Hasbro SDCC Exclusives Delayed Until September

Hasbro* has sent an update to media outlets regarding the revised availability of their SDCC Exclusives. Originally slated for an August 14 release on HasbroToyShop.com, the indicate that they will now be offered sometime in September.

“Hi Star Wars fans,

Hope you’re having a great weekend! We wanted to reach out to clarify that the availability date for the Hasbro Star Wars SDCC exclusives on Hasbro Toy Shop has changed to September.”

*Parody “sad Hasbro logo” created by Yakface.com

  • Dave

    So instead of releasing them during a month when no new product is on the shelves they wait until after Force Friday when everyone’s wallets will be raped by the deluge of new product for Last Jedi and will have no money for the SDCC exclusives from 2 months previous. Getting really tired of Hasblows mismanagement of the license. Disney would do well to take the license elsewhere and dump these clowns.

  • Seamus Gameus

    Is this still delayed to Sept?

  • Ryan M

    So they are waiting until after Force Friday to release them?? That will make them not as sought after for sure.

  • Pieter Ketelaar

    You know all year that San Diego Comic Con is coming. Hasbro has a planning AND distribution problem.

    • Right?!?!?!? Who is running the show there at Hasbro? This isn’t rocket science!

      • don

        Some 20 something that knows nothing about collecting

  • SID


  • Haha that logo is more appropriate for hasbro in general…

  • Josuethefanboy_7

    I oderd the gree figure and then cancelled the order due to it’s cost and also because I rather wait until Force Friday the reveal is going to hype me up more for sure I can’t wait for TLJ figures.

    • don

      Force Friday will be a dud as usually. Hasbro blames retailers when Hasbro cannot provide.

      • Josuethefanboy_7

        Really? This will actually be my first force Friday but I’m only in it for the Jedi training Rey and other new character figures that look interesting.

        • don

          I’m not always right. But it happens most of the time. Stores use to get weekly 4 to 5 cases of new stuff. Now lucky to get 1 a month.

          • Ryan M

            You should contact the store you shop at via online. I contacted TRU and gave them the store number and basically said “Toys shouldnt even be in the store name since KMart is carrying more than they are” and complained about Marvel Legends…now they always get a nice inventory of the items.

          • don

            I’ve been doing that for 28 years. It doesn’t work. I don’t want to say how much i spend here. But it is WOW over 90% of collectors. You would think the stores would want the money? ! store the local Walmart doesn’t want collectors to be in the store. In fact it is a Supercenter and i find more stuff at small Walmarts

          • Ryan M

            My local Walmart is horrible but the one on the other end of town is great. My local TRU is actually managed pretty well and caters to adult collectors pretty well. Inventory was bad but after I complained I saw an increase of inventory at the location and it has been steady since. I am also in a small town in WV so not as competitive as a larger city.

          • don

            I guess it depends on the city and state. Wisconsin also gets exclusives last. Other collectors here say the same thing. I have traveled and seen other places with more product.Target i will not even walk into they treat people like dirt. I have complain they do not care. But i’m glad for you.

          • J.R. Raz

            My walmart still has Finn and Zuvio. JUST Finn and Zuvio. It makes me sad.

          • don

            Calling corp never works in Wisconsin. TRU does have more than any reg store but they also charge more and employees get the pick first. It is a know fact that they do.I knew alot of employees that made bank working there.

      • chad

        and retailers will blame Hasbro.

  • Fiery Little One

    Hmm… During my travels home I’ll be dropping into a Barnes & Noble tomorrow, it’s my understanding that they’ve been selling the exclusives lately. I might just see if they have the regular stuff to save myself the trouble.

    I wanted that Thrawn in particular without paying double, or more, what it’s worth.

    • Ryan M

      If these are coming out after Force Friday you shouldnt have a problem finding it later at retail price.

      • Fiery Little One

        The single release, yep. The SDCC release, not so much. (I like to pick this stuff up in person.)

  • John Titus

    I was able to get some “reasonable” prices on eBay so kinda glad I pulled the trigger now. I see eBay prices going up after this announcement.

  • darthmadonna

    maybe they are going to make some more to be available. I would like Thrawn but only if it was the SDCC version.

  • Danny

    bunch of old men will tear up reading this…

  • Ben Drake

    Why hasbro why i want my thrawnnnnn

  • Aidan williams

    Who is going to want the Luke Rey pack after force Friday, they’ll be everywhere

    • Brian Beck

      It will still sell out cause it’s ‘different enough’. I’m stupid enough to admit that if last years exclusive Jyn was reasonable, I’d get it despite my ability to go to any retailer right now and get “the same thing” for $5.

  • Cheeseman James

    Force Friday?