Force of Destiny Endor Adventure Set

Managed to pick up the Princess Leia and Wicket Endor Adventure set over my lunch break at my local Target (Medina, MN). They had these in stockroom  as well as the Rey Extendable Staff (which I passed on). As a reminder, retail for the Endor Adventure set is $34.99 with DPCI 087-06-9292. I’ll get my girls to give their thoughts on this set later tonight.

(Sorry if this purchase triggers those (you know who you are) that can’t stand Hasbro marketing to kids or to parents looking to share their love of Star Wars with their progeny.)

  • chad

    Checked Brickseek just second ago and the forces of Destiney are showing up at a few Targets in my area. I think I will pass on these though. Makes me curious if these will be in the girls section(stupid notation).

  • Miguel Sandoval
  • Brian Beck

    in the SW toys section ? or ‘other’.

    • pulled from stockroom

      • Brian Beck

        Hmmm. I just did a Brickseek search, and there are a ton in my area, how do you ask (fight) with them to get it ? any issues, I’ve never done that before, I don’t want to look stupid-er then usual 🙂

        • Ask a young employee that looks eager to help. Don’t go to customer service, ask some random redshirt milling about with a PDA. Don’t tell them it’s a Star Wars item tell them “it’s a doll”.

          • Brian Beck

            BINGO !

            I did just what you said. it took him a while ( had to unpack the pallet )
            but he came out with a big smile saying that it was pretty cool and he loves star wars. I’ll be taking a ton of pics if any ones interested.
            Thanks Jayson 🙂

          • souldeserter

            Saw an end cap of these tonight at a locla Target. They look nice and I’m tempted to pick up the Hoth Leia because the R2 looks in proper scale to the 6″ Black Series!

  • Jonathan O.

    This will make my daughter very happy.

  • darthmadonna

    I wont be buying these but they are cute. Seems a little late on Hasbro’s part. My girl grew up on the PT and she was obsessed with Padme and Bratz dolls. SHe would have LOVED this then. I loved watching her play with the action figures I would give her. SHe had to have any and all females. She would have Leia and padme hang out like mother and daughter. Padme would call Leia honey and give her extra hugs all the time. LOL