• Joe Fadden

    I’m okay with this- though I’m probably a bit biased because I have the entire series including Wave 2, R5 and X-Wing Luke.

  • Joseph Tate

    So glad I managed to get them at retail. All I need now is one more Vader Legacy pack to have 3 complete sets w/ R5.

  • Bombadgungan

    RIDICULOUS! Were these the most limited production Hasbro Star Wars items of all time or did a cargo ship go down in the Pacific? Where is all the product? I’ve seen exactly 2 Leias at Target, 2 Obi-Wans at TRU and exactly zero of anything at Walmart* (*aside from Darth Vader Early Bird packs). Sure, GameStops are widely reported to have received shippers, but that is not a store I generally have any reason to be at. In retrospect, I guess I should have. If only I would have know that these would not be placed at big box retail.

    • Brian Beck

      I think it was that one that just crashed. ( I wondered the same thing )

    • CT-7567

      Did you get Leia and Obi-Wan? I couldn’t decide if I wanted to repurchase the five figures i already have in the boxes. Those would be Luke, Han, Artoo, Stormtrooper and Chewie. I guess that decision has been made for me. I never saw Han or Artoo. I passed on Luke a few times, which is a good thing I guess because there’s no point in getting only a couple of the ones I already have. These distribution issues are really good getting out of control. I don’t go to GameStop either. Even when I was a gamer I mostly got my games at Best Buy anyway. I’m not a fan of the idea of having to go to GameStop for figures.

      • Bombadgungan

        Yes! I did get Leia and Obi-Wan. But then I never saw those in the Black Series boxes, so I needed them one way or another. It’s funny, (or sad?) I was just about to make the same comment, that Hasbro has made the decision for me on what I will or will not collect. I was seriously considering collecting a full set of 12 to keep carded and then also buy duplicates to open of any that I didn’t already have in TBS packaging. Well now it looks like that idea has been blown out of the water! No way I can own a full set unless I’m willing to pay scalper prices.

  • Diddly

    Well these never even showed up here, outside of the solid case of Leia at Target, and I guess they never will.

  • Zachary Hering

    glad I got R2 when I did. I haven’t seen him anywhere other than online.

    • Kraig Mclaughlin

      I did get R2 from an Amazon order right when they were announced. But he came crushed (and it was only for the card, as I have the first boxed r2 loose). Haven’t seen it in store OR online for an active preorder (except the recent EE Oct order) since.

  • LaurenceQuint

    I still have a hard time reconciling the fact that Hasbro is doing nothing – NOTHING – in the 3.75″ scale for the 40th.


    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      Surely you missed those DieCast figures that look like gumball machine prizes.

      • LaurenceQuint

        Ah, yes. Those are amazing. If only I wasn’t allergic to metal.

  • Jarett Koley

    Im most people already know but i got really lucky with my local game stops for both waves.

  • Kraig Mclaughlin

    AMAZING! I have seen a lone 40th Luke in LA Targets exactly once. Saw 40th in TRU for one week, then the shelf tags were pulled, and employees told me “online only”.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Yay! More of Jyn and Cassian for everyone!

  • Skav Atar

    Han and R2 are going to be worth a lot more now. Wave 1 just started hitting Houston area stores just a few weeks ago. Almost impossible to find Han and R2 unless you show up at the store the morning of their truck delivery and hopefully an employee can get the unopened box for you.

  • Brian Beck

    what about EE and their pre-order for Han,R2 due in Oct ? ( I ordered them )

    • Still will be fulfilled (as of now)

    • Chris Romero

      Mine were cancelled today