TLJ Breakdown: 6″ TBS Kylo Ren

As we continue to gather info regarding the details of the products for Force Friday’s launch of merchandise for The Last Jedi, I thought I’d try to give some additional details regarding a few of the new figures and vehicles.

Let’s start things off with the 6″ Black Series Kylo Ren

In essence, Kylo is very similar to his prior releases. The head sculpt is new, featuring a more disheveled hairdo and facial scar. It doesn’t appear that the figure benefits from Hasbro’s new paint techniques that have presented on figures like Rey in Resistance Outfit and Captain Rex, but if you want to see great examples of this new application process, check out many of the new 6″ Marvel Legends figures from Thor and the Netflix wave of characters especially Daredevil, Elektra, Punisher and Jessica Jones which are at retail now.

There are no soft goods used on the figure at all. The soft vinyl tabards around his waist stop mid-thigh (they were a bit past the knee on the TFA version). The new removable cape he wears is a soft vinyl plastic, much like Krennic’s cape and based on what I’ve seen, there is no helmet included. The ignited lightsaber accessory is all one piece (no removable blade) and the blade sculpt looks more jagged but it’s hard to tell without having the various blades in-hand for a side-by-side comparison. He also includes a separate lightsaber hilt.