A Different TBS “Alien” Available on Force Friday?

As Yoda said, “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” but we now believe that the “alien” in wave 2 of the 6″ Black Series may in fact be someone else entirely and NOT Chewbacca as we previously theorized. Click on through to check out the latest development as we prepare for Force Friday 2 and beyond.

Based on the code names attributed to each character (in the Black Series and basic 3.75″ lines) and some recent images we’ve seen, there’s a strong possibility that “Alien 1” is in fact Maz Kanata who was just revealed at SDCC. We hope to get additional confirmation on this soon.
Image courtesy of Rebelscum
Also regarding the divisive look of the Elite Praetorian Guard that is also a part of wave 2, it looks MUCH cooler as a Black Series figure, and it is of a different design than the Jakks “Big Fig” Elite Guard that we’ve all seen floating around for a while now.