Update: 6″ Black Series Guardians of Evil 4pk Details Leak

New details have surfaced via Facebook for the 6″ Black Series Guardians of Evil 4pk coming to GameStop. First off, it does not appear to be limited to GameStop as it appears in B&N’s system, ┬áSecond, the set consists of guards from various eras of the saga (Prequel, Original Trilogy, Legends, and Sequel Trilogy), not just The Last Jedi.

UPDATE: The exclusivity of this items is still unclear. For now, consider it exclusive to GameStop. (If there were only a company that could shed some clarity on who is getting what and when in the coming days?)

  • Paulskywalker

    That’s annoying, finally see the pic and it’s small and skewed.

  • Are you referring to the same company that originally had R5-D4 as an Entertainment Eart exclusive? Because they probably are not clear on the answer themselves.

  • …this is a great idea by hasbro, putting 4 different army-buildable figures from different eras in a single package, whatever is your collection focus you have to buy 3 more figures to get one…

  • RumSleg

    If there were only a company that could shed some clarity on who is getting what and when in the coming days…

    I wonder if the corporate thinking is that impulse buys due to lack of being able to prepare for what’s available will result in net positive overall sales versus publishing the information sufficiently in advance so that people will get excited for it and know where to buy it? They get the impulse buys on Day 1, then all the product that isn’t “discovered” immediately will be found and purchased in the longer term.

  • CG

    Where can images be found?

    • follow fb link

      • Brian Beck

        its down

        • It’s not down. You have to be a member of the Facebook group to see it.

          • Yeah but what group? It doesn’t say at all.

          • 6″ Black Series Collectors ((Star Wars))

  • Mike Avallone

    Does anyone know if there’s an actual checklist like last Force Friday?

  • Moseisleynative

    Jason, will this still be available 9/1?

    • Paul

      I have the same question.

  • Joseph Tate

    It’s about time something on this surfaced. This and the Snoke with throne were the ones I was the most excited about.

  • Do not post the image in the comments. It will be deleted.

  • Davey Proko
  • JAL

    Will the other Gamestop exclusive be shared as well?

  • Hazzbro Jonez

    okay thats what i thought or was hoping!!!! im gonna be on this like a hawk.

    interesting that B&N is also getting this as both B&N and Gamestop were the same company many years ago. i used to work at both and the employee discounts were interchangeable

  • JAL

    So we looking at Coruscant Guard, Royal Guard, Kir Kanos and Praetorian Guard then?

    • Blue Senate/Coruscant Guard, Royal Guard, Shadow Guard, and Praetorian

      • Jaken Wraith

        2 re-pack’s and 2 new, not as bad as some Exclusives with only 1 new Fig in the Set.

        • Paul

          It may only be 1 repack depending on which praetorian it is.

          Unless you consider the shadowguard a repack of the royal guard.

          • Jared Elswick

            Yeah the Praetorian per the pic is the one with 2 combining knives, not the polearm wielder we get in the single pack, and if they do them right, they have different helmets to use.

          • Jaken Wraith

            I have not seen the pic yet, thank’s for the info.

          • Jaken Wraith

            Ahhh, good point. They may use another Preatorian Design, does seem like there are two “main” Guard design’s that are in alot of the promo material’s flanking Snoke.

      • ChocolateCrisps

        Will the regular Royal Guard be a straight repack or changed from the single release?

        • repack (probably)

        • Paul

          It’d be nice if they gave him the double blade staff that the 3.75 black series and the VTC version had but I don’t see that happening.

          • ChocolateCrisps

            Given how much they were hyping up the Crimson Empire inspired armour when they first revealed this figure, I’m desperately hoping that’s the case. That staff and a lick of black paint would be the difference between me buying none of this pack and me buying multiples.

      • Art

        Ah, seeing how I’m a loose collector of the Black Series, this set may actually work out nicely for me. I won’t have to purchase the regular Praetorian release. The Blue Senate and Shadow Guards are new and I was debating getting a second Royal Guard, since they really need to be in pairs!

      • CT-7567

        Such a beautiful set. SO much new stuff. This is way more than TFA, right? Except maybe vehicles.

    • Paul

      Ooh Kir Kanos would have been awesome.

      Also while I’m sure a lot of people are excited for the Shadow Guard without any other Force Unleashed characters planned for this line it may have been better to just pack in another Praetorian.