• heybert17

    I like them individually, but as a whole, way too much Red, a display of all together just looks too redundant.

  • Toro, Toro! OlĂ©

    Is it just me or is anyone else seeing red?

    I have never watched Games of Throne, but does this have anything to do with that “Red Wedding?”

  • GIBBS v2


  • Sith Lord Jacen

    Why are they showing Finn Binks I was hoping he was going to be in the medical pod the whole movie so he wouldn’t make it any worse than it’s going to be.

  • darthmadonna

    My first thought was the Handmaiden’s Tale. LOL Still pretty cool and the red really does give it a anguishing pop.

    • John Titus

      They must be taking graphic design lessons from Hasbro.

  • John Titus

    Little red riding hood?

  • Chris Henry

    Put Kylo’s helmet back on!! The cry baby emo thing aint workin.

    • Paulskywalker

      I had him down more as confused by the light and darkside. And since it was resolved when he killed Han I’d assume he will be more clear headed in ep8. Unless there is still light in him.

      • Maybe he is a Trans-Force individual? Or is it Bi-Force? Its hard to keep up with the modern day sometimes.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Those are wicked

  • Paulskywalker

    Really cool posters and the red seems ominous.