• Bombadgungan

    I don’t regularly collect trading cards, so excuse my ignorance. What is an “insert”? Are these like “chase” cards randomly inserted in packs of the regular series?

    Is there a link to more information or a copy of the email?

    • TheLastTrooper

      yea, inserts are like specials cards like you said, or chase cards
      they are inserted into packs of a series (on card trader, each series has a different pack) and you have certain odds on getting them like 1 in 5 packs or 1 in 10 packs and so on
      look up something like “trading card inserts” on google and maybe you’ll get a better example
      hope that helps

  • Seamus Gameus

    I didn’t seem to get the email has a release date/time been given?

    • TheLastTrooper

      i use gmail and it was in the promotions section, idk why tho
      sometimes emails from topps also end up in the spam folder
      hope that helps