TLJ Breakdown: 6″ TBS Kylo Ren

As we continue to gather info regarding the details of the products for Force Friday’s launch of merchandise for The Last Jedi, I thought I’d try to give some additional details regarding a few of the new figures and vehicles.

Let’s start things off with the 6″ Black Series Kylo Ren

In essence, Kylo is very similar to his prior releases. The head sculpt is new, featuring a more disheveled hairdo and facial scar. It doesn’t appear that the figure benefits from Hasbro’s new paint techniques that have presented on figures like Rey in Resistance Outfit and Captain Rex, but if you want to see great examples of this new application process, check out many of the new 6″ Marvel Legends figures from Thor and the Netflix wave of characters especially Daredevil, Elektra, Punisher and Jessica Jones which are at retail now.

There are no soft goods used on the figure at all. The soft vinyl tabards around his waist stop mid-thigh (they were a bit past the knee on the TFA version). The new removable cape he wears is a soft vinyl plastic, much like Krennic’s cape and based on what I’ve seen, there is no helmet included. The ignited lightsaber accessory is all one piece (no removable blade) and the blade sculpt looks more jagged but it’s hard to tell without having the various blades in-hand for a side-by-side comparison. He also includes a separate lightsaber hilt.

  • MicroCapo

    I’m so glad that YakFace is gaining traction. The comment section of another SW figure site can be very vile & bias. Congrats, Jayson! 🙂

  • Ryan M

    These will most likely be hitting shelves as well at some point this fall.

    • jerome

      yeah but the nearest tru for me is a 150mile roundtrip, and after that we’re talkin i need a new hobby distance. so this is 1 that getting online really helps. they both arrived today.

  • Jaken Wraith

    Someone posted a comparision shot of the new Kylo Figure next to the “un-masked” Kylo Figure. I’ve been searching all over Social Media and i can’t find it after seeing it somewhere.

    • Ryan M

      I would like to see this as well

    • Ryan M

      I found a photo on reddit of 2 kylo ren figures side by side. If it is real then it looks pretty cool

  • Honestly, so far I have no interest in the new film or its forthcoming figures (sticking to original trilogy mostly) but I do want to give Yak props for keeping us up to date on it all. He obviously invests a lot of time into this website and I appreciate the effort.

  • Ryan M

    Any idea on a release date for a Black Series Snoke or even a basic 3.75″?

    • FN-GZ

      There’s a GameStop exclusive six inch Snoke that comes with his throne, which should be released on Force Friday. There’s also the 3.75 Snoke that comes with the two hundred dollar star destroyer play set. That also goes on retail the 1st.

      • Ryan M

        I have never heard of this GameStop version…I didn’t know the large set included him. I will NOT be buying that for a Snoke.

        • FN-GZ

          Yeah, I’d definitely wait and see if he’s going to be released separately.

  • CT-7567

    Nice idea for an article, Jayson. August is always a bit exciting because of the new stuff coming. Breaking down the figures is a neat idea. 🙂

  • TheLastTrooper

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    • jerome

      i joined your website and just posted on it that tru now has more commander grees in stock and available for order still as of 345am Thursday still

  • Barney Dunn

    No one knows anything about Force Friday at our Walmart or Target. Same thing happened the night of Rogue Friday last September, they had to get a manager to go in the back to wheel out pallets of merchandise. They no longer seem to be publicizing these events outside of collector sites.

  • Tim

    Will Luke and Rey be available September 1st?

    • Yes

      • Joseph Tate

        Have you released the checklist yet? I can’t seem to find it.

        • Nope

          • CT-7567

            Someone leaked it online. I saved it, but I certainly wouldn’t repost it before you publish the list. I just thought you might want to know it was somehow already out there. It might not be your list, but it looks like the previous ones you did.

          • Jaken Wraith

            Yakface posted a Preview. on Twitter.

          • CT-7567

            Ok, but it was Jayson’s to post at a time of his choosing. Plus even if you think it’s ok to post the preview he CERTAINLY deserved credit, right?

          • Jaken Wraith

            I linked Yakface’s Twitter Post, didn’t post the pic. Nowadays i come to expect People to do thing’s like that when something gets posted. No one cares anymore, they will take credit for anything, any chance they get.

          • CT-7567

            Can people save pics from Twitter? I don’t use it.

          • Jaken Wraith

            I don’t really have a Twitter either, just made one to be able to see stuff like this. I have NEVER posted anything on Twitter. But you can save a pic off Twitter if it’s linked somewhere else, like say Facebook. I’m pretty sure that’s the only way you can, but not positive.

          • CT-7567

            You could probably take a screenshot.

          • Jaken Wraith

            I have it now. The Twitter Post actually made it as “News” today. Screenrant ran a story with a breakdown, and the image from Twitter. Star Wars News Net also has it up.

          • And this is the part about social media that sucks a$$. Some people intentionally passed my preview image (and text from it) off as a “leak” while failing to cite me as the source. Rest assured I will NEVER give an advanced look at something like this again.

          • CT-7567

            Well, I definitely appreciate the work you did and prefer your PDF to any leaked, uncredited posts. When I saw the image of the list I saved the image because I assumed it was up on your site. Then I clicked over and it wasn’t up, do I saved it. But id NEVER post it, regardless of whether or not credit is given. YOU worked to out it together for us, do its yours to post when you see fit. Someone asked me if the ANH Obi-Wan 5poa figure was on the list and I specifically said I couldn’t post it until you put it up. Just know that your dedicated, long time readers appreciate this list as well as previous ones. It totally sucks that anyone would post it before you, but I simply cannot believe the dude that typed it all out in a comment, prices and all, like it was his work. Then, after you say something, he credits Yakface a and provides a link to your front page!!?? Outrageous. Sorry that it happened at all, Jayson. 🙁

  • FN-GZ

    How was the face paint? Was it pale and lifeless like the one we got last year, or is the paint a bit better?

  • Riot trooper triggs

    Any chance we’ll get images soon?

  • Fiery Little One

    Plastic cape after what they did for his grandfather? …I’m glad I’m fine with the original release. (I waited for one of the updates before I got him.)

  • Chris Henry

    No helmet?? Not buying it if there is no helmet.

    • All I’ll say is I haven’t seen a helmet. That doesn’t necessarily mean one isn’t included.

      • Firestick User

        You’re not getting a helmet if you don’t see one already.

      • General Hux

        Knowing Hasbro…It won’t include the helmet.

  • Josuethefanboy_7

    Thanks for the info, a figure of DJ would be awesome to see in FF2.

  • Carlos Junior Cruz

    Count Dooku used a similar cape on his shoulders

  • Paul

    Krennic’s vinyl cape was fine for Krennic but it worked for his character.

    If Kylo’s cape has the same over the shoulder’s drop like Krennic’s, which hinders articulation and poseability of the figure, I’m going to say that Hasbro should have gone with soft goods like they did with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker’s cloak .

    Thanks for the info and the sh0out to the MCU Marvel Legends figures, which are fantastic.

    • Kylo’s is over the shoulders on the figure

      • Paul

        Ugh, not the right call Hasbro. Granted I guess I can just get 40th anniversary Vader from Walmart for $15 and switch out the cape, but honestly I shouldn’t have to do that kind of a fix for the main villain in a collector focused line made by the primary license holder for Star Wars.

        I typically don’t go after Hasbro because there’s already so much vitriol and I believe for the most part they do their best, but this is disappointing and could have easily been avoided.

        • Josuethefanboy_7


      • General Hux

        Well, that’s going to severely prohibit his arm articulation.

  • Serpico Jones

    So basically it’s exactly the same as the 3.75″ version that was leaked two weeks ago.

    • bmales01

      That’s pretty much how all the lines work. Same versions in different scales. here and there you get a different characters and/or outfit