• Fiery Little One

    I’m hoping TRU Canada does the same thing for this one as they did for the AT-ACT driver. I’m looking forward adding at least one to my First Order troops.

  • GIBBS v2

    We at Hasbro are excited to introduce the latest figure in our “Pegwarmer” line!

    • Brian Beck

      Possibly. Troopers tend to sell, and if the leaked set reports are true, these guys are kicking @$$ and not taking names, so that might increase their appeal.

      I know someone will mention all the AT-ACT and ‘Hover tank’ figures out there still but, the walker driver was in a blink and you miss it scene (and only existed for a cool pov view) and the tank driver, well needs a tank-although I did some neat army building with them.

  • RumSleg

    I’m still waiting for the multiple AT-ACT drivers (whose armor is way cooler than this Executioner, IMO) at my nearest Target to go on sale/clearance. They’re just sitting at $19.99. In other words, I have very little concern that this Executioner will be hard to get, apart from a possible Force Friday feeding frenzy. Wait a week or two for a restock and then you won’t be able to NOT find them.

    • Brian Beck

      I only saw that at one store, and got the only one left.. went to 2 today, still waiting for the 3 pack to be reduced–nope. both stores sitting on 10.

  • Andrew R

    If these are anything like the AT-ACT drivers, there will be no problem finding these if you have patience. Walmart exclusives, however, are a different story.

  • Paul

    Good advice. Target Exclusives are never that hard to get.