• Jeffery Morey

    Is that the black series R2????? it would explain why we cant find him!! Lol

    • Natashalwehrle

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  • Maffy

    No worries, Jyn is also up for pre-order at a couple of other places. I actually pre-ordered Leia/R2 & Rey/BB8 from Smyths Toys here in the UK as it was “slightly” cheaper, although it estimates mid August delivery…

    My 10yr old daughter is loving Forces of Destiny.

  • Danny

    What is the currency conversion to USD on these? This is looking like another overpriced Hasbro product.

    • Brian Beck

      a few post down has the prices listed.

    • Xo Tica

      Going by straight conversion it’s $36 and $25.79 . But you in the US won’t be paying that.

  • Brian Beck

    Never knew TRU did preorder.

  • Maffy

    1st Aug 01/08…. UK innit.