• Dawson83

    Would love to know what the three internal speakers are for. Just sound effects ?

    • Staceyjdancy

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    “Come in Resistance base, this is your bland buddy Poe coming in for landing in the clearance aisle. WAIT…..Huge Tie Fighter box spotted on approach. Repeat, Huge Ti Fighter Box Spotted AND an AT-AT!””

  • SID

    Passed on the others but this one is definitely easier to “costume”. Hope they do a more standard pilot color palette.

    • Elvinajschwarz

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  • SlothFromHoth

    Need it.

    I’m a little scared that Hasbro is going down this road, if they start making different pilot helmets, I could be out of a lot of money…

  • cinemaniac_1970

    Love these helmets. I have the two stormtroopers (standard and shadow), and they are awesome. Looking forward to this. Hoping they make a Luke from Ep. IV.

    • GIBBS v2

      This one is legit cool.