• Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    They should do Sphero Gonk.

    • Leannasfelt


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  • Dave

    So how are they going to do a Sphero Artoo? It will be basically just like the app controlled Artoo from Hasbro. Don’t see what more they can do with it.

    • If they can do an Sphero Spider-Man, they Can do an R2

      • Dave

        In other words “Move along… move along…”

        • Hazzbro Jonez

          nah the sphero spider man doesn’t move at all.

  • John Titus

    Got so bored with this thing after a week. I wish we could get something closer to scale but I know that’s a pipe dream. I can’t imagine a tiny R2 the size of BB-8.

    • Kraig Mclaughlin

      I can only imagine R2 whould have to be around the size of the Hasbro version (but 3X the retail price). Their Lightning McQueen RC is pretty impressive. BB-9E, will just be a repaint/reprogram (imperial) I assume.

      Now add an actual projector to R2, that would be cool! Like the Moto Droid phone add on projector.

    • Diddly

      Everyone I know who has one says the same thing. Plus it barely can move on carpet. I think the biggest killer is that you HAVE to have the app open on your phone for it to work, unless you pay $80 for the wrist band.