Five Below Finds

The fact that Hasbro’s 5poa TFA figures are showing up at Five Below stores isn’t “new” information, but just how many of these figures never made it to primary retail outlets is amazing.

Hasbro just seems unable to get their product on a consistent distribution flow to big box retailers anymore – which of course that isn’t new information either!

But – if you are looking for some decent 5poa figures for about $5 each, and have a Five Below store in your area… well, you know the drill.

  • Michael Magdalena

    Has Admiral Ackbar been seen at any of these stores? I’m trying to remember which wave he came in…

    • Brian Beck

      No, and that’s what I have been on the hunt for.

      • CT-7567

        Me too. I found a single Unmasked Kylo at Five Below, but I need another one and an Ackbar. These figures were so HTF last year. Rey and Han were very difficult to track down, it’s actually irritating to see them at 5B. Although I’m glad for those that need them.

  • Sean Golden

    I don’t have a 5here in Tuscaloosa,Al but were still waiting for wave 3 from Rogue One to make it here.Who is making the decisions on what gets sent where and I believe its time for a smart change.

    • Brian Beck

      It never came to NW MI Detroit area either, so its nation wide, if that makes you feel better.

  • Lara Marrs Goebel

    I visit Five Below, Ollie’s (another discount chain), TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning regularly. Ollie’s was the first place I found resistance Rey and I almost danced a jig in the aisle! There were 10 of them on the pegs!
    Stopped by 5 Below today and picked up another Rey and trooper for customizing.

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  • Bombadgungan

    Why is this happening to me? 😉

    • Paul B

      What’s happening to you my friend ?

      • Bombadgungan

        Oh, I’m just having a bit of fun being all melodramatic. 🙂

        As in why does this happen to me that the figures I want don’t show up at big box retail and when they do finally make an appearance, its at some discount chain half way across the country.

        Thank goodness for friends like you! Otherwise I’d never lay my hands on that FO Riot Stormrooper. And from another friend I have a Resistance Rey and unmasked Kylo Ren coming. It’s all good.

        I do however wish some discount chains out here in the west would get some of these overstock waves and not just Five Below. I mean I know we have a reputation of being surfers and all, but we also like to collect action figures.

  • Like A Bossk

    Was at a 5 below last Saturday in S.A TX and saw all of these in multiples. They must of restocked because I bought the last unmasked Kylo to do a head swap 2 months ago.

  • SID

    Found all these in multiple… Finally… In NYC. They didn’t have the trooper but w/e bought all the Rey, Han, Nien and Kylo they had. Only came out too $55 which is how much I’ve seen people try and sell a single kylo.

    Its crazy that this stuff never hit stores. Many many of them had bare shelves or only a few single figures. I don’t get how Hasbro doesn’t force the final wave on retailers or atleast do what they did for AOTC… I remember that TRU had the final POTJ waves and exclusives on the same day as the merch launch for the new movie. It was beautiful in one day I picked up tons of stuff.

    Or even better what happened to the VALUE/BONUS 2 PACKS they used to do with all the left over stock!?!?!?!? They could easily shoved Zuvio with Kylo unmasked and sold every single one. Hasbo tries but they’ve been off the rails, I know they want to make money so why do they ignore all the stuff that sells! I mean (for instance) its pitiful having a new movie out and seeing 2 vehicles for the entire line!

  • Scott from Tulsa

    They just stocked them at the Edmond, OK store as well if anyone needs them!

  • Paul B

    Around Christmas of 2016, one Target store near me had at least two pegs full of TFA Han Solo and Resistance Rey
    Never saw them anywhere else after that.

    • Brian Beck

      same here, right when I was expecting the RO wave 3 to hit……and……..never……..came. :/

      • Bombadgungan

        Same here. Around Christmas 2016 the Han wave finally showed up en masse. I must have seen at leas 20 Hans and nearly as many Hassk Thugs. Oddly enough, there was not a single Resistance Rey to be found in the lot. You think whoever got there before me just went ahead and cleaned them all out?

        • Brian Beck

          she’s still at my store. I do regret not getting the FN 2187 that was there. went back the next day to get it, and gone. kinda funny how I always think I’m the only one there, stalking elusive prey, only to find out someone else is in ‘your’ hunting grounds. makes me want pee in the isle to mark my territory, or just to take out my frustration 🙂

    • Lara Marrs Goebel

      I saw resistance Rey at a Target just the other day.

    • CT-7567

      It was like that in my area. The Rey and Stormtrooper Finn waves showed up briefly then disappeared. Never saw the snowspace figures at retail at all.

    • CT-7567

      Do you think Hasbro will re-release Resistance Rey in TLJ line? It seems to be a prominent outfit for her in the trailer.

  • Timothy Lindstrom

    Wow, I never saw that wave in my area and unfortunately there isn’t a five below within at least 100 miles of me lol

  • Littlegreenwiseguy

    Is this confirmation of big box retail’s “lost faith” in STAR WARS 5POA, or what? With so much showing up at a liquidator chain, this clearly shows how much big box retail did not order from Hasbro.

    • Jebediaah

      It’s showing up at Five Below because stores like Walmart and TRU didn’t receive​ their full quantity. Or more likely, they received it all but could not distribute it to almost all of their stores.
      So instead of it rotting in a warehouse it was sold to Five Below.

    • CT-7567

      Five Below has been getting SW leftovers since TVC. In fact, the non-exclusive TBS is the only recent line I never saw there.