New Galactic Heroes First Order AT-ST Found

In what may be an offscreen/EU offering from Hasbro, Yakface reader R2astromech reports finding this Galactic Heroes First Order AT-ST at Walmart near Ottawa . It includes an all-new AT-ST Walker, Finn in First Order Disguise and a First Order Stormtrooper. Click the image above for a closer look and then click through for additional images.

  • Jennifer Cole Klawiter

    Did you find this at your local Walmart? Its not on their Website.

  • Jennifer Cole Klawiter

    I collect these all for my son. He’s 3 and had has been playing with them since 18 months old. They certainly hold up. I was upset they never released the Hera and Phantom set.

  • Blue Leader

    I’m assuming that, in the movie, this must just be an old relic or something? Because that’s just an Imperial AT-ST…

  • Brian Beck

    does anyone collect these type of things ? Just actually curious, not judging 🙂

    • Danny

      nope, even my kids don’t like these lol

      • Alexis Lasek

        I have a few and might get this but its more due to I am poor and these are more affordable than other things.

    • Daniel E. Reddy

      My son loves these. Its how I introduced him to Star Wars.

    • Wookie

      My 3 year old loves these…and so do I! The quality and durability in the playskool line is much better than the regular hasbro 3.75″ figure line. Playskool toys usually have more features on the toys too.

  • How…cute?