Win a 10 Pack of FigureShield Protective Clamshell Cases

FigureShield custom-fit protective clamshells are in production and will start shipping in July. To help spread the word the are giving away 10 packs (valued at $65US each) to 3 randomly chosen entrants. Anyone is free to enter. FigureShield, LLC. will pay shipping costs to winners in the continental United States, winners from outside said area will be responsible for shipping and handling costs plus any and all import fees or customs. 

For details on how to enter to win, visit their website at 

  • hammyhamster

    Whoa whoa whoa, stop the clock! Is that plastic made with a diamond-coated layer? $6.50 per case?

    EDIT: If I say something nice, can I win 10 of ’em? It’s clearly out of reach to purchase with my budget, but I will say “swell” if that makes me an entrant to some freebies.

  • Brian Beck

    well that’s a neat idea.

  • Kraig Mclaughlin

    I guess I could get these and print out pictures of the wave 2 cards, that I haven’t seen at retail price yet, and probably wont. lol

  • 80’s will always rule

    Why bother the 40th anniversary wave 2 has been discontinued.

    • Does that stop people from buying Star Cases for other figures that aren’t produced anymore? They are offering a product to collectors that either have the figures or are planning on acquiring them.

      • 80’s will always rule

        Those are custom made what else will fit?

  • These look like a good investment for the 3 that I’m keeping carded (Leia, Vader and R5-D4.) Glad you posted this.