• Danny

    where’s the link to buy it?

  • bmales01

    cool shirt
    movie is still a bad idea

    • Firdaus Yahaya

      chill out, let’s just wait for the movie. who knows it can beat R1

    • Barney Dunn

      watch the opening themes to Droids and Ewoks cartoons and this will tell you the dangers of spin offs for Star Wars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7XCe2XorcY

      • bmales01

        I dont even need to go to the cartoons. Young Boba Fett in AOTC told me all I need to know about showing someone’s life story. And quite frankly young Ani aint much better.

      • Donnalelwood

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      • Yup…totally the same thing.

  • RumSleg

    Bit of a stretch using the blaster as an L.

  • nate e.

    Clever shirt. I’d wear it.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    “wait why is there a han solo movie, i thought he died>?” my 10 and 12 year old girls

    “who is Jyn Erso is that Reys mom? why is darth vader in this movie i thought he died with luke?” my 10 and 12 year old girls


    • nate e.

      I don’t. Kids ask a lot of questions at the movies…parents answer them. If they are confused my chronology with the Star Wars movies, not a big deal. You’ll just have more questions to answer…AND you get to watch them again to help them figure it out;)

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        there was a time when these movies were 3 years apart, which seemed like eons. there were as many questions then, they just happened to concern ONE MOVIE. it’s getting a little out of hand IMO, sorry.

      • Hazzbro Jonez

        btw i love answering all of their questions and i love it when they ask me about everything in the world, yet in this scenario i feel that the confusion they experience is shared by the overall general movie going public (non-sw fans)

  • Inexplicable Nuclear Balls

    Okay, I want one.