have.

  • Triple E

    Vintage Jedi Knight Luke. I took that toy everywhere when I was a kid. Not only my favorite Luke, but probably my favorite figure of all time. I may have misplaced the lightsaber, blaster, and cloak, but I still have the figure with me today. He’s standing comfortably in the vintage Rebel transport along with the majority of my vintage figures.

  • Dengar1023

    My favorite item that I no longer have was my original vintage Luke Skywalker farm boy. I had to wait months for it. My parents ordered it in a four pack from The Sears catalog. I asked every day if they had arrived yet. Unfortunately I lost all of my vintage stuff when I left for college. My favorite Luke in my collection now is the 2009 Comic Con Luke X-Wing pilot. I love it for the ladder. If they ever do a 6 in X-Wing they need to include the ladders. I have pretty much everything in the modern 3.75 line and will only collect the 6 in. Vintage Card figures. I am an opener and have very few unopened figures. I want to get two of every one of the vintage 6in. One to open and one to keep carded. I don’t think that will happen with this figure. I would be happy with One carded. I need this for my collection. Help me, you’re my only hope.

  • 80’s will always rule

    Mine is the speeder bike with Endor Luke the big 12 inch doll size I never saw it again and its the only one I got.

  • Waterfarmer

    Vintage Luke that I got in 1978…seen a bunch of action…

  • John evans

    My favor item was Jedi knight theatre edition and was greatest movie experience with my dad and too bad won’t ever see Star Wars movie with my dad.

  • TrueTanker

    My favorite is the Luke/Lumiya comic two-pack.

  • Tom Genese

    Fave Luke Skywalker collectible is the Sideshow “Old Luke” Premium Figure from Force Awakens . . . hoping HASBRO releases a Black Series of him for ‘The Last Jedi”!

  • KYR Spartan

    Original Kenner Luke from 40 years ago! Wasn’t born yet but would have loved to collect him!

  • Alexander Gates

    Mine is the Luke Skywalker Theatre Edition given away during ROTJ in 1997!

  • trooper4092

    My favorite Luke is my original 3.75″ action figure from my childhood. I still have it on display in my office.

  • Kekoa

    The Hot Toys Luke Skywalker Bespin figure!!

  • Matt S

    I’d say any version of the black suit from Return of the Jedi – And hopefully an upcoming ‘Last Jedi’ Luke!

  • Blake J

    Wish I could say which is my favorite but sadly dont have any. Would love to have this as a start to my collecting. Red Five.

  • Robo Solo

    For me… and its sentimental probably.. but its luke jedi and its the six inch version since i no longer have the original jedi luke from when i was a kid. i carried that luke everywhere with me.. in every room i’d set him up somewhere i could see him.. top of the t.v. or on a shelf or bookcase.. i took him on every trip i went on and was just fascinated by him. i love the six inch line and wished we could have had them back in the day as well… its a perfect figure for me.. the poses and the look and detail for my tastes are perfect

  • Rick Bubello

    Jedi luke black Series. He’s struggle with the light and dark and the Duelity of it and how he showed his father he could embrace the dark but still have the Jedi way and not fall to the emperor

  • Roxxstar

    My favorite Luke collectible is the 12″ Hot Toys Bespin Luke, which unfortunately I do not own… It is my favorite because of the detail and articulate of the figure and the many accessories. The Bespin costume, for both Luke and Han, are my favorites for the characters.

  • Sebastian Woolbert

    Have to go with the Hot Toys Bespin Luke. First Star Wars one they made and the knocked it out of the park!!

  • Rich Snodgrass

    I’d go with the POTJ 12″ 100th figure. I was never a big fan of 12″ figures, but this one came with just about any accessory, except a stormtrooper outfit, you would need to recreate “A New Hope” (including deleted scenes) from the jedi training remote to the floppy hat.

  • Nate Strong

    Current favorite is my Hot Toys Luke. Love the scale, possibility and accessories!

  • Sam Levy

    The Jedi Master Luke given to the first like 200 people in line for SW Special Editions. It wasn’t necessarily the figure, but the feeling of getting that exclusive for free was the best feeling. They don’t do this stuff anymore. So I love to display it.

  • Hi, my favorite Luke Collectible is my ANH Black Series Lightsaber!!! because it was a piece that I wanted to have since childhood <3 <3 <3

  • Holly Presson

    Star Wars Epic Force Bespin Luke Skywalker Rotate Figure 360° that is my favorite collectable figure that my mom and dad gave to me and it is in good condition and I have it sitting on my shelf.

  • Mr. S

    Of all of the Luke Skywalker collectibles lining my shelves (and my dozens of plastic storage tubs) my favorite by far will always be the original Luke Skywalker in Bespin Fatigues. When I was a child, Mark Hamill appeared on the Muppet Show with his “Cousin” Luke Skywalker. This was the first time that Luke’s new costume from Empire was revealed (to my knowledge). From the second that he appeared on T.V. I was chomping at the bit (the way that only a 10 year old can) as I anticipated the release of the figure. For months I rode my bike to the local Venture store and scoured the aisles looking for the “new” Luke. Finally, one day when I came home from school, what was sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me ? Yup. Luke in Bespin Fatigues. My father had found it while stopping at the store on his way home from work. To this day, my original figure stands in a small plastic case on my shelf. He is heavily worn from hours of loving play, but despite that fact he is still my all time favorite collectible.

  • Mitchell Lee

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is Hot Toy’s Luke in his Episode IV outfit! Was finally able to purchase him after months of saving!

  • Karen Rogers

    My well-worn original Kenner Luke action figure from ANH because he reminds me that seeing Star Wars in 1977 as a three-year-old was my first childhood memory, and these stories have captured my imagination ever since.

  • Nick Show

    I’m a huge fan of the Black Series Luke in Stormtrooper disguise. Everyone that checks out my collection thinks it’s just a normal Stormtrooper. Little do they know that Luke is hiding under that helmet.

  • James Oneal

    My favorite Luke collectible is the is the Luke in Jedi Knight outfit figure that was given away at theaters several years ago.

  • Erik Gutierrez

    My favorite Luke is the black series 3.75 figure with the return of the jedi outfit. Which in my opinion is the best Jedi outfit by far and that green light saber is the cherry on top!

  • LesterF

    My favorite is the Vintage Collection Bespin Luke Skywalker. When I first saw it, it took me back to the original, vintage Kenner line, and it took me back to the good ‘ole days. I just love the nostalgia.

  • Brian M. Gardiner

    It’s actually this one – 40th x-wing Luke. I grew up in the 70s so I love the card!

  • Barry Max Jeter

    My favorite collectible is my replica lightsaber. Mark and Hayden have both posed with it in a photo, so it now sits above my desk. Reminding me of the great people that have held it!

  • Oscar De Los Santos Jr

    I had the micro machines Luke Xwing and mini-pilot with R2…took that everywhere

  • Rich Flavin

    Luke in storm trooper outfit because its 2 figs in one.

  • RoguePilot1

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is Master Replicas Luke Skywalker lightsaber from ROTJ. To me, his lightsaber embodies the meaning of being a Jedi Knight and truly represents him from being a local farm boy to a galactic hero. I especially love the detail to the handle and of course the light and sound effects make it the ultimate companion piece.

  • Lonnie Smith

    My favorite Luke collectible would have to be the Luke with Wampa two pack for su

  • Virgil

    My favorite is my first Sideshow ROTJ Luke Skywalker 12″….love the detail and the only figure that i had to debate if i showed open it…and no i didn’t. My the 4th be with you guys.

  • Ben Baril

    My original Bespin Fatigues Luke Skywalker has to be my favorite Luke figure I’ve ever had. I loved The Empire Strikes Back as a kid (and still do!) when it was first released. I brought that figure with me everywhere for many adventures. Poor guy is probably still sitting in a landfill somewhere. The first Black Series 6 inch release of X-Wing Luke has been my favorite modern figure up to this point.

  • csawknewyork

    My favorite is the Star Wars e
    pisode IV Luke Skywalker Sideshow figure. Sculpting is great, accessories and outfit are cool and overall looks awesome on the shelf. Would be sweet to have a pilot companion piece.

  • danielhubby

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is the Gentle Giant SDCC McQuarrie-Style Luke Skywalker mini bust (which, sadly, I still do not own). The craftsmanship on these is always first rate but it is the representation of this earliest of visions of our hero that really captures my attention and imagination.

  • Chad Westall

    I like Bacta Tank Luke. Just something so unusual that I love about it.

  • Tom Piercey

    SH figuarts Luke from A New Hope.

  • Charles

    My favorite has to be my SH Figuarts A New Hope Luke. The detail and accessories are so great!

  • Daniel Sears

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is my Sideshow SDCC exclusive Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper. The two pack with Han Stormtrooper is very special to me because it was a gift from my wife. I typically go to SDCC every year, but in 2009 I wasn’t able to attend. I was extremely disappointed that I would not be able to get this set. I wanted it very much because it represents my favorite scene of my favorite Star Wars movie. Imagine my surprise when she gave it to me! This set is very precious to me! Not as precious as my loving wife though!

  • Michael Schreiner

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is an autographed limited edition San Diego Comic Con exclusive Fender guitar. I waited in line for almost an entire day at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim two years ago to get it autographed by Mark. It sits as a foal point in my collection. “The place is like a museum, it is very beautiful and very cold, and and you’re not allowed to touch anything!”

  • Jason Wood

    Bespin Luke just because the outfit looks cool. I am a huge fan of TESB. To me it is the best star wars movie.

  • austinlaw

    My favorite Luke collectible would have to be the original blonde-haired farmboy Luke with telescoping lightsaber – I got him when I was four years old, and never looked back!

  • Fredwin Palacio

    Picture it the year is 1999. I’m outside in the swampy marsh I live in Ft Lauderdale, Fl playing with my favorite Luke. Dagobah Luke. I would take Luke and train him and myself on the ways of the force. He’s so cool because no matter how much I dirtied him or Yoda. I’d felt like I was only doing him justice because it was more authentic that way. He was durable and I could even balance him upside down. Man, I miss the Kenner line of Luke’s. I know that they’re weird to some since he looks so built but I enjoyed this figure too much.

  • Paul

    My favorite was also my first and like many others it is the ROTJ Jedi Luke figure. I think I got this figure four different times and remember getting him once from the Kenner mail away club where you could pick from four figures and they’d send you the one you picked. Pretty awesome.

  • beagan

    Original Kenner Jedi Luke. I still recall day I got him, just before the release of ROTJ. Was on the way to watch my older brother play baseball. I don’t think I watched any of the game, as Luke was already fighting villains on the bleechers. Good stuff!!

  • Vadersaber

    My five year old son and I started putting together the original Kenner line as that was what I grew up with. It has now developed into two sets, one to play with and one mint set to put away. I will difer to my son on the Luke pick.

    After 20 minutes of back and forth he settled on his vintage x-wing Luke with the grappling hook accessory. He loves pretending to blow up the At-At while hanging from the underside.

  • Jawa_Fetish

    Of all the Luke figures in my collection, my favorite is the HT Bespin Luke that came out a few years back. It even came with 2 figures (normal and battle damaged)!

  • darklord70

    My favorite Luke collectible is my original Jedi Luke figure. I remember getting him at Kmart when he came out.

  • Jon Riddle

    Vintage Farmboy! Classic!

  • Tony

    Mine would be sideshow collectibles 12″ Jedi Luke! Great figure and my favorite costume!

  • salvatore heaphy

    The bespin fatigues from the vintage collection, in was my first figure and still my favorite looking 3.75 luke.

  • LesDudis

    I’d have to say POTF2 Jedi Knight Luke (with robe) from ROTJ! It’s not the best but it’s the most sentimental for me

  • Michael Prowl Prime Domier

    Mine is Star Wars POTF Pilot Luke because it was my first star wars figure I ever bought for myself. I seen it at walmart and I just had to have it.

  • Mike Linder

    My favorite is the 6″ TBS Hoth Luke and Wampa. I love the packaging of Luke upside down and the new detailed Wampa sculpt. The scene in ESB where Luke uses the force is one of my favorites.

  • Surge Opress

    Bespin Luke, Kenner. As a kid, having both the blaster and lightsaber was awesome.

  • Roy Radeka

    My favorite is the 40th Anniversary Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot. The one I will hopefully win from, because I don’t currently have a favorite in my collection.

  • Geekdad248

    On my first wedding anniversary my wife gave me a Luke Skywalker photo in a scene from A New Hope with a personalized autograph from Mark Hamill as a gift to show she embraced my geeky side. How sweet is that?! If we’re talking just about toys it is my original 1978 Kenner Luke Skywalker action figure with the retractable light saber in his hand that I still have from being a kid. It is in well-played with condition so that it isn’t valuable probably to anyone but me though.

  • Brandon Wong

    My favorite would be jedi knight luke 6 in. Bls v k series, very articulated and the head sculpt very nice. This would make good addition to my collection. Thank you yakface for this give away!

  • Emanuel Suarez

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is the Black Series ROTJ Luke! I know sculpt-wise it’s not the most ideal figure…but I’ve always had a connection with his character and that outfit. I always wanted the power of the force version as a kid but could never find one. So when I finally got into collecting, that was one of my must haves!

    Thanks for the contest opportunity yakface! Much love from MN!

  • Toy Bounty Hunter

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is my original vintage Bespin Luke from when I was 9 years old. It was the only vintage Luke figure I ever owned and I still have it to this day along with his lightsaber and blaster. My chiidhood memories of playing with my original Star Wars toys are the best ones and the reason I continue to collect.

  • Dev71

    My favorite Luke collectible is the 3.75 Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker in Jedi Knight Outfit. When it came out, it felt like the pinnacle of that version of the character to me. Articulated and detailed, it brings me back to the day I saw ROTJ in the theater with my father. I remember how badass I thought Luke seemed in those scenes as a kid. Clad in black and ready for business, that version of Luke really stood out to me as a kid. So when that VC version came out, I was incredibly excited to get it, not only because it was articulated and modern, but because of the memories it brought back of that day I say Jedi in the theater with my dad.

  • Lucas

    Oh wow I’m not gonna win compared to these sweaties stories. Like everyone else I collected as a child. I only recently got back into collecting these and was able to because of the tips here. Would be great to make my 40th figure this one…

  • Brian H

    The original vintage Pilot Luke. I had two of them and kept one in pristine condition and the other I played with more. Both were out of box but I had that OCD collector mentality even then. Just wish I would’ve never opened them, but then again, what fun is that to a kid?

  • Mrfett79

    My favorite is the “farm boy” Luke from the original Kenner line. I got him in the early bird kit so I never had him on a card.

  • Corman4444

    My favorite Luke collectable is the figure that came with Lumiya in the Comic Book Two Packs. When I was reading the old Matvel Star Wars series I read and re-read those issues over and over. I always wanted figures from those issues. I’d have never guessed that 20 years after they got published we’d end up with them. They nailed his look from the issue and gave him his short lightsaber, too. I just we’d had gotten a Kiro and Dani two pack before they pulled the plug on the line.

  • Scott Reynolds

    Has to be SHF Jedi luke…not only the sculpt but the balance on him..and the poses next level

  • Shaun Hamm

    My favorite would be the original farmboy Luke with slide out yellow lightsaber from his arm. It’s one of the few star wars toys i still have from my childhood. Not sure how I ever got it since I can only remember getting toys from Return of the Jedi when it was released.

  • Jeremy Durrwachter

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is the first Kenner 78 Luke Skywalker action figure. He was my very first action figure. I was 8 years old at the time and my friend next door received the early bird set and showed it to me. Wow! Wish I could have one, but I was too poor at the time. Anyway, he and his family moved away a month later. About a week after that, I was playing near their yard and tripped and fell over their wall face first into the dirt. As I went to get up, I looked to the left and low and behold – there was one of his action figures (Luke Skywalker) lost and left behind under the bushes. I’ve had him ever since and that was the day I started collecting Star Wars.

  • Todd Lherisson

    My favorite is Luke Skywalker smiling 2009 Comic Con SDCC.

    How could u not smile about getting into an x-wing and know your about take out the death star.

  • George R

    I missed out twice one getting one,only Star Wars can make this atheist pray.

  • Jay Nelson

    When I was 7, I had to have two weeks’ worth of allergy shots. It was grueling, but my mom would take me to Toys R Us ever day and get me a figure. I remember very clearly a few of them, but the Kenner Bespin Luke was the one I liked the best. I lost the saber right away, but I remember keeping that figure for such a long time.

    I’ve loved every iteration of him since.

  • Radiator Boss

    My favorite Luke is my Vintage “Luke in white” as we called him as kids. He was part of my Grandmas toys she had in a box at her house. I was only allowed to play with him there although I wanted to take it home with me. We used to use toothpicks for light-sabers since his had been missing since I could remember. A few years ago 30 years later ,she finally gave me the “Luke in White”

  • Alan Laick

    I loved and still fondly remember the now vintage Luke figure with the yellow lightsaber.

  • Chris Romero

    For me… I’m relatively new to the collecting world and Black Series line is amazing. Farm Boy Luke if my fav! It just brings back nostalgia when I hear Luke utter these words “but I was going to Tosche Station to pick up power converters” 🙂

  • Derek Salemme

    My favorite figure is the vintage ESB Luke in Bespin Fatigue. I think that is my favorite look / outfit of the Jedi-to-be.

  • David Becinski

    My favorite Luke figure is my vintage Kenner Luke. It was my uncle’s. I never met him but the fact that Luke still has his arm lightsaber attached tells me he took care of his collection.

  • Matthew

    The landspeeder toy with Luke was always fun – my bother’s either got lost or tossed out and I got one that I played with a lot until I passed it on to my nephew.

  • Falcon Keith Propps

    My favorite Luke Skywalker is the Hoth & Wampa Target exclusive set that was offered in the 90’s. It’s my favorite because I had it autographed by Mark Hamill!

  • jedicrippler

    The original Kenner Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot. My first Star Wars figure ever. A present from my grammy. 🙂

  • Branflakes

    Mine is the black series farm Luke, great figure

  • S G

    Farmboy Luke cause, you know, he was the first!

  • Kurt Jensen

    Hello – My favorite Luke Skywalker figure is the Kenner 12″ Large Size version. I still remember the day I got it. The packaging,the accessories, all great! Thanks for the opportunity to try to win!

  • Steve Stuber

    Let’s go Luke! No we needa Yakface

  • Luke W

    Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight outfit) Kenner 1983 figure. It was my first Star Wars figure, given to me by my cousin for my 1st birthday (I don’t remember being given it obviously) but it went missing and we found it down the sofa 10 years later when moving house. Since then it’s been my favourite figure and reminds me of the countless hours I used to sit and watch Star Wars as a kid.

    • Luke W is the winner

      • Luke W

        Oh wow!! Thanks man! I tried getting one at SWCO but failed so this has made my day!

    • Luke W. you have won the Exclusive Luke Skywalker (X-wing pilot)! Shoot me an email with your info/address at

  • Joseph Ortiz

    So, I was born 1976 – my mom would drive fro m store to store looking for figures. Vintage X- wing Luke not farm – was hard for her/ us to find. Now as a adult to check the Hasbro each hour and almost willing to pay 5x for him- there is pleasure in the hunt. My 8,5,3 Yr drive around with me looking for R2 – there is no better feeling then hitting 6 walmarts – Walgreens targets …I love the disappointment as much as the pleasure of the find – all the best

  • Earl

    Favorites gotta go to Luke with the wampa. Though the likeness sucks it comes with the wampa. It’s hard to beat that.

  • Tom Miller

    My favorite all time has to be the Kenner 3.75″ Hoth/ESB Luke. I played with that thing for hours out in the snow on colder days. I used to love freezing that Luke in cups of water to re-enact the opening Wampa scene.

  • MACharger

    Favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is the original Kenner Luke Jedi Figure. As a wee lad, pre internet, stumbling upon this figure in the Target toy aisles was a huge find. Dressed all in black (like his father!), Luke came with not 1, not 2, but 3 accessories! A Jedi cloak, a pistol, and his new green lightsaber! The figures sculpt still holds up today, and remains as one of my top three Kenner figures.

  • Luis A. Espinosa

    Luke Skywalker DSII vintage collection, the must accurate up to date.

  • Justin Michael Persutti

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible was always the Kenner Luke Skywalker figure in Dagobah fatigues. It was always a great figure to have if you also had the Kenner Yoda with Jedi Trainer Backpack. Empire Strikes Back had a lot of layers to it and I loved recreating the training sequences with these two. I, pretty specifically, collect Black Series figures now and I’d love to have this fella in the collection!

  • suprman1

    The 12 inch Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker. It was the closest to a re-release of the original 12 inch Luke Skywalker figure manufactured by Kenner in the 1970’s.

  • BD

    My POTF X-wing pilot Luke from ’97. First Star Wars figure I ever got.

  • Shane Pittman

    My favorite would have to be the Black Series 6″ “Farmboy” Luke from a ANH. Even though the likeness is off, I feel like that’s his most iconic look from the films. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  • Matthew Harrington

    My favorite Luke piece is my 40th anniversary figure that I had signed by Mark Hamill at @FANEXPODallas ladt month…

  • Phillip Ochoa

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is the 3.75 Luke in Bacta Tank figure. I started collecting the power of the force line when I was 18 but then I went to college and stopped collecting. Eighteen years later I started collecting again, mainly the 6inch Black Series Line and the occasional SH Figuarts figure. One day I went to a comic/card shop but they also had toys. That’s when I came across this figure. I did not even know that it was even made. It took me back to age 5 the first time I watched ESB. It was truly Christmas in July.

  • Geoff W

    My favorite is the Hot Toys DX Bespin Luke. Two amazing sculpts and great accessories.

  • DaveChap

    My favorite Luke was the Dagobah fatigues POTF figure. It was one of my first figures as a kid. I got Yoda shortly after and thought it was so cool that Luke could carry him around. Since then, I’ve been a collector and still have all of my toys from my childhood.

  • Fritz Duggan

    My favorite Skywalker collectable would have to be his RotJ FX Lightsaber.

  • Moseisleynative

    My favorite would have to be the 1978 Kenner double telescoping Luke Skywalker with the yellow hair. I was 5 years old when Kenner launched their Star Wars toy line and this figure brings me back to my childhood of that Christmas in 1978. Today I am a 43 year old husband and father who is still 5 years old at heart.

  • Dylan Smith

    I’ve really been enjoying the 40th Black Series Luke. The soft goods work rather well and allow for some great articulation and posing. The underdog Luke figure in my opinion.

  • Arnold Corso

    The Figuarts ANH Luke is an incredible likeness of Mark Hamil at the 6” scale. Love it.

  • Nick Ginter

    I do quite like the Hasbro black series Luke from Hoth, it came in a two pack with the wampa. I think this one is the coolest and the headaculpt isn’t horrible like some of the past Luke’s we’ve seen. It’s also a plus because I love empire and that scene on Hoth was always one of my favourites growing up!

  • Michael Hyland

    My favorite Luke collectible is my vintage Return of the Jedi action figure. We’ve been on many adventures over the last few decades.

  • stinger

    my favorite is the deluxe snow set with wampa

  • Geoff Bent

    My favorite is the black suit from Return of The Jedi. It’s most brings me back to my original excitement buying these figures back in the early 80s.

  • Ricardo Moreno

    My favorite is undoubtedly is version of hottoys by its level of detail 😀

  • Hookembad

    I would have to say favorite is my 6″ Black Series Bespin Luke.

  • Frank Toto

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is the Hasbro Force FX Lightsaber

  • UltraSevenTexas

    I honestly do not have a Luke Skywalker figure, this would be my first one. The three figures I think would be great to own are this one, the Luke BS 6″ trooper disguise and the Return of the Jedi black suit Luke.

  • Mark Moore

    I don’t have many Luke collectibles as I just started Collecting . But my favorite as a kid had to be my Hoth Snowspeeder. Used to fly it around the house as a child. The simpiler times. I wish I still had it.

  • Brandon

    Black series return of the Jedi Luke and shfiguarts Luke. Both are super cool, but the figuarts ones is super detailed and poseable

  • rjacks

    I love the S H Figuarts Jedi Luke figure. It was my first Figuarts purchase and I think it captures Luke likeness better than any 3.75 or 6 inch figure.

  • Hookembad

    I grew up in the 90’s so I have fond memories of the RoidRage Luke figures. As well as the AOTC wave bespin duel luke.

  • Jason David

    My favorite Luke Skywalker Collectible would have to be my first ever Star wars 3.75 figure which happens to be Tatooine Luke form 1995 with the muscle chest that came with the grappling gun and lightsaber. My grandfather gave this to me and from then on I never looked back and have been collecting ever since!

  • Sydney Manning

    My favorite Luke is the #36 Saga Collection “Escape from Mos Eisley” figure. It was my very first Star Wars purchase from Walmart in 2006, which has since snowballed into a massive collection! I still have the figure, and I adore all of the unique accessories that it came with. Good luck everyone!

  • Troy Steffunick

    I’m not honestly a fan of Luke, amd it would be my first “luke” piece .

  • Paul Gomez III

    My FAVORITE was the original luke with the speeder, the one that had the button on the front to open up the hood where I would put my little things in…. AWESOME CHILDHOOD!!!!

  • snowspeederpilot1

    Legacy Collection Luke Skywalker (Hoth Rebel Pilot) because Empire Strikes Back caught my eye and imagination, first star wars movie for me, Battle of Hoth sequence, Commander Skywalker and the Rogue Squadron against the odds, fantastic times, I always say thank you to my father to bring that VHS movie to home. “Hobbie are you with me”

  • My unpunched Kenner Rotj Jedi Knight Luke. Just a very iconic figure/cardback to me.

  • Justin Foxworth

    The Power of the Force Jedi Knight. That was my first one and those power of the force figures ruled.

  • TBS Fanatic

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible has to be my vintage Return of the Jedi lightsaber from the 1980s. It has a green plastic shaft but does not light up. On the tip it has openings that, when swinging the saber, they create a howling/whistling sound. I remember swinging that thing all day when I was a kid thinking I was a jedi. And this is why it is special.

  • Landan

    Vintage collection Luke pilot… my vary first SWAF when I started collecting.

  • Lori Odijk

    The Vintage Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker.

  • Cloaknpoke

    My favorite Luke Skywalker collectible is the Return of the Jedi Special edition promo figure Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight outfit. It’s my fave because I was there on opening night with my family.

  • Brandon Wainerdi

    It would probably have to be my Mark Englert print. Not only is the image beautiful … but I was able to meet the man himself who loved it.

  • Jason Lee

    It would have to be my MR ANH lightsaber hilt!

  • Michael Hockenson Jr

    My favorite Luke collectible is my Hoth Luke Skywalker from Sideshow Collectibles.

  • Damon Schlichenmaier

    Original 3.75 Luke as stormtrooper. As a kid it was my favorite toy to play with. Go nostalgia

  • DayMan66

    Really love Luke’s Black Series Force FX saber

  • Bob Jones

    the 3.75 version of this pilot Luke original cast that I found on the shore of Lake Hudson. Has some animal bite marks on the head but at the time I thought it was the greatest find ever.

  • CSEddleman

    I will always say my favorite Luke is the first one I received… Carded 12 Back …it is what started it all for me. I still have the original one I was given to keep. I was lucky and always got 2 as a kid, one to open and one to keep (my mother collected and knew this would be important). Every time I look at that figure, it reminds me of the Star Wars trance and stupor I have been in for 40 years…

  • Norman Szymanski

    Actually, it’s the original Kenner X-Wing Luke. My Grandmother bought him for me when my Mom and I visited her in Germany. I still remember adding him to my bag of Star Wars figures I brought with me a long time ago in a country far, far away…

  • Nathan Baxter

    My favorite would have to be the 12 inch Orginal Trilogy collection Luke Skywalker. I got that one for Christmas as a kid, I would always carry it around with me. It actually had everything Luke did from the films which was so cool and the box (which I kept!) is like the vintage carded figure from the 70’s but with his face and it being in this neat box. Overall one of the coolest Hasbro/Kenner figures to come out!

  • Stephman

    Hasbro Black Series Luke and Wampa 2 pack. You get a Wampa with blood on his bottom jaw, his arm comes off and he’s able to hold Luke upside down with one hand! How much cooler can it get?!

  • David Anthony

    Vintage Collection Jedi Knight!

  • Mateo Galvez

    The Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker Lightsaber Construction Figure.

    Honestly these vintage collection and blu ray figures for me were the golden age of Hasbro figures.

  • Christopher Morris

    The jumbo size Jakks vintage Luke Sywalker with extendable saber. Any nod to the vintage collection is by far the best.

  • John

    It’s not out yet….but the upcoming black series luke with landspeeder. Love the detail on that thing.

  • Leslie Willingham

    Also Black Series Bespin Luke!

  • Gfxgod

    Any X-wing Luke is my favorite, He has the most kills of any Jedi and didn’t use a lightsaber to do it

  • Pulgasari

    Mine is also the Black Series Bespin Luke! Just love the sculpt on that one really.

  • Albert Holtsclaw

    Black Series 6 inch Bespin Luke

  • funksk8er

    Currently its the Force Awakens Pop! because its the only existing figure of that Luke…as of now!

  • Mark

    My fave is TVC Jedi Knight Luke. As soon as I opened that figure up, I was taken back to when I was 6 years old, sitting no further than 12″ away from the TV screen, wearing out a VHS copy of Return of the Jedi.