• Skav Atar

    if it weren’t for their exclusive Star Wars figures and Funko pop, i wouldn’t even go in there.

    • Bombadgungan

      I wish I didn’t have to go into Walmart. But nowadays you have to shop every retailer available if you have any hope of finding even 75% of the Star Wars product line.

    • Brian Beck

      She would have sold better with a ‘in disguise’ version. (and no you can’t head swap with this one, I tried)

    • Paul B

      Man that’s just wrong.
      I hate people who do that
      They’re scumbags
      I bet though that IF you tried to rip them off, they’d be furious and call you out on it.

      • I dont collect/care about this scale, but even this made me disgusted. The employees at this particular walmart plain dont care about getting ripped off. There were plenty of Marvel Legends who had their BAF pieces torn right out of the packaging. Just about every single piece of the GotG Mantis BAF were gone, and then they just end up in the clearance isle. There are two Dr Strange figures for $10 that are all taped up and every single accessory/BAF piece gone.
        I wouldnt be surprised if it was the same person doing all this.

        • Bombadgungan

          Just one scumbag in your area? Doubtful.

        • Paul B

          Oh Wal-Mart cares about getting ripped off
          But only if they catch you doing it.
          I’m surprised those figures are in the clearence aisle
          Usually they are just shrinked out and sent back for full refund

        • Brian Beck

          You mean I could have just stolen all the pieces instead of buying the figures ?

          that took some big brass ones, those boxes are a PITA to open…on a good day, let alone tiring to shop lift and do it, what a POS.

          • Thats the thing. I ve mostly seen instances where the figure is bought and the BAF piece is replaced with another one (old piece or even DC collect-n-connect)…these were simply ripped out, no finesse or attempt to hide the fact whatsoever.

          • Bombadgungan

            You could have, but then again you are a decent human being with morals Brian, so you pay for the things you want.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    Target needs to do like everyone else and use the upc code on the back , Instead they make up there own that way when you try to take something back they say that’s not from here.

  • Fiery Little One

    That is just weird.

    • Bombadgungan

      Do you think it could be that Target is planning on recycling the TFA 6″ DPCI for TLJ and the RO DCPI is either being retired for good or not coming back till the Han Solo movie?

      Of course it could just be that they began markdowns of RO 6″ figures before the TFA line, perhaps more RO inventory to get rid of, so they are farther along in the markdown process, 75% off vs. 50%? I wonder which DPCI the most recent (waves 9 & 11) OT figures fall under.

      • Fiery Little One

        That’s possible.

  • Danny

    Zubio should be free with the purchase of a $5 Jyn

    • Bettyrcole

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  • Hazzbro Jonez

    a tbs6 Zuvio just “showed up” at my target last week after months and months of jyns cassians and pilots. weird.