Rogue One Pricing Fluctuations

You’re probably well aware that Hasbro’s last wave of Rogue One figures is available online through various e-tailers, but you may not have seen the price fluctuations on Admiral Raddus, Galen Erso and Lieutenant Sefla on Amazon.

Pricing has dropped down to $11-$12 at times, then back up to $18-$20 per figure.  If you’re in the market for these figures, it may be worth keeping an eye on these prices and grab whatever you are needing when the price feels reasonable to you… and remember, down the road, $20 or so could be considered very reasonable for these figures on the after-market, so don’t wait too long to secure your figures there or through one of our sponsors.


  • John Anderson

    has anyone found a fenn rau anywhere other than ebay?

  • General Hux

    Still haven’t secured this wave, let alone the Thrawn wave. Would honestly be a miracle if I ever do.

    • Check Five Below if you have one in your area

      • General Hux

        Is the Thrawn wave hitting there? Wow

  • Bombadgungan

    So has it been confirmed that these will not in fact NOT be coming to brick and mortar retail and will be a available online only?

  • Mother_Talzin

    How long until these show up at a discount outlet? The last TFA waves were scarce and are now at 5 Below…

  • It’s a shame how bad the distribution is on these figures. I ordered what I could from Dorkside Toys…Who knows if I’ll ever see Fenn Rau anywhere outside of eBay?

  • Chris Lastovich

    I preordered Sefla, Galen, and Raddus on Entertainment Earth almost two weeks ago for $9.99 each which I think is a good price for these considering. I got an email notification on Monday stating Sefla and Galen have shipped, but was not charged for Raddus due to him being back ordered… So that makes me nervous. I still have yet to find Fenn at a reasonable price anywhere.

    • Brian Palmer

      Hang in there. I ordered all three from EE about the same time. I received Galen a couple of days ago, Sefla has shipped and is on the way, and I’ve been charged for Raddus and he going through the shipping process at this moment, so you should hopefully have the same result with him soon if you haven’t already. From what I understand, Hasbro only offered these 3 single figures to EE and not a full case assortment, so Fenn Rau was not included in that deal for whatever reason. (?)

  • 80sRobot

    Anybody have any idea when this wave could hit retail? If at all? I was in my local area Walmarts and Targets over the last few days; Many of the Walmart aisles where the SW toys are located are bare, or have peg warmers (lots of BS Han and Leia; Eadu Jyn and Cassian). The Targets are better stocked, but it’s a lot of Wave 1 and 2.

    It’s not just SW, other toy lines seem in need of a refresh. Would this happen by now in time for summer? Or, do the toy companies and retailers not have much to sell this summer?

    • Littlegreenwiseguy

      My Wal-Mart has one second wave JYN ERSO 5POA per peg and hasn’t replenished since last December. Their 3.75″ TBS have only 4 figures from the LANDO wave spread across 3 pegs and also have not been replenished since last December. The 5POA 2-packs have been empty since Easter. The only new product to ship has been a lot of the exclusive TBS AT-ST for $59.99. For a city of 50,000 people, this Wal-Mart operates like it is brain dead.

    • Ben Bonstein

      They’re not supposed be sold at retail from what I’ve heard

      • 80sRobot


  • 351C

    Raddus and Erso were $7.99 this past Sunday morning @ 6:30am EST. Jumped up to $14 +/- by 8am. Sefla held steady during that time at $18.

  • Ben Bonstein

    I don’t know how long it’ll be before we get a super-articulated Admiral Raddus so I should probably get this one while I have the chance. Fingers crossed for an appearance in the new Vintage Collection though.

    • Mother_Talzin

      I like Raddus too, but I’m willing to bet there wont be anymore SA RO figures. Stores are clearing out both 6 inch and 3.75, and even at that point, some pegwarm.

      • Rykrof_Enloe

        On the contrary, the TVC line is geared at collectors, and Rogue One is very, very popular with the older collecting crowd… so…

        • Mother_Talzin

          But TVC is likely going to be TBS in new packaging, that’s why I have low expectations. With Hasbro, once a movie is at the home release stage, they move on to the next movie. TVC is likely going to focus on TLJ and OT characters, but the bulk is probably going to be repacks. I’m not expecting secondary characters from TFA or RO to ever appear in TVC…

    • LaurenceQuint

      It will be never.

      • Ben Bonstein

        Rebellions are built on hope, Laurence.

        • Brian Beck

          LOL !

      • Ben Bonstein

        The original Vintage Collection (at the time) covered the entire saga. I’d think that would be the case when it returns. If they were to make new characters he should be near the top of the list. It’s a stretch, but it’s not one in a million, Kid

        • LaurenceQuint

          Just like all those 5POA TFA figures that they got around to releasing in the black series?

          Oh, right, they didn’t.

          As a standalone film, Rogue One is going to get very, very little SA love going forward. Quite possibly none at all. However, on the outside chance that they do give us Vintage NEW Rogue One SA characters, it’ll be Chirrut and maybe Baze. There’s no way Hasbro will waste the resources on a relatively minor character like Raddus.

          I do appreciate your optimism and I don’t mean to sound harsh, but given Hasbro’s pattern, I think it’s foolhardy to hope otherwise.

  • 80sRobot

    I posted this over on the contest for R5-D4 but it’s probably more appropriate here (price fluctuations, Rogue One 3.75″).

    The AT-ACT has dropped down to $150 at Hasbrotoyshop. And if you sign up for their emails, I think you can get a 20% knocked off so then it’s $120. Shipping may be free as well.