• Victor Hernandez

    Mines came in the mail all messed up and I was gonna keep it as a display. -_-

  • Zachary J. Valois

    Awesome collaboration.

  • jerome

    i watched review of gree, this is 1 of hasbros best so far. i accidentally made 2 separate orders. this morning and both orders went through. if can accidentally do it with a 1 per household limit then that just shows 1 of the reasons scalpers do it so easily. i dont. evev want 2 grees and am disappointed as a collector that i was able to get 2.

    • Nathan Landesman

      would love to buy your 2nd gree or do a trade for another figure if you prefer. Drop me a line if you haven’t committed to another collector yet!

      nlandesman@me.com or cell is 810-399-3000

      I live near flint, michigan. thx & hope to talk soon! nate

  • Captain Yorr

    as of this post tbey ate sold out

  • Victor Hernandez

    when do you think it will get release in stores during fall?

  • John Titus

    Order came to $34 with shipping. I cancelled out. There is nothing unique that warrants the extra $

    • Define “nothing unique”

      • John Titus

        It’s the same thing they are releasing this fall. I assume the retail version will be exactly the same but for $19.99.

  • flying2high

    Thanks a lot Toys R Us! Raise the price $5, limit 1 per customer so unable to get 2 (1 to open and 1 to keep in box), no free shipping unless its over $29, probably will be shipped in a mailer instead of a box, No Thanks! These will probably be in abundance later in the stores. Just going to wait till then.

    • Josuethefanboy_7

      I ordered one too and yeah I don’t like the idea that it was supposed to be free shipping they want to sell you out.

    • J5un

      If you want free shipping just order something else and return it in store

    • jerome

      i accidentally ordered 2 of them,my screen froze my 1st. order,so did it again ordering extra different toys for my daughter and the order went through telling. me to check email. i had. 2 emails confirming each order. with 2 toys for my child , 2. grees, and free shipping the total. was about $70 with tax. i only want 1 gree and scalpers suck, so. if anyone. wants. 1 at cost next week when they arrive let me know. ill also do a trade for any figure that. i dont have