Rumor Report: Another Exclusive 6″ Black Series Deluxe Figure

A few weeks back, Jedi Temple Archives leaked an image and listing for a 6″ Black Series Deluxe Luke Skywalker with Ahch-To Island base coming exclusively to Target (DPCI and price can be found here). We now have intel regarding the (obvious) companion piece for Luke and it will be available at different retail destination later this year. Budget an extra $5 on top of Target’s deluxe figure price.

  • PorgAddict

    A flock of Porgs. That is all.

    • Brian Beck

      Ryan Johnson confirmed it’s a ‘Murder’ of Porgs. 😉

  • General Hux

    So, both Luke and Rey are coming in the first waves of TLJ TBS6 figures AND simultaneously the exact same figures are coming as exclusives with environmental pieces…Not a very smart choice, better be some extra incentives…i.e. porgs!

    • Not simultaneously

      • CT-7567

        So $35? If so it’s probably TRU. Gotta be Rey. I’d like to see some Porgs in these sets. Thanks for the info. 🙂

      • General Hux

        Good to know, thank you.

    • CT-7567

      I missed the news about that 5poa ROTJ set. I actually really want that. I wonder why there would just be a set for ROTJ? Upcoming 35th anniversary maybe?

      • 11Eleven11

        I missed that news as well; this is the first I have heard of it. Where did you find it?

        • CT-7567

          I think there’s a link to an earlier article listing upcoming products at the top of this page.

  • Seth Vatt

    Hasbro isn’t allowed to announce any more new figures until I see a freaking Royal Guard at retail.

  • King Bowser

    Since the Target set is $30, does this mean this rumored set will be $35?

    Ouch. That’s a bit pricey for what I’m assuming will be another Rey figure.

    • jerome

      wait a year and get it at half price,probably even less

  • Diddly

    Extra $5 = $30 Total = Entertainment Earth exclusive

  • Jaken Wraith

    I wouldn’t say “obvious”, i said that back when the K-Mart Jyn came out. And it said on K-Mart’s site “connecting Figure coming soon” or something along those lines. Still waiting for that one…….

    • “Obvious” is in reference to the character selection, not that they’re obviously making another connectable figure.

      • Jaken Wraith

        Oh, i know. Just making fun of K-Mart’s demise i guess lol. Although i still have hope they make it sometime. For me, nothing has really changed with K-Mart, i still have two within pretty close range. I lost a third Store (Burlington NJ) way back year’s ago in the first wave of Store cuts they did.

  • Rogue 13

    The Luke is already $5 too high and this mystery vendor one will be another $5 over that? Yikes. Will the figure at least be completely exclusive, not just a deco-variant version?

  • RumSleg

    Cool intel. The other bit of intel I’m curious about is what the companion piece to K-Mart’s exclusive Jyn was supposed to be (Cassian?), and if it will ever be released.

    • Alex Vasquez

      My guess is Krennic in his rain gear from Edau

      • Paul

        My guess was the single packed Cassian with the rifle from the Target 3 pack.

      • Jaken Wraith

        I think so also. I’m pretty sure that sequence had more of a battle between Krennic and Jyn before the Movie was edited differently.

      • SID

        That would be a cool figure in any scale.

  • I hope the “obvious companion piece ” is R2

  • RumSleg

    An extra $5, hmm. Probably not Walmart, then. But it’s hard to narrow down beyond that. I could see either TRU or K-Mart charging an extra $5, and Gamestop and smaller retailers for sure. (But I guess it won’t be K-Mart since they’ve had this type of exclusive in the past, but don’t have the Luke, didn’t have a companion to Jyn, and are circling the drain.)

  • Paulskywalker

    Thanks for reminding me about the Luke, was thinking what to buy on Friday. He can wait a bit longer till I get more details on this set. Now I assume this one is one of the Rey figures, so will have to wait on that now

    • Alex Vasquez

      He isn’t out until October or November I don’t think.

      • Paulskywalker

        I meant holding off on the basic version which I assumed being the first wave would be out this week?

        • CT-7567

          It seem as like Hasbro is releasing them apart on purpose. They know how much people want ANY version of TFA Luke. They probably think people will buy the basic 6″ version on FF and then buy it again for the display base. I’m cool with the basic version. The “obvious” companion piece has to be Rey, right?

          • Paulskywalker

            I try to get the ultimate version of a figure if there is an exclusive that is significantly different and not just a posh box. I had to slow down on my purchases, so that helped it meant I could wait to see which is buy. Thankfully things are improving and I’ll be able to picking up on my collecting again. Yeah I think it’s Rey, but with two coming which one? Her TFA resistance outfit would make sense, based on the lightsaber scene which I think this will be showing i assume.

  • Danny

    Question is, does it come with porgs?

    • one-quarter porg-tion

      • EmpireSB

        Didn’t you guys mention a rumored TRU exclusive 2-pack a while back? Any more on that? Unless I missed it, I never saw any follow up…

        • I have a price and a sku, just not particulars on who is exactly included. Will be available on Sept 1

          • EmpireSB

            Thanks for the response- I wish there were some clues as to the figures. I have two areas to choose from on FF2, both in completely opposite directions. TRU is a considerably longer drive. Obviously, if this was a great OT 2-pack (or even some needed PT) new figures, it would be worth the trip. I’m guessing it’s Last Jedi themed. Do you know if this item will be available online, in-store, or both by any chance?

          • In-store and online

          • Rick Bubello

            Are you sure it’s coming out sept 1st for target? Most of the target back room leaks show the executioner but I’ve yet to see a leaked image of Luke with base ? Either way thanks for sharing

          • Target Exclusive Luke is not coming for FF. I was referring to the 2 pack for TRU.

          • Rick Bubello

            Have any idea what black series six inch two pack that is? Only exclusive I knew they had was gre which was already released there and is sitting on my ToysRUs shelf right now

          • Brian Beck

            Is this Hasbro’s new “strategery” ? don’t tell people (or show) anything, and just hope ‘blind excitement’ if enough to sell it ???

    • Paulskywalker

      I think a couple of porgs with the environment piece would top them off.

    • Aerik

      +1 would pay an extra $5 for porgs