$20 40th Anniversary Legacy Pack Found at Walmart

Ultimate deal finder Scott from Tulsa reports finding the 40th Anniversary Darth Vader with Display “Legacy Pack” on sale for $19.87 at his Walmart. And for those that require additional proof, here is a link to the receipt.

  • Jaken Wraith

    The Interactive R2-D2 is down to $44 and still is not moving. I’m jumping on it when it drop’s one more time. Always love any R2, but now at $88 what he was.

  • Boba Fettuccini

    Are we sure that’s for the legacy pack? Because at my Walmart that the location and price of the Jedha Revolt packs.

    • The tag (if you read the micro print is for the 6″ figure case assortment) but the employee misplaced the Legacy Packs in that location. Their obliviousness is the consumers gain.

      • Wesley Jamie Smith

        Or someone moved them so that they didn’t have to pay $40.

        • Let’s assume the former, shall we.

          • Wesley Jamie Smith

            you know what happens when you assume, but sure, we can do that