• Darth Maleval

    These are not arriving in full cases in the stores. When your average employee goes to hang it on the peg, they have no idea it is a street date product unless they use a store handheld scanner. If these were shipped by the case (with the date sticker on the outside) these problems wouldn’t be happening. This is the only new Star Wars item I’ve seen arrive in our store that’s not in a full case.
    In a side note, from what I’ve seen arrive…there will be plenty of product to go around on Friday!

  • Lando Griffin
    • Brian Beck

      cool, I’ll have to get the trooper and Rey cars.

    • JohnMorog

      I want the Han in carbonite car suuper bad!!

  • Chris Fowler

    Has anybody heard anything at all on the GameStop Exclusives?

    • Brian Beck

      yeah, +1 to that question. I don’t want to hang out in front of that store for an hour, then find that 4 pack is –Finn, Jar Jar, Gredo re-pack, and some other wtf figure 🙂

      • That’d be quite the head fake considering the pack’s name. ; )

        • Brian Beck

          What, you don’t consider Jar Jar evil 😉 :):)

          most GS seam to get their stuff on Tue or Wed, there will have to be leaked pics-I hope.

        • CT-7567

          It’s something like “Guards of Evil” right? I just assumed it was the different Praetorian Guards. There are supposed to be six different guards from what I’ve heard. So the 4-pack and the basic release covers five of the six. Sorry if I’ve asked you this already, but do you know which Praetorian is in the TBS 3.75″ wave? I really like them but I’m not crazy about the version that comes in the Rey two-pack.

      • hammyhamster

        The only thing worse than that set would be a sweaty Finn as the forth figure.

        *look kids! We have wet and dry Finn, BUY NOW!

    • jerome

      right after ny toy fair gamestop started taking pre orders for the battlefront 2 tie pilot. i was told at the time to expect my pre order in november, last month a worker told me now it looks a sept. arrival. so im.just gonna wait for a call and not think about it. but if their 6in are $23 im guessin the 4 packs gonna be at a premium price too. i also heard its a 4 pack of snokes guards and hard to get and limited? but just a rumor til i see it.

  • John Morin

    Where is the 3.75 Black Series, the Last Jedi Figures. I really hope they are coming. I would like to have the First Order Executioner Trooper, cause I know he will be executing a lot of characters in the new movie LOL I would surely buy at least 6 or more of them.

    • CT-7567

      I want that wave of four figures more than anything else for TLJ. I don’t think it will be available on FF. 🙁

      • not in stores (probably)

        • CT-7567

          That’s unfortunate. They’ll be impossible to get online. Have you seen them? I know you can’t share exact details, but I’m curious if they look good and if the Praetorian Guard is the same helmet version as the basic 6″ one. As in not the same as the 5poa two-pack?

        • General Hux

          Of course it won’t. *eye roll* stupid Walmart.

  • Brian Beck

    They are ‘electro shock’. the new guards weapons are similar.

  • Jaken Wraith

    Why you use the self checkout with another Fig. Just bring the older Exclusive so it’s the same price.

  • jerome

    i just went to kmart in menominee , mi and scored another royal guard, they had the entire wave. they also just put out all the last jedi stuff and from what i could tell they only have 1 of everything. if thats an indicator of how distribution will be friday good luck friends?!

    • chad

      Well, the Kmart in my area is on its way out. They are closing October 31. I have not seen anything restocked.

  • Skav Atar

    hmmm, no thanks, think i’m gonna pass, haven’t even seen any of the series 30’s in Houston

    • Ray Marquart

      Same here. GameStop and ThinkGeek up in Humble are the 2 store I have had most success with.

  • Fiery Little One

    Somebody picks this up in Canada, it’ll be added to my First Order troops.

  • Danny

    all of these new finds will be denied sale unless cashier over rides it. I went to a few places this morning and scanned the bar code [from brick seek] on the price checker machine and EVERYTIME in every sore I went it said “please see sales associate”.

    • The general purpose of all of the store reports that you’ve been seeing is that no matter what hasbro or Disney does to keep secrets and stuff from leaking out it is impossible because employees do not adhere to the street dates by putting new items on the shelves. Whether consumers are successful in purchasing said items he’s a separate matter.

    • jerome

      not at the kmart here, theyre allowing all their last jedi figures to be purchased

  • bnicks87

    Hey, my neck of the woods!

  • Paulskywalker

    Does it have a new head, it looks like it? I know they’ve changed the helmets a little in the movie. Also I thought it would be nice if it had
    a gun, but I was thinking is the peg/clip for the gun even on the hip on this one? Can’t tell because of the bubble.