• Matthew Paugh

    Are th we the same ones in the guardians of evil 4 pack?

  • Nathan Landesman

    It’s in stock now at amazon.com for $21.99 prime — just picked one up!!!

    • Bombadgungan

      Congrats Nathan!
      Argh! I’m too slow! Back up to $35 now.

  • I received two Royal Guards from GameStop’s website last week and both had an exorbitant amount of tape on them. It looks like they were taped and re-taped a couple of times, presumably at the factory or customs or something. My other two I got from Amazon were not like this. Very strange!


    • Indeed. I bet you would hate the thought of gamestop employees taking them out and playing with they, touching them with their unwashed hands, then taping them up right before you got there..but dont worry V, Im sure that didnt happen!

    • Brian Beck

      I’ve been having my own “moral dilemma” over the concept ‘one to open, one to keep in box’ My GS preorder, all 3 came with the ‘Target slash’, the side of the boxes cut from when the main box was cut open, but my GS web order came fine.

      Its hard enough to track down a lot of figures anymore, and then to have OCD kick in with needing/wanting a perfect box !

      • Bombadgungan

        I hear ya man! It’s bad enough when Target and Walmart treat these like commodities, no different than a can of beans, but I would think the people at GameStop would understand what a collectible is and take a bit more care. Maybe not.

        On the other hand, congrats on getting your Royal Guards! At least you have one good one to keep MIB if you choose. And you must open at least two to flank your TBS Emperor. That’s my goal.

        So Brian, have you been following the “rule of two” on the TBS 6″ line? One to open, one to keep MIB? Personally, I have a few that I bought duplicates of, but I bought them for either customs or trades. The plan was never to keep an unopened collection of these.

      • Did yours have all the tape on them too? It’s too bad Hasbro doesn’t ship them with a piece of cardboard between where the boxes are cut open and the figures. That would help with the boxes getting cut. I’ve had a few arrive from online stores with the gashes in them.

        • Brian Beck

          Yes/no. Not as bad as yours, but since you pointed it out, its more noticeable then the others in my storage box.

    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      They smuggled drugs under those robes.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    Gamestop got mine last month

  • chad

    Actually the ERG was in stock for a quite a while. I saw it in stock on the 27 of June. I also found 2 when I walked into my local Gamestop last Wednesday.

  • Bombadgungan

    “Currently unavailable online”
    Well that didn’t take long!

  • SteveU1

    At least hasbro did 1 thing right. Solid cases of this figure. Just not sure why only game stop is getting them so far