Update: Mark Hamill Final U.S. Autographing Convention Appearance (This Year)

Just announced via Twitter, Mark Hamill is retiring from the autograph convention circuit (in the U.S.) and this year’s New York Comic Con will be the last place you’ll be able to get it!

UPDATE:¬†Apparently, the NYCC Twitter feed was a bit “off the mark”, here is Mark’s official clarification:


  • Sounds like he’s doing pretty good for himself!

    • hammyhamster

      He charged $200 Canadian last time he was in Toronto to sign one item. I lost a bit of respect for the guy after that… and I’m a SUPER capitalist whore so that’s gotta say something.

      • Wow that’s a lot.

        • hammyhamster

          Yeah… I just don’t know why I feel that it’s excessive, but I do.

          I guess I also felt that part of his persona / attraction for me was being a “man for the fans”, but with that price, there seems to be some disconnect.