40th Anniversary Legacy Pack Display Variant

As if figure and packaging variations weren’t enough, Casey B. tipped me off to a running change for the display frame for the Darth Vader Legacy Pack. First shipments (both red and brown eye variants) included a silver double racing stripe frame. Current shipments now feature white stripes (not the music band). Click the image above that I snapped for closer look.

  • Mark

    I got mine before they were officially released and they’re silver. My friend got it right when it came out and his is white.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    Didn’t even look at mine I sold it on ebay.

  • Brian Beck

    sure this is a running change, and not a guy a sleep at the paint filling station ? 😉 ( I working in printing for 20years, and yeah this does happen….a lot)

    • I have 4 Vader sets from different production runs and it isn’t an isolated incident.

      • Brian Beck

        Hhhmmm, me thinks the QC dept needs to have a talking to 🙂
        mines silver, and I got it right when it came out.

  • Steve Stuber

    Wish Hasbro would be more concerned about product in store than variants:

    • Been a surge of them lately too. Not sure whether anyone had mentioned the 40th TBS Titanium 3.75 figs with early run packages sporting the typical 3.75 TBS gray trim (on the Star Wars logo), while later product, say, 70801 datestamps and newer with white trim on the logo (more like the 6-in art colors). FWIW : )