Rumor Report: The Last Jedi SWU Figure Assortment

Remember how things were broken down for The Force Awakens 3.75″ basic figures? Figures and vehicles were grouped into 4 categories: “Forest”, “Snow”, “Desert” and “Space”. For The Last Jedi, the Star Wars Universe (SWU) is broken down into two categories, “Orange” and “Teal”. These color designation may have some alternate definition later on, but for now this is how they are being grouped.

More to come….

  • Seth Vatt

    What’s the over/under on repacks and repaints to new figures?

  • Tom P.

    Can’t wait to see what’s coming in the first waves. At least they’re being released on the same day. Is there any word on how many figures in each of the waves this time?

  • SteveU1

    Please i hope they are not putting more junk 5poa and under sized vehicles out again. They cant even move them on clearance

    • Cheeseman James

      oh you’re one of those guys.. too good for 5poa. I bet you’re a 6inch inch hugger too… real collectors… the hard core collectors… those who been collecting since 77, wouldn’t be bitching

      • Easy…. easy

        • SteveU1

          Its all in good fun jayson. Looking forward to the podcast tonight

      • SteveU1

        I am a 3.75 SA guy lol! 5poa I can let live if it must. But those tiny undersized vehicles I wont let go!

      • Rykrof_Enloe


      • Paulskywalker

        The token I love SW and collecting more than you fan…

    • Paulskywalker

      Totally agree, I stopped collecting 3.75 as soon as the got rid of the articulation and so did kids is seems. As the stuff from TEA, RO and Rebels is everywhere here l clearance. Just glad 3.75 is coming back, just hope it’s available in all countries.

      • SteveU1

        Yea was all for the 5poa when they were 5.99 the first year. That was what hasbro was going for. Kids can buy them at low price point. But now they are 8.99-9.99 so the purpose of having them is gone. And the sales show it. For $3 more you can get the SA figures. I just hope they dont screw up the vintage collection next year. That stuff should start leaking in a few months. Cant wait!

        • Paulskywalker

          Yeah why get a expensive 5 pos figure when the toy aisles have much more exciting toys and for a more reasonable. Some even Hasbro produces.

    • darthmadonna

      I never stopped with 3.75. LOL I just cant stand 6″ figures. I feel the 5
      POA has improved a lot with the exception of articulation. At least
      the Rogue One stuff looks good or as if they belong with he rest of my
      collection. I even really like the U wing and TIe Striker. THe NErf
      thing is not great but with the U wing it was hidden. But most
      importantly around me in TAcoma 5 POA is never on the pegs. My
      Walmart for months now has stacks and stacks of red boxed 6″ figures and
      the same two 5 poa figures hanging on the peg. Leia and Imperial air
      traffic controller guy. In fact I am frustrated everywhere I go it is pallets of 6″ and usually zero to a few 5 poas.

      • 80sRobot

        I think the RO 3.75″ line has been far more popular than Hasbro predicted. In fact, it looks like it’s been selling better than the TFA line. The only peg warmers that stick out to me whenever I check the stores lately are the Imperial Crew, Eadu Jyn and Eadu Cassian, and a little of the Jedha Jyn. Good luck finding a K-2SO now.

        • darthmadonna

          I think RO was just better in general. Heck even Hot Toys has sold through their Shore Troopers and everyone is still sitting on FIrst Order troopers. he he he

        • Brian Beck

          I found one yesterday 🙂 I’m doing a second scarif base, so the timing is working out for me ( for once ) but yeah, no Krennic to be found.

        • Hazzbro Jonez

          theyre are 5 3.75 K-2s0 figures at my closest walgreens

    • 80sRobot

      I don’t mind the 5 POA — these are meant for kids and I find this part of their appeal (the figures being toys first and foremost). It’s the lack of availability of popular characters, the way Hasbro holds them back for latter waves or pairs them with less popular characters in two-packs that is most annoying.

      The undersized ships and lack of playsets is an issue i agree with.