Target Star Wars Clearance Sections

Recently, our friends at Jeditemplearchives shared news of Target’s plan to merchandise clearance Star Wars items in their very own planogram section.

While traveling today, I came across a Target store that had just reset their clearance Star Wars items following these corporate guidelines (this store also had an endcap filled with at least 30 more 5poa figures from TFA and Rogue One and a ton of Ezra speederbikes).

What kind of clearance selection are you all seeing at your local Targets?  How low do these products need to go for customers to put them in their carts?  Share your thoughts after the jump!

  • Ricky Knight

    My Target had TBS Deathtroopers for $5 two weeks ago. I snagged all three. I wad just at Target yesterday, and pretty much everything is on clearance. All 3.75″ for $4, but it’s mostly just Jyn and TFA Rebel Soldier. TBS Krennick, Jyn, and Cassian are all $5, but the AT-ACT driver is inexplicably still $20, and the Rogue One 3-pack is still $60!

    • Target Clearance Wave 2 has seen even better deals, with TFA $20 vehicle+figure at $5.98, Armor-up TFA figs at $4.46 and TFA basic at $2.30. Was able to pick up one of each FO TIE Pilot and Sergeant FO trooper with small walker. 5 Below now stocking some Rogue 1 two-packs at $5 plus my store restocked TFA basic (somewhat).

  • Doog

    Not related to Target – sorry – but some of you may want to know that the BAD BB-8 is available on the Disney store app and 25% off. Again, my apologies for posting in an unrelated thread

  • Seth Vatt

    This should have happened 6-10 months ago for TFA figures and 3 months ago for Rogue One. Absolutely no reason this stuff should still be on the shelves.

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    just stopped by mine, they were still in the middle of organizing it but its weird to see this sort of display in the main toy aisles. our SW clearance aisle looks like the pool/scooter aisle .

    we only have 4-5 5POA and only the AT-ACT driver. all the other TBS6 toys disappeared
    (there was like 5 cassian and 4 jyns and one returned zuvio those have vanished)

  • Boba Fettuccini

    I found some Han and Resistance Rey a few town over. I’ve still never seen the FAN 2187 figure though, I was hoping that would turn up.

    Given the lower prices, I went for one of the first order speeder bikes, and it’s actually a pretty nice lil bike. Like all the recent offerings though, far too expensive. It should have been $10 to start with, especially since it has no action features and very few moving parts.

    • LesterF

      You referring to the Finn 2187 in Stormtrooper Outfit?

      • Boba Fettuccini

        Correct. I need removable FO stormy buckets.

        • LesterF

          What state you in?

          • Boba Fettuccini


          • LesterF

            Okay. We have a store here in SE North Carolina that got received gobs of Finn 2187,Unkar Plutt, Rebels Captain Rex, and a couple others for $5.99.

  • RumSleg

    That Y-Wing bomber mini-rig is a fantastic toy. Hasbro Toy Shop has it for $7.98. If I saw it in person for $10 or less I’d have a hard time passing it up, even though I already have a couple different versions. 🙂

    • Doog

      It really is a nice toy. Lots of functionality and mini-rig-style quirkiness. Love it

  • RumSleg

    For the most part I’d say it’s too little, too late. Anything on those shelves that I wanted I already got at reduced prices months ago. Walmart and Hasbro Toy Shop online had the Class I stuff on sale long ago. The remaining 5POA figures are mostly Jyns and TFA armor-ups that nobody needs. They won’t move at even $4.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    Rogue one 3- pack. still $60 they have been there for over a year and not one has sold

    • Boba Fettuccini

      I do not understand how those weren’t clearanced out immediately after Christmas. One target around here clearanced them out $10 off, and then actually *un-clearanced* them

      • Sith Lord Jacen

        you think that’s bad Walmart un-clearanced there 6inch figures and there is 35 of them clogging the pegs covered in dust. I don’t know where there gonna put the new stuff force Friday. I want a Luke’s landsppeder.

  • CSEddleman

    The funny thing is that my target, once they put up their clearance, decided to FINALLY put out the waves that all of us of searched for and never found. Seriously… from the Krennic to the Revan wave all of sudden showed up on the section expanded. Thanks Target!

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      Pics next time please!

    • Hazzbro Jonez

      yea i was able to grab another scarif squad leader for 9.84 like late may. they had put that case out right when they did the initial mark downs on TBS6

  • GIBBS v2

    It’s real, my target was setup almost exactly like the shelf plan. Except we have so much junk it still fills a whole isle.

    My Target in Baxter, MN has been pretty much fully stocked of wave 1 & 2 merch since launch and virtually nothing has moved for 10 months. Now it is overflowing too with the Destiny of the Force stuff as well.

  • Chuck McMenamin

    My store has a few 3.75″, a few Speederbikes, and maybe 6 6″ left. Everything else is gone

  • Karen Rogers

    Lots of $4.00 clearance figures at two nearby Targets here in KC. Resistance and First Order guys mostly, and Goss Toowers, but I picked up an extra Sabine. They have not yet marked down the two-figure packs for some reason.

    • Coincidentally, the Rogue One two-packs have started showing up at Five Below ($5). My nearest Chicagoland store saw many of the Finn/Phasma pack and some Baze/Trooper.