• Skav Atar

    wave 1 is super rare west side of Houston/Katy/Sugarland area. have not seen any wave 2 in stores.

  • Rogue 13

    You can add south Florida to the list. Found wave 2 today.

    • Joel Groff

      I’m in central Florida and haven’t seen any. Where in south Florida are you?

  • Chris Middlecamp

    Found them at TRU here in Michigan last night, case fresh. They only had 1 case from the looks of it. If you don’t see them ask a employee, but chances are someone already got there before you.

    • Sith Lord Jacen

      ya the TRU employee

  • Bombadgungan

    What about wave 1? When will that get stocked? I’ve literally only seen 2 at my local TRU. Not 2 characters, 2 figures total, both Obi-Wan. I’ve only ever seen 2 Leias at Target and nothing else. Walmart still hasn’t stocked a single figure from this collection. So much for excitement about the 40th Anniversary.

    • Aerik

      Similar experience here in Alabama

      • Bombadgungan

        I found Vader at Walmart! Woohoo! There IS a new hope. 🙂

  • Andrew R

    I’ve only seen Vader at my local TRU. These probably won’t show up at mine. lol

  • Brian B.

    If my local TRU has actually cleared those pegs out, there might be hope I’d see these in stores. Otherwise it’ll be a very useless run tomorrow morning.

  • Fiery Little One

    Odds are you should get a ‘Do Not Sell’ at the register until June. My advice? Look, but don’t bother buying them until June. (I’m speaking from experience with TRU and Wave 1.)

    • Bombadgungan

      I’ve never heard of “Do Not Sell Till…” dates on followup waves. Isn’t that typically just for wave 1 of a movie launch? I didn’t even think the 40th Ann. stuff had a hold till date.

      • Fiery Little One

        The only time I’ve run into it, so far, was TRU for 40th Ann. Wave 1. It was exactly 1 month before they were supposed to go on sale. We were told at the register that they could not sell what we were after until that date. This was March 28th for an April 28th launch date. The only thing that I could get earlier was Vader, by about 2 weeks.

        (I just don’t want anybody to be disappointed when they run into that.)

  • Branflakes

    went to one today and there was no sign of any 40th 6 inch figures, hitting a different one tomorrow