• Big Rich

    My chance to get 2 FInns. Yes, I have no Finns.

  • GIBBS v2

    Bring back quality 3.75 and these issues will disappear.

  • Miguel Sandoval

    Crap, crap and more crap.

  • heybert17

    The last time I was at the closest TRU they had a ton of Rogue One, but that included K-2SO who I don’t have yet, I might get him and one of the other peg warmers with this deal.

    • Ken Foti

      Got him for $11 on amazon the other day

      • heybert17

        I’ll have to check that, I have some Amazon credit and there are a couple other cheap ones I need and can easily get to $25

  • so its like getting two figures for $10 plus tax each…well many of the pegwarmers at my TRU can easily be found for $8-9 online and no shipping. You still wouldnt be getting the greatest deal with this sale.

  • Bombadgungan

    Woohoo! I can finally pick up that Zuvio and Guavian that I’ve been eyeing for so long! 😉

    • Big Rich


  • Scruffylookingnerfherder

    The last major sale we had up here in Canada, with the provided coupon, I was able to pick up 8 figures for a grand total of 6.52 after taxes a piece. Even prices that low didn’t clear out the fodder. There are another 40-50 Jynn’s. Case assortment needs to be addressed.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    I think it’s crystal clear now (and has been for a while) that the 6″ line hasn’t done quite as well as Hasbro had been saying it was. Much of the blame though rests with Hasbro.

    • Alex Hinojosa

      No I have to disagree , I Personally think that the core 6″ line is doing quite well, I think the problem is that hasbro has a very poor judgmeant of case assortments if they actually give us proper case assortments of figures they know are going to sell instead of a million Jyns Cassian then this wouldn’t be a problem so yes I think Hasbro is to blame But I do not agree that the line is doing badly.

      • Rykrof_Enloe

        Where did I say the line is doing badly? I said it’s not doing quite as well as Hasbro has indicated.

        How many Revans, Snowtroopers, Sabines, Royal Guards, and 40th anniversary figures have you found in the wild? I, along with a good % of collectors, have seen zero.

        • Alex Hinojosa

          That’s the point I’m trying to make , what I’m saying is hasbro should have put more than one per case of those popular figures and less repacks and carry over of unpopular figures like jyn and cassian ect. And if they did that then maybe we could have a better chance of find them .

          • Rykrof_Enloe

            Same story as multiple times over the years with the 3.75″ line. And finally instead​ of acknowledging the reasons for struggles, they blamed the market and said it has “switched to a 6″ market because that’s where he demand is.” Well they have now screwed that up too. And we already know they are beginning to shift more focus back to 3.75″ in the future… they really need to hire people who have a better grasp on demand for certain figures. It’s pathetic.

          • Brian Beck

            Jyn is everywhere due to #wheresrey from last year. Disney/Hasbro didn’t want that PR mess again ( looking anti female/girls ), so BAM-she’s out there. I’m willing to bet my X-wing Luke, that we’ll see the same with Rey this year-hopefully not as bad.

    • Look at the inventory stores have. The line has sold very well, from Hasbro’s point of view. They sell to retailers, not the general public. So every figure hanging on the pegs was money in the bank for Hasbro. Now it’s retails problem to clear out the over production of Rogue One figures.

      The Revan wave never showed up in stores because they can’t re order new product when they are already overstocked with old stuff.

      It’s all Hasbro and the clown they have in charge of Marketing. Why would you carry forward Cassian in three waves, when he didn’t sell down in the first? Same with Jyn. Chirrut and Baze were shipped in a wave with Jyn, Cassian, Death Trooper and Krennic. I’m sure ol’ Joe Ninivaggi made that choice. Like so many other brilliant moves that have all but killed the line.

  • Inexplicable Nuclear Balls

    Excellent. Now I can finally complete my Jyn Erso battalion.

    • Jason Wood

      I can get my Finn, Zubio, and guavarian enforcer for cheap.

  • ghost man

    this sale isnt worth a squirt of piss.

    • Michael D. Russum


      • SteveU1

        Lol they still wont sell any of the crap sitting on the pegs for the last year. Buy 1 get 4 free i will buy them to donate just to clear the retail disaster.

        • Firestick User

          I always tell the store employees that all this stuff should be in the dumpster.