• Big Rich

    Jesus…the amount of money I will be spending

  • mic windu

    This looks awesome (apart from the 5poa figure) this will be my first force Friday purchase since Revenge of the Sith. Lets hope 3.75 continue at this level of quality

  • There were at least three potential creature packs from TFA: Rathtar, Luggabeast, Happabor.
    Im glad we got one of them, and something gives me a very strong feeling that were are going to get at least one more from this list…sometime in the next 30 years. #TFATAC

  • darthmadonna

    it does look like a good figure just not a fan of the subject. Still gonna buy it though 🙂

  • Mother_Talzin

    The return of a beast assortment is one of the best decisions Hasbro could make, we’ve had them for every movie until TFA, glad this is being corrected.

    • darthmadonna

      Yeah but I fear this is a one off. Still want a luggabeast most.

  • Doog

    Cool! I’m really excited about this. A fun monster with a new character that will really help with a space trawler interior scene. Excelsior!

  • Paulskywalker

    Nice to see the return of creatures, shame the figures 5 POA. An articulated figure would look so much better sticking out that gob.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Weak figure, awesome creature. Must purchase item.

  • Boba Fettuccini

    I’ll buy it. Finally a use for some of those Guavians sitting around on clearance at Toys R Us. I’m a bit disappointed at how they did the legs there, given that Rogue One figures stepped up how they did tunics and stuff by using soft plastic, but this will do for now.

    • General Hux

      I’m heading to TRU and I’m gonna buy those Guavians! 🙂

      • darthmadonna

        not a bad idea! I wonder if my TRU even has any.

  • General Hux

    I was a little off on some of it…But one year ago I said this here on Yakface: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/85fe204111e6600e187d3f4247f8fc4519c59150ba6df3c792563db04f88e6a1.png

  • Tom P.

    OK, that’s pretty cool looking actually.